Conspiracy Theory of Jade Helm 2015: Is It a Preparation of Asteroid Collision or a Martial Law?

Jade helm 2015 has raised a lot of questions and caught a lot of attention worldwide. What is Jade Helm 2015? Jade Helm 2015 is an American military exercise that started last July 15 and ends on September 15 this year. It involves the United States Special Operations Command, US Armed Forces and small groups of US navy of 5 states, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. Lt. Col Mark Lastoria provides details to the residents of Bastrop, Texas. He then said that it is military training for soldiers on how to deal with unfamiliar terrain.


He also informed that there are private property used in this exercise but the land owner will not be paid or even getting a tax exemption. This statement then again raised questions but he provided no further details. He also added that because of the military training exercise Bastrop will increase its revenue of $150,000 because of food, fuel and shopping. Still the reason of this military exercise is unknown. They US military government is not giving any other information.

120109-N-OT964- California (09 Jan. 2012) Navy SEALs conduct training on land and in water. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Martin L. Carey
120109-N-OT964- California (09 Jan. 2012) Navy SEALs conduct training on land and in water. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Martin L. Carey

Conspiracy Theorists predicts the “end of the world” on September 22 – September 28 of this year. The Jade Helm happens to end on September 15, 2015. Conspiracy Theories speculates that this is a training where the military will be able to handle the people apocalypse will really take place. It has been said that there will be an asteroid collision on September that might destroy the world. NASA then released the Sentry Risk Table. This is a list of identified threats to Earth but nothing is a threat for us. Other theorists also believe that a meteorite collision can be caused by test mishaps of Large Hadron Collider that is located in Geneva Switzerland.


Scientists use large Hadron Collider to smash atoms and discover the parallel universe. Scientists then reassured that at any case there will be meteorite collision in the space, it will not reach the Earth because of its heat. The meteorite will be crushed due to its heat by the time it reaches Earth. NASA immediately dismissed the idea of asteroid hitting earth.  NASA then stated the conspiracy theories are not listed and with incorrect information which causes panic to the public.

There are also theories that say Jade Helm 2015 is an “insurance policy” of the government. If there will be no catastrophe that will take place, Jade Helm 2015 is simply just a military exercise training. However if the catastrophe happens, there will be military troops ready for this pandemonium. Other theory also says that this military exercise introduces martial law. Martial Law is when the head of the military takes over the government and implements military ruling to the public. Jade Helm is called the modern day martial law. Questions and theories will still be there and answers will still be scare. Even though the purpose of Jade Helm 2015 is still unknown, we just need to have faith that it is for the better of the people.


Music Helps Me Work

Having trouble with studying? Or you find it hard to possess the right focus or concentration when you are working for the greatest draft of the month? Listening to music will do the trick. When you go to coffee shops or other places where busy people normally go to for them to finish their paper works, you will notice that a huge ratio of these people is working with their earphones attached to their ears.


There are a lot of studies which can prove that listening to music can help you finish your work. You can either listen to pop, RnB, rock, or other genres of music. The right quality of sound can very well help you relax your mind, decrease all those distractions, increase your focus, and complete your to-do list.

According to the website of the Workplace Doctors, a study made by the researchers of the University of Illinois discovered that once a person is listening to music, no matter what kind or type it is, it increases the work output of the individual to a range of 6.3%.

Different Routes To Choose From

The type or kind of music to listen to when one wants to work depends on the personality of the individual. Some may be distracted with rock music, while others concentrate more when listening to it. Here are some of the routes you can choose from to make yourself more productive.


Classical route can give you an effect that can really boost up your mental faculties. There was a study conducted which involves 8 radiologists who listened to this type of music. Most of them reported that by listening to this route, it allowed them to set their mood in a right way and the productivity level increased.

Electronic or ambient rout is also helpful to some individuals. Most of these routes allow the person to relax his mind and give it the opportunity to roam around for ideas. This route has the capacity to give the person the right inspiration for the job.


The noise route is the right choice when you are in a loud office or a place with a lot of crowd and you cannot concentrate because all you want to hear is their jibber-jabber. This route might be loud and noisy but at least your attention won’t be diverted. You will have the time to focus on your work and finish it before the deadline.

You can get these routes from numerous websites on the internet. Think of the right keyword to find the right music for you. The good thing is that most of it is free. You don’t have to spend a single dime in order to get this music.

Music plays a crucial role in today’s generation. People use it in movies, parties, or any events, but the most useful is that it aids individuals to create something which would be of great help to mankind. You can either raise the noise floor in the place you are staying, have a pleasant day by just simply listening to music, or you can use it to increase your excitement during your exercise routine, but one thing is important, without music, the world will be as dull as before.

How I really want to live my Life

There are so many people who go through life without any satisfaction. Waking up alive and well each morning is something to be enormously satisfied about. I want to live my life knowing that this lifetime is the only time I have, so I want to make the most of it. I don’t want to be guilty of walking through life without getting anywhere. I’ve already asked myself ‘what do you want to do?’ It certainly takes some organization and concentration to know how you want to live your life.

I have discovered that firstly without goals and motivation, the time will evaporate. The best use of time is to plan. Some people don’t even make lists, much less imagine that today is actually connected with tomorrow, next week and 5 years from now. Discover what your lifetime goals are and how you would like to spend the next 5 years. The point is to discover your own goals and not ones you have been taught. We do many things because of a sense that we have to.

Who are You Pleasing?

Recently I went to a behavioral consultant who suggested I explore my wildest dreams – those impossible things filed away because it’s not the done thing or there isn’t time. The consultant told me without a goal of achieving dreams there is no satisfaction.


He once did a survey of young wealthy married women sitting around a swimming pool – their days filled with tennis, swimming and tanning. They were asked about their fantasies, but they had none. They were living the lives expected of them. They only had fears – fears of losing their looks and their money.  This is what I wanted to avoid. I couldn’t bear to live my life without imagination, no motivation and no achievement.

Make the Most of the Time you Have

The behavioral consultant asked me ‘how do you want to live if you knew you would be dead in 6 months time’? With this question the consultant forced me to face what is so important – to make the most of my time. Once people recognize how fleeting life is, they begin to set firm policies to see that their lives are re-arranged to make them happier. That is the point of the process in establishing how you want to live your life. It is to meet the stranger that is often ourselves, and to establish priorities that take that person into account.


What I have learned and how I really want to live my life is to know that there is always time to do what is important to us. Once we have realized that there is time for the important things, the next step is to do them…Now! After all…time is life.

High Consumption Of Meat Found Related To Cancer

Although much of the results vary when it comes to the relationship of red meat and cancer, studies from around the globe can justify that a high intake of red meat is very much linked to an increase in the risks of acquiring the different types of cancer. The worry is more likely confined on those red meat rather than white meat.


Preponderance of evidence is the result of numerous data gathered from decades to decades. Studies would show that the pro-cancer factors or factors that can trigger individuals to acquire cancer are contents which can be found in red meat such as excess fat, heat induced mutagens, Animal heme Iron and animal protein. Meats which are normally processed for a better taste contain sodium and nitrites, which can be detrimental to human health. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and Heterocyclic amines are some of the potent carcinogens acquired when cooking red meats in open flame or at high temperatures.


The World Health Organization (WHO) very well founded that dietary factors on red meat account for about 30% of all cancers in countries located in the Western hemisphere and 20 % in countries which are developing. In Germany and England, studies also showed that individuals who have a vegetarian diet are 40% less likely to acquire cancer. In cases of colon cancer, you need to keep away from caloric intake and you need to exercise regularly. Some say that red meat is akin to smoking, well, if you are more likely to develop a colon cancer, avoid tobacco in whatever form.


In the year 2007, American Institute for Cancer Research have published a study showing the people that cancers of lung, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, endometrium, prostate, and colorectal are mainly due to the consumption of red meat.

It can be said that there are two teams when it comes to the study of cancer. The one’s which reduce the risk of cancer and the one’s which contribute to the increase of risks. Obviously the one’s which reduces the risk are vegetable and fruits and the other are the meats from animal products. The Consumption of these red meats drives the fats in the production of hormones, which promotes the heavy growth of cancer cells in your body.


On the other hand, vegetarian diets or those diets which can contribute to high-fiber and other health effects can offer certain measures of protection. Instead of eating that unhealthy red meat, eat whole grains, vegetable, legumes, and fruits for a healthy body. Fiber in your body speeds up the passage of the food and therefore removes carcinogens from your system.

If you are worried about your health, do what you have to do. Sacrifice and discipline yourself when it comes to your food consumption. But, you don’t have to give it all up and quit eating red meat just to be healthy. Eating a 4-ounce of meat twice a week won’t do you any harm, just don’t get caught up. You should also remember to choose. When you eat red meat, choose cuts which are lean enough and get away from excess fats and avoid eating grilled meats. Limit your consumption of processed, salted, cured meats as much as you can.

Watching TV Disconnects You From Life:

How what you see on TV is not the reality of Life

Watching TV can be fun at times but is not something that is not meant for everyone to do nor is meant for something for everyone to do all of the time. There are a lot of different things that you can watch on TV; some of which are good and some of which are not as good. However watching a lot of TV and always dealing with electronics all day long can drain you of your energy and much, much more. One main example of this is how your eyes can get tired from staring at screens for so long and then a headache can come from that.


Programs on TV are good but completely educational and not accurate with the reality of life; it is good to get out and do things sometimes so you have experience with everything and are well-rounded instead of believing in things that are not real or confusing. The best thing that anyone can do is to take some time every now and again to sit back and relax, to clear the mind and to not engage in watching television. You can only understand how much of an addiction it is until it is taken out of your life and real life is about making contact with eyes, flesh and blood.


It is better to go out and spend time doing things that are more hands-on so you have better real life experiences and can enjoy being out and doing things and not always having to just stay home and do nothing but resort to the TV. Kids should not watch a lot of TV because they are at the crucial young age of development and should be surrounded with educational materials only. It comes in handy to keep in mind that if you do not think it is safe for your child or you would not let your child have anything to do with it than neither should you; set the example for them and live by it. Otherwise and or as a backup there are parental controls.

When you are not being engaged by the television than you can begin to realize how you feel less and less negative emotions and begin feeling more and more good emotions. Examples of feelings you feel less of include but are not limited to the following of envy, missing out, jealousy, loneliness and more. With that being said, you will experience more creation and less consumption; this is simply because of the fact that life is happening right in front of your eyes and you can only and really truly enjoy it if you are there yourself experiencing it and being a part of it as it is happening.

Think of being on stage versus being behind the curtain; they are both fun and mean something and are important but only one can make you feel like you are really living and that your dreams are coming true.

Why I Prefer Taking Pictures Of Nature?

The one man path

I have always believed that we have come in this world alone and we will also walk away alone. There are many people and things which we meet and see in between these points of birth and death. This whole string is called the journey of life. You must be wondering, how does this relate to what the article has to offer? To be honest, every bit of it connects to the article. Have you ever seen nature making best friends or even family? No? I have seen nature give things unconditionally. Nature follows the “no quid pro quo” theory; it gives away wonderful things but never expects anything in return.


Nature is a one man personality, it is not attached to anyone, and it has given us everything with utmost love, care and duty. This selfless care and giving has made me come closer to nature, it has built in me deep sense affection and admiration for nature. I have seen people fighting over petty issues in life, I have seen demonic groups outraging the modesty of women and innocents, I have seen burglaries and thefts, and I have seen so many gruesome crimes. People have this insatiable hunger which leads them to such path of crimes. Nature is not hungry; it only wants to make living on this planet bliss.


There is a pure ecstasy and charm about nature which calls me to take photographs and store them as memories. These memories later on become a source of joy for me; whenever I watch them my faith is restored. I start to feel that there is still something around which is not greedy; we can blindly lay our trust in Mother Nature to look after us. No matter how good a photographer you are, you cannot take pictures of people or things as wonderfully as you can take those of natures’.

The artistic joy and source of meditation

Nature photography can be well termed as a source of meditation for me. I find myself lost in those picturesque snaps which I take whenever I get the opportunity. My mind comes out refreshed with those amazing slices of pictures which I can frame for the rest of my life. Here are some wonderful yet simple tips and techniques which I will share with you all so that you can also take a few quality pictures of nature:


  • Get your facts right: Things associated to nature will not work as per your wish and command. There is a certain pattern in the behavior of nature. You need to understand the weather conditions, right time and other facets.
  • Prepare yourself: Unlike human beings, nature does not pose. If you want the perfect shot then you must be well prepared in advance to get that.
  • Tune your equipment: Your equipment must be tuned for the perfect shot. If you want to click a picture of an animal make sure your flash is turned off.
  • Patience is the key: There are times when you won’t be able to get the right shot at the first go. Stay patient wait for the right moment.


Pictures speak a thousand words. Pictures of nature can simply relax your mind.

4 Things To Make You Manifest Freedom

The kind of journey that you want to have depends on how you look at it. The further down you continue that path, the sooner you will discover who you truly are. It is very imperative that how you approach your journey and the methods and ways to pass those hindrances and obstacles will explain your true self. At the end of the tunnel, you will either say to yourself that your journey was worth fighting for or was it just a waste of time and effort.


Manifestation is primarily anchored on the events, objects, and actions that will give you a clearer view or will embody something. It is closely associated with an abstract idea or a theory. There are so many ways on how to manifest freedom. Below are some of things that will help or make you manifest freedom.

Serious But Not Too Serious

Be serious with what you do, but never take these things personally as to affect or destroy your day when all things come crashing down. Whether someone destroyed your ideas, stole something from you, just simply insulted you, all you need to do is to think of something that will in no way give you stress. Giving importance in these petty matters will do you no good.


Every person is entitled to their opinion, no matter how good or harsh it is. It’s just a matter of choosing those opinions. Choose the opinions or suggestions that will make you the better you.

Fight Back

Although it may be important for some time that you don’t fight back just to avoid something that will waste your time and efforts, fighting back due to something so grave or unforgivable is justifiable. Defend yourself against those who maltreat you in any way. Just make sure you don’t get caught up with these things. If you do, you’ll just be like them and you will end up trapped.


Be Who You Are (In A Good Way)

It is important to be true to yourself. Never pretend to be someone else. If you are kind, gentle, and compassionate, be that person. Don’t ever cover it up with something plastic or you’ll end up becoming just like that.


When you encounter hardships or obstacles, use these traits and concentrate on the good side. Look for something that is worth looking into. Every time you think of awful things or feel negative vibes, learn how to reverse it. Give your full attention on what is awesome or good.

Forgiveness Will Let You Breathe


People get caught up with something that can easily be forgiven. Don’t be like them because it will only drag you down. Forgive those people who made you wrong. Possessing a certain grudge will do you no good nor will it contribute to your success.


Freedom, it’s just a simple word, but every person in this world wants it. Freedom cannot be found in the future, nor will you find it when you reminisce the past. It is in the present. Yes, everything counts in the present. It will make or break your future. It will give you the desired freedom you want. Give importance to your present and the freedom you want in the future will just come right on your doorstep.