6 Pieces Of Advice That Every Woman Should Refuse To Accept

In today’s sexist society, women can make their lives even tougher if they take into account bad pieces of advice. Whether we talk about personal life or career, they are constantly told what’s the right thing to do.

Recent studies have proven that women are more prone to making passive-aggressive remarks towards other females. Such opinions coming from anger, envy and frustration are not trustworthy. As a consequence, you should be very careful with what suggestions you take into consideration, because they can steer you wrong.


I made a list of 6 common tips that women are told to follow, but which, in fact, will destroy their chances of leading a fulfilling life. But first, let’s start with how you can make the difference between a valuable advice and one you should completely ignore.

How to recognize good advice

Taking one’s insight for a fact without thorough reflection upon his opinion can have disastrous effects on both your personal and professional life. For that reason, do not act on the advice right away, but take some time to weigh the accuracy of the suggestions. Your future is at stake.

Whether we talk about close friends or family members, some are just too quick to offer their points of view. When we go through bad phases, we tend to overlook upon the fact that advice coming from inexperienced individuals is not reliable. Therefore, in order to assess the trustworthiness of one’s guidance, consider that person’s expertise and intentions. Do not seek help from overly jealous individuals or from people who exhibit signs of insecurity.

Here are the pieces of advice you should NEVER take:

1.”You should get married”

Such a remark is more likely to come from a married woman. In the past, finding someone to marry was a top priority, but fortunately, nowadays we surpassed this misconception. There are plenty of reasons to stay away from legal marriage. Do not take such an important step only because some of your friends settle down before the age of 30.

2. “You should have kids”

Women struggling with fertility issues can be profoundly affected by such comments. Any person with a sense of caution and diplomacy would avoid approaching personal matters like this one.

Financial problems, willingness to preserve a rewarding lifestyle and career ambitions are just a few reasons why most couples prefer to stay away from having children. After all, you and your significant other are the only ones able to evaluate accurately whether children will bring you joy or the opposite.

3. “This career is for men only”

Statistics indicate that women perform very well in any of the male-dominated industries, but the work and effort they put in is often underrated. Female leaders and those who walk the path of entrepreneurship have a hard time conveying their brilliant ideas because, unlike men, women’s authority is diminished by their gender.

However, do not let yourself be discouraged by the fact that you will have to work harder in order to achieve greatness. There are numerous women who managed to climb to the top in spite of the countless difficulties they encountered along the way. Why couldn’t you?

4. “Dump him as soon as possible”

Why should you listen to one’s opinion on your romantic choices? Maybe your high emotional intelligence, empathy and spirit of observation helped you understand the inner and outer beauty of your boyfriend. Listen to your instincts and do not live up to anyone else’s expectations.

Society encourages placing a lot of emphasis on physical appearance. If we seek the permission and approval of others, we consciously accept a life full of fear and unhappiness.

5. “You’re being too picky”

Holding high expectations as far as relationships are concerned is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s entirely natural to prefer someone who invests time and effort into self-improvement over an individual who has no skills, nor the desire to acquire any.

6. “Don’t have sex too soon”

We should stop judging women negatively based on the number of men they sleep with. It’s simply none of our business. Also, having sex with a man on the first date is not a sign of reckless behavior, as long as trust is established between the two.


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