Tips for Child Safety While Travelling with Rental Cars

Some states require you by law to have a special car seat when you drive with a child. Depending on your destination, you should abide to local regulations. Apart from this, there is no doubt that your kid is a lot safer in a child car seat than left to move around in your car. Here are some tips to help you ensure your child’s safety while travelling with rental cars.


Avoid renting child car seats

There are many people stating their dissatisfaction with renting car seats. The average rent is $10 per day. In spite of the fact that it’s quite expensive to pay the rental price for several days, most companies provide filthy car seats with missing parts. It’s difficult to find a clean functional car seat that is suitable for the size of your child. So, you should not give much attention to this option unless you know a company that proved to offer quality car seats at reasonable prices.

Purchase travel child car seats

It can be a bit difficult to check in a traditional car seat because it’s big in size and the baggage handlers must be careful moving it around. There are any options to choose from. You can purchase vests that fit in a regular backpack or you could buy a convertible car seat that turns in a stroller.

The latter is more expensive but think about how easy you can transport your kid around the airport, airplanes, in and out of public transports etc. It is true that you have to re-install the seat every time you put your child in your car but the advantages are worth this effort.

You could also buy a car seat that folds itself into a small bag. These car seats are light and can be carried around easily. You cannot use it on an airplane because it requires latch. However, it is perfect for travelling by car and by train.

Bring your child car seat with you

You can use a special carrier to bring the car seat on board. This can be done by putting the seat in a stroller or in a luggage cart. However, not all airports allow this anymore due to security concerns so don’t rely on this option alone. The advantage of bringing your own child seat is that you can install it on the plane too.

Borrow a car seat at your destination

If you have friends where you are going, you can ask them to bring a car seat at the airport. This is an ideal solution because you no longer deal with troublesome airport check-ins, broken and dirty car rented car seats or the high prices that come with renting a quality car seat to ensure the safety and comfort of your child.

When all these options fail, there is only one thing left to do: forget about renting cars at the airport and use public transportation until you get in town. There, you can buy a child car seat and rent a car or you could continue using public transport.


No Blog No Glory – Blogging As A Traffic Acquisition Strategy

Nothing ever worth it comes easy. Blog making or building is easy, but the hard part comes after it and that is building a successful and interesting blog with the significant traffic acquisition strategy. Although not all of the strategies mentioned here will work for everyone, I can assure you that most of it will work and give you a successful blog.


Target 1: Audience Sharing

In order to have a successful blog, you must know thoroughly the personality of your readers or audience so that they will be able to share it with others. You need to consider the ability of your audience to spread the word every time you strategize on your work output. Normally, readers are less active when it comes to your work, what matters are the topics, communities, content types, and writing types of your website.

Target 2: Reference Your Posts

Your audience would very much appreciate if you provide in-depth links to your posts or articles. It will ease up their burden because they no longer have to search for it; instead they just click the link it will directly bring them what they need to know.

Target 3: Adding Of Photos And Other Illustrations

Blogs with no photos and illustrations are very unpleasant to view. It will bore your audience the moment they see your blog. Thus, you should never forget to incorporate different photos and illustrations to your blog so that other people can see and relate to what your goal is. Another reason why photos and illustrations are important is the fact that most individuals are caught by these images and they seem to stay longer in blogs which gives them a pleasant view. You can also include a video if you can.

Apart from your blog, it is also important to place photos and illustrations in your contents or posts. This will bring the attention of more readers or audience because they have something to look at or they can imagine the things you are talking about in your article.

Target 4: Use Of Social Media And Social Sharing

While search engines are very powerful, social media is at the same level. Twitter has about 271 million users, Facebook has about 1 billion users, Google+ has around 300 million, and LinkedIn has about 300 million. Just imagine how much audience you will have even if one-fourth of the ratio will be interested in your blog. Once you made an account in these social media venues, make sure that you become active and you consistently post on these sites so that people will notice. Just make sure not to overdo it. Researches even showed that social media profiles with more pieces of information have a greater correlation with other successful accounts.

You can also participate in social sharing such as Reddit, Tumblr, Care2, Pinterest and StumbleUpon in order to widen the traffic to your blog.

Target 5: Pay Attention To Results

Never do away with your results. Collect or compile those results and study it thoroughly ones it is sufficient to know the trend. It will also help you remember the mistakes you have made which resulted in the decrease of your traffic. Most bloggers use Google Analytics to track their results. By the use of this Google Analytics, you will be able to see where the visits have originated, which, among the sources recorded drive quality traffic, and what the visitors are saying about your blog as well as the contents found in your blog.

Target 6: SEO-Friendly Blog

You can never deny the fact that search engines become a crucial factor to the success of your blog. It has become a massive opportunity to make and break traffic, but most bloggers tend to disregard this option because of fear and other misunderstandings on different problems. Don’t back down on those problems. These are just dust in your way. You can easily remove it with the right method and time.

Target 7: Keyword research

Conducting a keyword research will make it easier for readers to connect with your post or articles. Since it is hard to know these keyword researches, AdWords Keyword Planner was made available by Google. The part is that it is free.

Target 8: Join Other Communities

You need to look into other communities where your audience tends to visit. Participate in that community and gather all pieces of information relating to the interest of your audience. Determine the right conversation and try to look smart and interesting when conversing with others so that you will gain more readers or visitors to your website or blog.

The Voice Over Guide: All You Need To Know To Become A PRO Voice Over

Be a Pro voice-over actor if you can’t be a professional actor. Being a voice-over actor can be very fun and exciting. You get to portray a character that will make every person watching that video or movie as if it were real. There are a lot of voice-over jobs available in today’s era because of the rampant animation movies and other local video projects being conducted. To be a professional voice-over actor, look into these basic guides.


Discover And Listen To Your Voice

Every professional voice-over actor has made it through this stage. No one can ever become a professional in this field if he does not even recognize or familiarize his voice. It is important that one should know and discover the ability of his voice. Determine the range of your voice. You will be able to determine your voice by simply recording it. Simply let your personality shine through, Record every range your voice can make and see to it that you thoroughly familiarize it. By doing this, you will be able to improve or enhance your voice and you can even try to practice different voice range.

Don’t Overdo It

Do not ever strain yourself in achieving a certain range of voice. You need to know the limit of your voice. But, if you really want to achieve that range, you can practice it daily. Develop your voice to make that range and never ever push its limits. Constant practice will get you to the place where you want to be. Try to write down different dialogues that you enjoy or eyeing. Practice it daily or constantly and when you get a hang of it, you can record your voice and pass it around to your family or friends for comments. These people will surely give you an honest feedback, especially the kids.

Take Classes

Of course, you can never be a pro voice-over actor if you did not take any classes. Taking classes will help improve the quality of your voice. It will also give you the opportunity to correct yourself because of all the knowledge you will be learning in the class. Aside from that, professionals can also teach you the right approach to perfect that voice quality. They can give you advice when it comes to delivery and can give some important tips that will improve your voice quality.

Most of these classes will even give you a CD of your performances during the workshops. You can edit or cut some of the clips you consider to be the best and post it on social media. If it gets viral, you will even be contacted by some people to have a voice over for their video projects.

If you don’t have a lot of money or you are just tight on your budget, you can just download voice-over lessons or guides online and try to imitate the things they are doing. Just make sure that it is the right thing and not a bogus performance.

No To Rejections

Every professional voice-over actor underwent numerous rejections before they succeeded. You need to remember that rejection and success are like brothers. They go where the other is going. Take these rejections and turn it into something you can use. Rejections will either make or break a person. Where would you rather be, the broken one or the one who attained success? Don’t ever let these rejections bring you down. Don’t take it personally. If you do, it will only lead you nowhere.

If you don’t get that part, take the opinions of other individuals and learn from it. Improve your performance by inculcating all those positive or negative opinions or criticisms.

Act Like A Professional

Apart from not taking rejections personally, act as if you are already a professional. You need to be responsible. Show up on time and never be late every time you have a performance. A good attitude will also bring you a long way. No one wants a stubborn and bitchy attitude. Even when you are not getting paid for the hard work you have done, never forget to do your best because these individuals can still refer you to others who will pay you for your services.

You should also never forget to have FUN! You chose to be a voice-over actor because it is what you want and love. Don’t ever let stress and negative criticisms bring you down. Turn it all around and have fun.

I Love Airports! An Excerpt from Practical Enlightenment

One of the most attention grabbing excerpts from Practical Enlightenment is “I Love Airports”, which is basically a dialogue between a person named Kat who is a participant in the self realization workshop and Ariel & Shya Kane. The excerpt is wildly popular because of the simple issue it addresses. The issue is none other than getting tired of the circumstances that life and people dish out at you and how cruel life can be to you. This is something that almost all of us experience and these situations tend to make us lose temper and blow up. But this issue is tackled in a very simple way as you will see when you go through the excerpt at


What Is To Really Blame?

Upon reading the above quoted excerpt a number of things become instantaneously clear. The analogy that Ariel tells about a loaded gun ready to fire at the pull of the trigger is quiet closely linked with our daily lives. It is no new thing when we see a person venting their anger at something or someone who has nothing to do with the troublesome situation they are in.  The one question that is clearly tackled here is who or what is to blame for putting us in bad situations. On reading the excerpt and doing a little introspection, we find that there is no bad situation at all. Life only plays at one second a time. There is no point in living it if we already know what we are going to become and when we will die. When a bad situation does present itself, we must have the compassion and presence of mind to understand that something is merely in the process of unfolding and we should accept it for what it is.

From the excerpt, Kat could have easily blamed the aviation company and her bad luck and lost her temper at everything and everyone that comes in her way. But instead we see Kat saying she loves airports!  The reason why Kat does this is because she saw the bright side of her flight getting cancelled. She was able to go shopping, people-watch and do a lot of other things at the airport while she was waiting for her re booked flight. This kind of optimistic approach to everything holds our anger at check and makes us appreciate what life really is about and living it one second at a time.

You can go through more excerpts from

Take Control

There is absolutely nothing that happens to us which is not in our control. Towards the end of the excerpt Kat has learned to take control of the situations she is put in. Like the third law of Sir Issac Newton that says every action has an equal and opposite reaction, there is nothing you can do in this world that will not trigger a reaction. So the situation you are in is ultimately your doing, and you can always control it because it is your doing.

To know more about Ariel & Shya Kane visit

Stop Blogging Wrong! 3 Proven Content Types Your Blog Absolutely Needs

There’s a right and a wrong way to do everything. That will be the worst cliché there is, but when it comes to blogging, it will certainly help to know the right way to do it. Certainly if you are a business you will want to know how to blog successfully as it is an accepted fact that businesses that blog get many more leads and will enjoy a bigger return on investment than those that don’t. It goes without saying that the type of content you publish on your blog is a crucial aspect of your blogging strategy. Whatever you want to achieve with your blog, there are 3 proven content types your blog absolutely need to get it going so that it doesn’t fall by the wayside.


You Have to Deliver the Goods

You can’t afford to waste time writing posts that don’t provide anything useful that can be of help to your readers. For every blog post you write, you should be thinking about how this information can add value to your audience so that they will want to share it with others. A good headline is important as they will be what gets people to click on your link to learn more.

Make sure Your Blog has a Name

Make absolutely sure you have a domain name. Yes it may require you buying it, but if you want your website to feel more legit, give it a name followed by This is a good way to get your presence felt on the Internet. Remember your blog’s name will be the first thing readers will see and you want to attract them with an eye-catching name that will give them a hint with the content. Certainly owning a domain name tells visitors to your site that you are more professional. It also helps to safeguard you from others who might want to use your name for other purposes later.
Use Social Media

For optimal reach, your blog should be shared across social media accounts too such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter for instance. By including social share buttons on your posts, you’ll be making it easy for readers to share your content. Social media is one of the best sources of traffic for a blog and having others share your content are all ways to promote your blog posts. Remember that your readers don’t want reams of content without images to break the monotony. An important point is that your images, content and headlines need to provide context, otherwise your visitors won’t know what you’re getting at.

THE most Useful and Interesting

If you want success with your blog, it has to be relevant, helpful to your readers while also being entertaining at the same time so that your readers are encouraged to swap opinions and knowledge.

Healing Asthma with Turmeric, Hypnosis, Meditation, and More

Few people may know that turmeric, meditation, and hypnosis can help heal asthma. There are other proven methods of healing asthma, but I consider these three as the safest and most effective among the rest. These are just some of the few methods of healing asthma without using steroids and other harmful medications that will to different complication, most especially in the immune system, and develop havoc. Modern science on medications would want you to think that the only way to heal asthma is through the use of different medication created by them, but it is absolutely not true. As what was stated before, turmeric meditation, and hypnosis can aid in the healing of asthma.


Magic Of Turmeric

For thousands of years, researchers found that turmeric can offer the human body a lot of great health benefits. Among these health benefits, the ability to heal asthma is one of them. If you don’t know what turmeric is, it is a powerful herb that contributes a lot of health benefits. One of the most notable effects of turmeric is the capacity to dilate bronchi. As it dilates bronchi, it will also lower down the bronchial spasms that one is experiencing and this is made possible by allowing the passage of air to move through the human lungs.

For those individuals who are experiencing asthma, the most common turmeric dose is about 4-500 mg per capsule and should be taken at least twice a day and 4 times in its maximum. The taking of ½ teaspoon of turmeric can also be made. While taking turmeric, it is important not to forget your water intake. Always remember that the body needs as much water as it can get because the lungs need water in order to lubricate all those mucus membranes found within or surrounding it. Without water, inflammation would more likely to occur.


Many researchers say that the mind is as powerful as the body. Most individuals who have asthma are found to have encountered or experienced some kind of a powerful and life-changing trauma in their own lives. These experiences or encounters are even being held when the person is either in his unconscious or conscious mind. It can somehow or someway mold their personality, especially when it comes to their fear.

According to the University of Wisconsin, the use of meditation greatly affected the healing process when it comes to asthma and it can also help in the decrease of inflammation. Also, through the study of epigenics, turning off the bad genes and turning all those good genes is made possible.

The Royal Hospital located in Sydney, Australia, also conducted a study making use of meditation to help and treat people who are diagnosed with asthma. The result of such study showed that there was a decrease in the asthma symptoms.

Aside from meditation, yoga can also help in the healing of asthma. Studies show that people who are taking yoga with an eight week period, their body will reduce the symptoms of asthma.


People who studied asthma had made a thorough study on the link between hypnosis and asthma. There were 39 individuals diagnosed with asthma and being treated through the use of hypnosis. The study showed results finding that those individuals who were made to be a part of hypnosis healing process had developed a 74% improvement in their breathing.

Apart from turmeric, meditation, and hypnosis, there is also a Russia process called “The Buteyko Method”. It teaches an individual to breath with the use of their nose and at the same time using their diaphragm. It is a somewhat hyperventilating process that enables the muscles to relax and help the individuals doing this method to breathe easier and deeper. Thus, this process helps in the healing of asthma.

5 Ways to Get More Social Shares for Your Blog

Social media is a lifeline for bloggers and for anyone who wants to gather more site visitors. It is not enough to share your content on social networks. You have to make people want to share it too. This is how articles, videos, images become viral. The nature of the content makes this possible.


Create a shareable headline

Headlines play a major role in how many times people share a piece of content. You must make them want to know what’s beyond the title. A good headline makes people curious. This is achieved by leaving out an important part of information. Here are a few examples of great titles that would totally make you want to know what’s next:

You won’t believe what this man did for his wife

If I learned anything about life, it’s this

5 Incredibly Simple Ways to Stay Healthy

Looking for Forgiveness Although He Did the Unforgivable

10 Jokes Only Grey’s Anatomy Fans Will Understand

Write content with high emotional impact

Understanding the psychology of social network users will make it possible for you to create content that makes a lot of buzz. People have 5 main motivations to click the share button. First, they wish to entertain or enrich the life of others. If your content is funny or somehow enlightening, they will share it.

Second, people share content if they can relate to it, if it’s something they care about. Another reason is to feel involved. If your content makes them feel connected to people with similar interests or allows them to stay in touch with other users, they will share it.

The fourth reason is to feel they have a positive impact on someone’s life. Feeling more involved with the world makes people share content like motivational quotes and “did you know” facts. And last, people share to support a cause they believe in, be it a person, message or product.

Add share buttons to your blog

If people see the share button next to your blog post, they are more likely to share your content. Nobody logs into Facebook, copies a link and then posts it on their timeline. There are too many steps involved. On the other hand, if you have a button, they will just click it and then only one step is left: “Share link.”

Invite people to share

Even when they truly like your post, visitors might skip the share part if you don’t ask for it. Asking people to tweet, share, like your content increases your chances of them doing so. Moreover, even when your content isn’t extraordinary they might still share it thinking that maybe there is someone who would appreciate the information.

Use images that catch people’s eye

Images are mandatory in a world where people can’t stay focused for more than a few seconds until jumping to the next bit of information. You have only 1-2 seconds to make someone share your link before they move on to the next post that appears in their newsfeed. Images are much more effective in grabbing people’s attention.