Why It Is A Loss To Distance Yourself From Negative Energy

Many negative people have some positive aspects and this makes them realists – they don’t believe in going around slapping everyone on the back, and with a fake smile, declaring all is good and well. There is nothing wrong with being a realist, but when is realism enough? When does ongoing realism become negative energy?

Negativity can become an addiction, and negative thoughts, when left, can gather momentum, so much so that you almost feel as though you can’t identify with positive aspects anymore such as hope, love and happiness. Positive thinking just like negative thinking is a mindset and it’s a way of looking at the world and using your thoughts to help you move forward or to keep you immobilized and discouraged.

It is a loss for positive people to distance themselves from negative energy. The reason for this is that they are so busy forcing themselves to be positive all the time, they miss out what ‘real’ people are like. These real people are often called negative because they refuse to be continuously happy clappy. Taking time to know them will reveal they are people who keep perspective. They realize they to be constantly positive in difficult times can be a hassle in itself. There are genuine negative people who, in wanting to adopt a more positive mindset, aren’t being brainwashed into believing everything will end well, but instead of thinking all will end in disaster, they focus on different aspects of a situation. They actually believe that nothing is permanent and that there is opportunity in every situation.

Realism-People can Handle Shattered Dreams

Older people who are negative for instance may not only look at their personal life which is changing, but declare that the whole world out there is different and there is just too much change! There may be a fear that their world has got out of hand. This is absolutely true and realistic; the world has got out of hand. However a true realist realizes that change is the most permanent thing on earth and that they can make friends with it, even though they may not like what they see.

A person with negative energy about them can teach an effervescent positive person how to rather take the middle road so that their dreams don’t lie shattered at their feet, when things go wrong. The negative person may find it difficult to adapt to a changing world, but they can show a constantly up-in-the-clouds person how, by taking the middle road and seeing life for what it is, you don’t have to feel let down by ‘constant positivity’. Being positive all the time certainly isn’t a recipe for a care-free life, and this is what the positive person can learn from the realist.

It is a loss to distance yourself from negative energy because you’ll never see the miracles. Positive people who bury their heads in the sand can take a hard knock when things go wrong. By being more realistic like negative people with a positive outlook, they can avoid being shattered when life takes its normal course. Nobody wants to be around ongoing negative energy – people who thrive on moaning- but on the other hand, the realist who believes in good and bad influences knows too well that out of change and negativity can come newness and growth and fulfillment.
Some Negativity Prepares one for Disappointment ….and Anticipation

For every loss, something is given back, if you look for it and work for it. Negative people with this outlook can teach unrealistic positive people a thing or two because they don’t shy away from negativity, but rather look for new energy and an invigorating psychic adrenaline to not worry about what is lacking but to anticipate what will be added.

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