From A Cook To A Businessman: Things We Should Learn From Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a fierce Chef born with a not so fortunate family. He even has a violent and an alcoholic father. Despite those unfortunate things in life, the struggles and despair in life never hindered him to fulfill his dreams. Through these struggles, he was able to turn it all into something very useful. He became a fierce Chef and later on, creating a breakthrough in entrepreneurship.


Below are some of the lessons you can learn from a fierce Chef to a Businessman.


Most Mistakes Lead Any Person To The Right Direction


Although there are mistakes which leads you to a dead end, most of it will lead you to the right direction since you will be able to learn from and, thus, exert efforts to avoid it. It is noteworthy that every person who wants to excel in business needs to learn from the past and learn to look forward despite of all those hindrances. Only you can control the outcome, see to it that every act is carefully planned and the consequences determined.


You, Yourself Is The Product


Once you engage in business, it is always important to start with yourself. You need to build yourself in a way that people will be attracted to the way you act, thus, attracted to the product you are selling. No one wants a grumpy businessman. It is always crucial in a business that the owner can relate or connect with the consumers, as well as, to his employees.


Another reason why Gordon Ramsay succeeded in his business is that aside from the delicious dishes he is serving his customers, he has an out of the box personality wherein the attention of the people can easily be caught. He can manage to conduct himself as a true value and asset to his business. Whether or not his customers loved his attitude, what matters is that they all want to see Gordon Ramsay’s next move.


Apart from the out of the box attitude, it is also necessary that the commodity or products are willing to take part in the lives of the clients or customers. Quality is really an important matter in a business. Make sure that the product is worth its price and is worth buying.


Challenging Childhood


A challenging childhood will inspire every person in the least way they expect it to be. Gordon Ramsay is definitely the right kind of combination of everything that one wants to check out when he is involved in business. When he was at a very young age, at about 16 years old, he was able to move out from his family. As of today, people can see through his eyes, actions, and achievements on how he overcame and endured all those struggles. This only signifies that being successful at your passion is not all about where you came from, but it is all about where you want to go and how you got there. What truly counts is the way you achieve your dreams and aspiration and how you are able to continue it.



How To Really Succeed In Being An Online Freelancer

For some people, working without anybody to tell them what to do and how to do their work can be one of their lifetime dreams. You need a lot more than mere expertise and technical skills in order to achieve success in being an online freelancer. In general, you need to have basic knowledge on how to carry out branding, manage time as well as your own finance, find clients, and prioritize work and the likes. Even though freelancing offers a higher level of flexibility which you cannot find in a full-time 9 to 5 job, but it also comes with a whole range of extra tasks and responsibilities. You need to master how to work efficiently, to get a larger income while avoiding all the common freelancing issues which may hinder your progress. For that reason, here are some guidelines for you to discover how to really achieve success in being an online freelancer:


If You Are An Online Freelance Designer



A lot of self-proclaimed creative people are giving their best effort in becoming a successful freelance designer. However, without a proper strategy and planning, their creativity will remain an abstract concept in which they may lack of knowledge on how to achieve success while being an online freelance designer. Being a successful freelance designer is basically about several basic things, namely branding, portfolio, personality, networking and fee.


First and foremost, you need to decide about your branding before you actually start your business. You need to contemplate on how would you like to be memorized by your clients or potential customers. Do you want to be remembered as sophisticated and formal by using a classing monochromatic logo, or do you want to be remembered as young and cheerful if you decide to use a logo full of colors and fun accents. Almost all successful companies and organizations have succeeded in establishing a specific image in the public’s mind when it comes to hearing their brand.


After deciding on your brand, your next task in order to be a successful freelance designer would be to create your portfolio. If you want to focus on being an online freelance designer, then you must focus on making an effective online portfolio. Your potential clients and customers would want to see sample of your previous work and it will be very convenient for them to just type in a website link and browse through all of your sample collections. However, if you also want to expand your business offline, it will be beneficial for you to print out your portfolio along with your business card, resume and credentials. Bring an interesting tangible portfolio which you can hand over to potential clients or customers who want to witness your work in real life. Moreover, you can always put your personal logo in various merchandises such as a notebook, pen, keychain, and so on and so forth. If the client is impressed by your portfolio presentation, you will very likely be hired and there is also a high chance that your client will recommend you to their colleagues, friends or families who are in need of designing services. Bear in mind that not only compliments will be spread around; however, rumors and negative comments will be too.


Last but not least, if you are working in the design industry networking is always important. You can achieve your own success by climbing up the mountain all by yourself, but the journey will definitely be much easier if you know people who can give you a small boost or assistance in order to reach where you want to reach earlier. Since design is constantly and rapidly changing, you need to keep up with new techniques, trends and styles and for that reason you need to communicate with your fellow designer colleagues.


If You Are An Online Freelance Photographer



A lot of people claim that working as a freelance photographer is quite difficult. Long hours of photography job are often paid with a little salary. The little amount of payment is also added with its lack of constancy, making the job to lack in stability of a weekly or monthly paycheck. Most of the times, it gets lonely too. If you are a freelance photographer, you would understand this because you know that often time it will only be you and your camera alone. No partner to consult or joke with.


On a similar note, achieving success as an online freelance photographer can be tough. There are several things which you can do in order to maximize your productivity and as a result, become a successful freelance photographer online. The first thing that you want to do would be to create a decent website consisting of your work. Your website is going to be one of the most important elements of your business. It would be the first thing that potential clients will look into, in which it will serve as an initial basis in their consideration with regards to your employability. Avoid making it too complicated and ensure that the photos, which you display in your website, are the best amongst the best.


Giving your website a blog feature would also be a crowd pleaser, as long as you regularly update it with good photos every once in a while. It will be best if you can update your blog every day even with only one photo per day. Through your blog, you will be able to showcase your personal taste and characteristic because most of the time your portfolio will consist of your previous work which had already been conceptualized and designed by another person. Take pictures of the things of people that you love, and keep it exuberant.


Another thing which would determine your success as a photographer (or basically as everything else) would be the money. Pricing can be the most difficult thing to figure out if you choose to become an online freelance photographer. You may not be confident in charging too high of a price, but if it is too cheap it will imply that you are not so professional and sophisticated, in which you may be slaving your hours off. Negotiate with your client, ask them about their budget estimation and then give yourself time to really decide whether you want to take the job with the aforesaid budget or not. Once you have been blessed with a lot of different projects, it would be important to keep lists of the tasks which you need to complete and what your targets may be. By creating a list, you will be able to see things clearly and fresh in your mind, lessening the chance of you missing out a task regardless of how minor it may be.


If You Are An Online Freelance Writer




You have realized that writing may be one of your true passions in life, and you really want to be successful in your career as an online freelance writer. Achieving success as an online freelance writer requires various skills supplementary to your journalism or literary adeptness. However before starting out, you need to really decide on which category is it that you want to write about. If you are highly creative and able to imagine things out of the box, fiction writing may be suitable for you. However, if you have been writing legal or medical articles but you fall deeper in love with writing instead of the profession, then it may be best that you become a non-fiction factual writer.


In completing your writing task, one of the most important things to be done prior to anything else would be researching. You cannot just write random sentences and information without actually studying about it beforehand, even if you are writing a fiction piece. Even top journalists still carry out research before they are writing. Be a member at your local library, and persistently look for different sources of information online. Persistence is required in being a successful online freelance writer, because one of the biggest risks that you will face as a writer would be multiple rejections. Rejection does not mean that you are bad at what you do, and therefore you must be able to handle rejections as well as criticisms and comments well instead of giving up. In relation to the rejection risk, it would be important for you to analyze about your potential client or market thoroughly. It may be the case that you have not paid much attention to their writers’ guidelines and as a result your work gets rejected even though it only needs a simple amendment for it to be accepted.


At the end of the day, if you are lucky enough to get several of your work to be published, you may want to consider about establishing your own website. Your website will be the place where you can showcase your sample work and provide links to the ones which have already been published online. Your website may also display your contact information so that when potential clients or publishers wish to speak to you, they will know exactly where to send their messages to.


6 Pieces Of Advice That Every Woman Should Refuse To Accept

In today’s sexist society, women can make their lives even tougher if they take into account bad pieces of advice. Whether we talk about personal life or career, they are constantly told what’s the right thing to do.

Recent studies have proven that women are more prone to making passive-aggressive remarks towards other females. Such opinions coming from anger, envy and frustration are not trustworthy. As a consequence, you should be very careful with what suggestions you take into consideration, because they can steer you wrong.


I made a list of 6 common tips that women are told to follow, but which, in fact, will destroy their chances of leading a fulfilling life. But first, let’s start with how you can make the difference between a valuable advice and one you should completely ignore.

How to recognize good advice

Taking one’s insight for a fact without thorough reflection upon his opinion can have disastrous effects on both your personal and professional life. For that reason, do not act on the advice right away, but take some time to weigh the accuracy of the suggestions. Your future is at stake.

Whether we talk about close friends or family members, some are just too quick to offer their points of view. When we go through bad phases, we tend to overlook upon the fact that advice coming from inexperienced individuals is not reliable. Therefore, in order to assess the trustworthiness of one’s guidance, consider that person’s expertise and intentions. Do not seek help from overly jealous individuals or from people who exhibit signs of insecurity.

Here are the pieces of advice you should NEVER take:

1.”You should get married”

Such a remark is more likely to come from a married woman. In the past, finding someone to marry was a top priority, but fortunately, nowadays we surpassed this misconception. There are plenty of reasons to stay away from legal marriage. Do not take such an important step only because some of your friends settle down before the age of 30.

2. “You should have kids”

Women struggling with fertility issues can be profoundly affected by such comments. Any person with a sense of caution and diplomacy would avoid approaching personal matters like this one.

Financial problems, willingness to preserve a rewarding lifestyle and career ambitions are just a few reasons why most couples prefer to stay away from having children. After all, you and your significant other are the only ones able to evaluate accurately whether children will bring you joy or the opposite.

3. “This career is for men only”

Statistics indicate that women perform very well in any of the male-dominated industries, but the work and effort they put in is often underrated. Female leaders and those who walk the path of entrepreneurship have a hard time conveying their brilliant ideas because, unlike men, women’s authority is diminished by their gender.

However, do not let yourself be discouraged by the fact that you will have to work harder in order to achieve greatness. There are numerous women who managed to climb to the top in spite of the countless difficulties they encountered along the way. Why couldn’t you?

4. “Dump him as soon as possible”

Why should you listen to one’s opinion on your romantic choices? Maybe your high emotional intelligence, empathy and spirit of observation helped you understand the inner and outer beauty of your boyfriend. Listen to your instincts and do not live up to anyone else’s expectations.

Society encourages placing a lot of emphasis on physical appearance. If we seek the permission and approval of others, we consciously accept a life full of fear and unhappiness.

5. “You’re being too picky”

Holding high expectations as far as relationships are concerned is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s entirely natural to prefer someone who invests time and effort into self-improvement over an individual who has no skills, nor the desire to acquire any.

6. “Don’t have sex too soon”

We should stop judging women negatively based on the number of men they sleep with. It’s simply none of our business. Also, having sex with a man on the first date is not a sign of reckless behavior, as long as trust is established between the two.

7 Things All Boys Should Understand About Being A Man

As much as we would like there to be a ceremony and a definable moment, it is hard to determine when exactly a boy becomes a man. It is certainly different for every boy and his circumstances will vary just as widely, but here are 7 things that we think every boy should understand before he finally makes that important transition.


Ask For Help

This might be one of the hardest things for boys to understand and routinely do, but when it happens, it can change your life. Boys can be stubborn and think they know everything, but a man will realize when the thoughts and ideas of someone else will truly add value to the situation when their own just isn’t enough.


Masculine Things Don’t Make A Man

The things that traditionally have been thought of as man’s things do not in any way make you more of a man. You’re unlikely to be remembered for how much you can lift or how much meat you can cook and eat, but rather how you treated others and how you carried yourself. Boys look to be impressive, men look to make an impression.


Women Are Not Objects and Should Be Treated Equally

It is unfortunate that many college boys continue to learn from the ideas of a dating culture that portrays women as objects of desire rather than the people they truly are. As a man you will realize that women are just as strong, thoughtful, intelligent, important, and yes, beautiful, and they ought to be treated that way.


Be Humble

The real world is a harsh place and it has no time for boys that think everything deserves recognition of the highest form. You should be humble enough to know that you doing exactly what you’re supposed to is important and that you need to celebrate your successes.


Life Isn’t Fair

Sorry, this one is the truth and for plenty of boys, they will ignore it until the last possible moment. Life isn’t fair and you aren’t always going to come out on top, but it is how you learn from the unfairness that separates the men from the boys.


Happiness Comes From Within

Not from the things you possess, but from who you surround yourself with and the experiences that you have. That is what makes true happiness. Money and possessions will not make you happy, and it takes a man to realize that those around him and what’s inside are the keys.



Take Care Of Others

This is an important distinction between being a selfish boy and being a mature man that knows where his priorities lie. Others absolutely include your family and your friends around you, but it needs to extend to children, the elderly, and anyone else (including animals) that need a helping hand. Most of these small sacrifices cost you very little and can truly impact those you choose to help. Society needs more men like this, not boys who are only concerned with themselves.

12 Ways To Become A More Confident Person

We are all fully aware of the benefits that self-confidence brings, but still too afraid to make changes. There are four main reasons why most individuals fail to pursue their dreams: fear of failure, doubt, overthinking and being overly concerned with what others think of them.

Maybe, at some point, you’ve made a few bad decisions and you just couldn’t bounce back from failure. Those past events have taken their toll on your mental balance: you feel lost, depleted of self-esteem and you believe that it isn’t worth living anymore.


Let’s see what people who are not that self-confident should do in order to overcome feeling of worthlessness.

12. Choose positivity

You need to be completely in control of your destructive thoughts. Replace them with positive ones. It sounds hard, but, in fact, it isn’t. Since we are always affected by the people around us in one way or another, it’s crucial to surround yourself with inspiring, positive thinking individuals if you want to become one of them. Even joining an online community can have the same beneficial effects.

11. Improve your skills

The more effort you put into learning new skills and enhancing your existent ones, the more confident you become. Continuous learning will expand your horizons and boost creativity. Just imagine how much appreciation you will receive from your boss and from your work colleagues if during a brainstorming session you come up with a remarkable idea.

10. Overcome your insecurities

People with low self-esteem are usually shy and experience anxiety when put in social situations. The only way to overcome these feelings is to make the effort to engage in conversations with people you don’t know every time you see the opportunity. Anxiety levels will decrease gradually and your life will improve dramatically.

9. Embrace new challenges

Progress occurs only if you push yourself to the limit. You cannot grow on a professional nor personal level if you don’t take on challenges.

8. Improve your body posture

This is closely linked to how others perceive you. If your body posture denotes insecurity, you will probably be treated badly by some individuals, whose behavior will only fuel your depressive thoughts. Instead, keeping your back and shoulders straight and looking people in the eye are two very important aspects you should take into account in order to to gain respect and inner confidence.

7. Get help from others

It’s entirely wrong to believe that getting support from others is something embarrassing. Opening up in front of a reliable friend can literally do wonders.

6. Ignore unfounded criticism

Some are governed by envy and by an intense desire to make others feel bad. Don’t take their baseless criticism to heart because those affirmations are untrue, thus completely irrelevant.

On the other hand, when you receive negative feedback from someone you consider judicious, don’t get emotional and take a few minutes to reflect upon the flaws that he has just pointed you out.

5.Work out

Exercise is known to have a positive effect on one’s mental wellbeing. Those who suffer from depression are recommended to perform physical activity on a regular basis. When one exercises, his body releases endorphins, chemicals responsible for reducing stress and anxiety.

4. Break bad habits

Obviously, don’t expect it to be easy. It takes time and self-discipline to succeed.

3. Set goals and strive to reach them

Don’t shoot for the moon, because chances are you won’t be able to commit to it.

2. Accept failure

How do you think that successful people achieved the status they are known for? They embraced failure and learned from their mistakes.

1.Keep track of your progress

Do not to completely ignore your past achievements. Thinking of how far you’ve got will boost your motivation.











13 Things To Remember If You Love Someone With Cancer

Cancer can be one of the most frightening things for someone to experience, and it isn’t much easier to watch cancer take over someone you love’s life. As difficult as fighting the cancer and fighting the overwhelming sadness, there are some things you can do to make your loved one forget about their illness for a while.


Small Acts of Kindness

While this applies well to everyday life, small acts of kindness for someone fighting cancer could mean the world as they may not have the energy to do those things themselves. Something very simple can definitely mean a lot.


Don’t Pretend You Understand What They’re Going Through

Even if you know someone else close that has fought cancer, try not to think you know what their experience is like. Cancer rarely affects two different people in the same way, and you should be concerned about this person and their fight.


Patience Is Key

This might seem obvious, but it is easy to get caught up in the treatment and hoping to see results quickly. The person you care about is taking things one moment at a time, and it would benefit them for you to do the same.


Make Sure To Laugh

Even in the most trying of times, a bit of laughter can really brighten a room and improve someone’s mood. Whether it is a good joke, a funny picture, or even a funny movie, make sure to inject some laughter into their life, they’ll thank you for it in between laughs.


Talk About Things Besides Cancer

The person who is fighting with everything they have, each day, probably does not want to continually talk about cancer. Avoid the subject unless they bring it up. Make conversations as normal as possible that way they feel as though life has not been too dramatically altered.


Be Present

It’s tempting to talk about the future as if it is a sure thing for your loved one, but the sad reality is that it might not be. Instead, be present, notice things about the moments you’re in and express how beautiful they are. Staying in the moment can help your loved one connect and not feel lost from the normal way of life.


Find Support For Yourself

Your main focus probably will not be yourself, but at some point the grief and sadness of the situation will catch up to you. It’s important that you take care of your own physical and mental health during these times, just make sure the person you go to is not the loved one fighting cancer.



While they may not always have the energy to talk for hours, make sure you take the time to listen to your loved one rather than hog the conversation. This way they can steer it in whatever direction feels right for them.


Offer To Help, In A Specific Way

Instead of simply saying “how can I help”, offer to do something that you’re good at or that you know needs to be handled. This way you are not putting the pressure on the person who is sick to figure out all of their needs.


Keep Your Promises

Normally it can be easy to forget or blow off small promises that are made. But when dealing with your loved one, make sure you deliver so they know they can count on you in the most difficult of times. Knowing they have a great support system that is going to keep their promises is a wonderful thing.


Encourage, Don’t Advise

Doctors are in your loved ones life to make decisions about healthcare and give them the advice they need to hear. It does not matter how much you have read, they are seeing a professional physician for a reason, keep your advice to yourself and focus on encouraging them to keep fighting.


Give Space

If your loved one seems to be pushing you away, it probably isn’t on purpose but is their own way of dealing with the situation. Give them the space they need and when they ask you to be present in their life, make sure you step up and do that.


Try To Live Normally

Depending on the cancer and the stage of treatment, your loved one might still be able to get out and do the things that make them happy. If they don’t need to be bed ridden, try to do things you normally would. If they are confined to a hospital bed, make them feel at home as possible with games, decorations, or the people they are surrounded with.

Why It Is A Loss To Distance Yourself From Negative Energy

Many negative people have some positive aspects and this makes them realists – they don’t believe in going around slapping everyone on the back, and with a fake smile, declaring all is good and well. There is nothing wrong with being a realist, but when is realism enough? When does ongoing realism become negative energy?

Negativity can become an addiction, and negative thoughts, when left, can gather momentum, so much so that you almost feel as though you can’t identify with positive aspects anymore such as hope, love and happiness. Positive thinking just like negative thinking is a mindset and it’s a way of looking at the world and using your thoughts to help you move forward or to keep you immobilized and discouraged.

It is a loss for positive people to distance themselves from negative energy. The reason for this is that they are so busy forcing themselves to be positive all the time, they miss out what ‘real’ people are like. These real people are often called negative because they refuse to be continuously happy clappy. Taking time to know them will reveal they are people who keep perspective. They realize they to be constantly positive in difficult times can be a hassle in itself. There are genuine negative people who, in wanting to adopt a more positive mindset, aren’t being brainwashed into believing everything will end well, but instead of thinking all will end in disaster, they focus on different aspects of a situation. They actually believe that nothing is permanent and that there is opportunity in every situation.

Realism-People can Handle Shattered Dreams

Older people who are negative for instance may not only look at their personal life which is changing, but declare that the whole world out there is different and there is just too much change! There may be a fear that their world has got out of hand. This is absolutely true and realistic; the world has got out of hand. However a true realist realizes that change is the most permanent thing on earth and that they can make friends with it, even though they may not like what they see.

A person with negative energy about them can teach an effervescent positive person how to rather take the middle road so that their dreams don’t lie shattered at their feet, when things go wrong. The negative person may find it difficult to adapt to a changing world, but they can show a constantly up-in-the-clouds person how, by taking the middle road and seeing life for what it is, you don’t have to feel let down by ‘constant positivity’. Being positive all the time certainly isn’t a recipe for a care-free life, and this is what the positive person can learn from the realist.

It is a loss to distance yourself from negative energy because you’ll never see the miracles. Positive people who bury their heads in the sand can take a hard knock when things go wrong. By being more realistic like negative people with a positive outlook, they can avoid being shattered when life takes its normal course. Nobody wants to be around ongoing negative energy – people who thrive on moaning- but on the other hand, the realist who believes in good and bad influences knows too well that out of change and negativity can come newness and growth and fulfillment.
Some Negativity Prepares one for Disappointment ….and Anticipation

For every loss, something is given back, if you look for it and work for it. Negative people with this outlook can teach unrealistic positive people a thing or two because they don’t shy away from negativity, but rather look for new energy and an invigorating psychic adrenaline to not worry about what is lacking but to anticipate what will be added.