How to Know If You’re Being Ambitious With Your Career or Just Impatient

Each one of us wants to be a successful person, both in personal and financial fronts. However, we all are made different. A lot of people who are seriously ambitious and who have high achievement on their minds are always seeking personal challenges and responsibilities. They work diligently at these challenges, realizing the need to be efficient to accomplish their tasks. Their colleagues refer to them as ‘sheer hard tenacious workers, and with the ability to pace themselves’. The impatient person looks upon the hard worker as foolish because the road to success through hard work is too long and tedious for them. They also want to receive continual feedback of their successes, becoming frustrated and disillusioned if they don’t.


Many younger people today want to earn as much money as their seniors in the workplace and don’t want to hear anything about starting at the bottom. They have unrealistic ideas about how to go about climbing the industry ladder, saying that if the job doesn’t deliver soon, they’re out of there.

Ambition and Goal Setting are Good Things

There is nothing wrong with being ambitious – it’s a good thing to have goals, but some people aren’t prepared to work hard to achieve anything – they want to get to the top quickly and with little effort. They look for promotion after being with the company for just one month. Impatient people often don’t possess social graces either, and without any holding back, they constantly bombard their supervisors or managers about when it’s their turn for advancement. If somebody else gets the advancement they want, they respond by swearing at their colleagues and refusing to work.

Impatience Doesn’t Believe in Effort
Anybody who is ambitious is willing to put in a real effort – to work late hours, to learn something new in the office so that they have the experience and qualifications for the promotion they so badly want. They know that specialized knowledge in ones field is important to get ahead. The ambitious person relies on their own resources and abilities, and they have the gumption to take action to get things moving in their life. Impatient people often start learning something new and try to speed up the process because it’s too hard going and then they inevitably abandon their goal.

Make the Most of Yourself by Changing

There are a number of factors which influence success in the workplace, and leadership, relationships with others, creativity and hard work are just some. Impatience, demand, rudeness and the inability to settle down to hard work are things that stand out with the impatient person. Chances are they will never succeed.

You can say that there are success personalities in the workplace – people who have a winning combination of traits that lead to achievement, and if you’re impatient, but want to change, ambition and common sense can be cultivated.


Get More Comfortable Being Yourself at Work With Daily Pilots


You already know how to tell jokes to impress your work companions but what happens when someone tell you that you possess the joke-telling talent of a pea? If you get angry, these same people may well look at you as the joke. They’ll say you’re showing over-sensitivity or a poor sense of humor. When mortified, most people get angry and even end up becoming red in the face and stammering, so how do you get more comfortable being yourself at work, staying logical and taking charge of any situation?


You can try a different approach maybe, and instead of cracking weak jokes you might want to start being friendly and learning everyone’s names. You may come across as being approachable, nice and friendly to a select few, but others around you may be repelled, seeing your niceness as being manipulative or as a means to gain favors from certain people. Daily pilots in this area may well be self-defeating and the response you get may be so hostile to you as to make it that you get less done and are less creative.

Put a Halt on Your Daily Tests

If the response was neutral or even negative, you may even want to put a halt on your tests, because if being nice evokes such a negative response, what is next? Maybe it’s time to stop measuring your worth against the responses of those around you. Yes, without any attempts to get off your chair and get yourself known, you might just be seen as a mediocre blob taking up space in the office. Nobody wants to be less than average even, but what is the price you have to pay to be noticed and accepted?


You’ll Create Your Own Stress

The truth is that you may so paralyzed by testing the people around you to see where you can fit in with them, that your productivity becomes less than that of the people around you. A compulsive desire to fit in with the people around you is unhealthy, and may produce anxiety and stress in you which can be self-defeating, and you certainly don’t want that to happen.

‘I’ll never get this right’, ‘I shouldn’t have done that’ are what you’ll be telling yourself throughout the day. If you’re spending your day with daily pilots on what kind of behavior you believe you should be portraying to gain favor with your colleagues, you’re wasting precious time. Be yourself, you’ll never be relaxed trying to be what you think others want you to be, and remember, doesn’t matter how hard you try, you can never please everyone around you, no matter what.

Constantly testing the moods of the people around you will rob you of enjoying your work day to the fullest. Allow yourself the right to be yourself – you’ll be a far happier and more productive person.

Designate a ‘Hurry up and Eat’ shelf in your Kitchen to Avoid Food Waste

‘Hurry up and Eat’ shelf is a simple place where you place all your about to expire food so that you can consume before they hit the expiry date. Food wastage has slowly become a global concern. About 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted annualy. This represents about a third of food produced, which equates to over 750 billion. The worst part of this wastage is that approximately 800 million people sleep hungry each night. The Environmental impact of food wastage is staggering since about a quarter of the land under agriculture will grow food that nobody will eat.


Most of the food wastage in developing countries result from cold chain in production stage and distribution partners. In upper and middle-income countries, half of the wastage crops up from consumers. In most instance the ‘Use by’, ‘display until’ and ‘best before’ are the primary cause of this wastage. Nobody is willing to consume anything, which has already expired, even though it has been argued that it is still edible and will have no health implication. The best way of avoiding all these is by use of a hurry up and Eat shelf.

Your Hurry up and eat rack will hold all foods and cooking ingratiates which are about to expire. The rack should be located close to the fridge or pantry for close monitoring. Apart from its convenient location, you should have a daily visual reminder of stuff that is about to expire. The main idea behind Hurry up and eat shelf is that most foods expire because they are scattered across the fridge and pantry, making it impossible to identify them on time.

With, your hurry up and eat shelf ready, you should sign up for SuperCook services. It is a free service, which gives you the ability to enter content in your hurry up and eat shelf, and generates a recipe for what you can cook using ingredients on your shelf. It assumes you have the basic, which include pepper, salt, and provides you with a list of potential recipes. At times, not all your ingredients on the shelf might be enough prompting you to add few additional items. This service will give you recipes for starters, entrées, and desserts. SuperCook can also focus on particular items on your shelf. For instance chicken.

With a hurry up and eat shelf and SuperCook no excuses can suffice for food expiring on your shelf. Currently different organizations and governments are waging war against food wastages. Manufacturers have particularly been hit hard with the claim that they should clearly explain what expiry labeling means. Governments in most cases have no law regarding date labels on food products except on infant formula. Due to lack of insight, federal oversight regulates the use of labels in a variety of ways only causing more confusion. This inconsistency has resulted in consumer discarding food, which is perfectly safe to sell or eat

Regardless of whether food, which has expired, is safe or not, you can just avoid all this using your hurry up and eat shelf. Successful reduction of food wastage will only stream from individual efforts on a global scale.





Find Better Amazon Deals By Checking Out What Other Shoppers Bought

Products in Amazon normally possess lower prices compared to others. There are times that bigger deals have been made without even featuring it in the Amazon search results. Ever wondering if there is an easy way on finding these hidden deals? Well, there is one easy way. In looking for hidden deals or items on Amazon, you need to know or learn how to see what other people purchase in the website.


When you are doing some research on Amazon on certain model or specific brand, you should always bear in mind not to trust Amazon’s search results because it will not help you save your money.


According to Kyle James on Rather Be Shopping, whenever you are making certain searches, one of the most hidden way to learn how to save when you shop on Amazon is that you should always dig through the minute details, especially when it comes to the purchases of other shoppers. You should always browse through the “Sponsored Products Related To This Item” and “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” carousels which are normally found on the page on individual products. There will be times when you will find cheaper models which is of the same or exact replica of the original item, it is either sold by the actual manufacturer of the product itself or by a third party.


Below are other ways which James considers to be effective when you want to save cash on Amazon.




In checking out the different purchases that other online shoppers make, you will have find out that Amazon gives you the opportunity to avail of its coupons. These coupons have offers on electronics. Automotive, books, baby, kitchen, home, pet supplies, lawn and garden supplies, toys, tools and home improvements, sporting goods, and other offers.


Double Browser Trick


Since Amazon had made certain efforts on the recoupment of the 2-day shipping costs of its products, it has been widely known to charge its non-members less compared to its Prime members. When you are a Prime member in the Amazon world, it is recommended that you should use a double Internet browser trick in order to determine whether you are paying more for the product you are purchasing or not.


“Add-On Items”


To all those Prime member, you have already noticed by now that Amazon has improved its features when it comes to using its “Add-On Items”. Thus, you should know, learn, and master the “Add-On Items” process. What you should do is to add up all of your add-on products into your so-called “Amazon Shopping List” and try to purchase products when your list have already reach the amount of $25.




Another way to save your cash when purchasing in Amazon is to trade-in your stuffs for a gift card, especially when it is unwanted or of no use to you. Yes! Amazon has a Trade-In program and this is a good way to offset your purchases in the long run. The best part here is that the trade-in program will automatically go through your past orders or purchases and give you an idea on the items which should be worth purchasing.


7-Day Price Protection


Amazon has allows a shopper a 7-day period protection on the price after he receives the product. This is only applicable when you start a simple chat session so that you can politely explain to the Amazon chat rep that the item has decreased in price when you purchased the product. Amazon will immediately refund the price difference you have incurred. Another requirement is that the product you have purchased should be from the Amazon itself and not from any 3rd party seller.






Everything I Learned About Relationships by Sucking at Dating


No person wants to think that they suck at dating. Most especially, no one wants to think that he is the bad one in an ended relationship. To your advantage, I have made a lot of mistakes which are too many just to ignore and not share it with the whole world. Here are a few lessons which you can use in order to avoid those failed relationships.


Jealousy Is A Big No-No


Feeling jealous says more about yourself rather than the person you are dating. Being jealous at someone or something will only lead to insecurity and insecurity will lead to a doom relationship. When you are jealous, what you need to do is to dig in and look for the possible ways on why you jealous. Once you discover it, you will learn that you fear something. You need to correct and find a solution to do away with that jealousy by using your fear.


Bring Something To the Table


Give more emphasis on yourself by taking interest on things you love. Enhance your talent and read through articles that will help you gain more knowledge so that you have something to share to your partner when you go out on a date. You also have to remember to dress better. Appearance plays a great role in dating since most people look first on your appearance before truly getting to know you. No one wants to date a person who dresses something unusual.


Your interesting hobby or the article you read will lead you to make new friends which will sooner or later lead to you to someone you want to ask on a date. The more you invest on yourself rather than investing on how people look at you will greatly help in not failing or ending your relationship. You need to show your partner that you are a confident and complete person and that hanging out with you will cause no problem nor will it give any disadvantage. An important trait in making your relationship work is the absence of insecurity. You should know by now that being insecure will do you no good since it will only create problems and more problems. You have to be contended with yourself. You need to know our limits and capabilities. Enrich your talent and other positive traits by just living all those negative ones behind.


There will always come a time that you will like a person and you will dislike the other. You just have to know where you need your focus to be. The gist of this lesson is that if you want to get a date, you should be someone who is dateable and not hated.


Recognize And Accept


In every relationship, it is important that both of you needs how to learn to recognize at the same time accept the rejection that come your way with all the grace you have. Don’t ever dread yourself on something or someone not meant for you. When you don’t know the reason why you were turned down, it is natural since most people don’t get a detailed feedback with all those comments and reports.


You have to know that the reason why you were turned down is not because of your weakness. Sometimes, there are just people who are not contended with what they have. Just let them be and look for someone better. You also need to remember that no one needs to explain in front of your face the reason why you are rejected. It is always up to their own discretion, you can never force them to do such act. What you need to do is to review your actions and attitudes and make sure you find that one thing that pushes someone away from you.






How Video Can Increase Your Site’s Visibility on Search Engines

It takes a lot of experience and dedication to create desired web traffic especially for recently established websites. Traffic is responsible for increased site visibility and hence the more traffic a website receives the higher the visibility. Organic traffic is considered as the best form of web traffic because it involves actual and quantifiable figures.


Among the methods that can be used to drive traffic to a website are videos. They are nonetheless subject to various conditions which must be met to ensure absolute success. Below is a list of details that should be considered while making and uploading videos intended for site promotion. They will help increase your site visibility on search engines.


Create captivating videos


The three basic qualities that every video production should address are; purpose, target group and intended content.


The purpose for which a video is intended determines how content is brought to life. Entertainment, teaching, marketing and caution are among the approach your video can take but be specific to the vision you envisage. With purpose clearly defined, consider needs specific to the target group. Different target groups constitute unique characteristics which when incorporated in a video lead to increased acceptance.


Is the video targeting the general public or a specific age group? What do you think they like and what is your take on their approach to that which you aim to achieve? Upon answering those questions, use derived results as guiding principles for creating desired content. The results will also help you come up with keywords and tag names which search engines will make use of when indexing your video pages.


If target people are able to freely and openly associate with your video, they will not only revisit the link but also tag their friends. You can use the tactic to indirectly “force” other people into re-sharing the link with friends and followers on social media. Your videos can go viral just by giving target groups that which they desire to see and associate with.


Make YouTube your friend

YouTube is arguably the biggest video hosting website ever. It attracts at least 35 hours of new video uploads every other minute. The vast video uploads attract millions of viewers on daily basis making YouTube the most visited video sharing site on the Internet.


By making YouTube your friend, you will be exposing your video to millions of potential viewers. Those who click to watch its contents can then be redirected to the target website. To increase visitation chances, you can pay for ad promotion services. Paid search services allow promoted videos to feature on all related pages increasing visibility chances.



Right Keywords

Unlike other web content, videos are known to make use of limited Google algorithms. They don’t rank as well as other types of content do. However, by using search engine optimized titles and tags, you can place your video on top of competing choices based on similar keywords. Content and videos that appear on first and second page enjoy more traffic than those on other search pages. The more traffic the video gets, the higher the number of visitors directed to your website.


How to Launch a Podcast Program in 6 Easy Steps

Podcasts have launched themselves to the forefront of digital media with easy-access to exciting series and learning outside of the classroom. With just a few simple steps that are outlined below, you can start your own podcast and get people listening in no time at all!


First Step: The Gear


While you may want to just grab any microphone that is lying around the house, making sure you have equipment that will record your voice and some that will help you edit it on your computer will save you time and money in the long run. A small initial investment in a desktop microphone and some pop filters will help you get off on the right footing. Audio editing equipment can be expensive, but there are free programs that work well to start with.


Second: Identify your audience and topic


Sure there might be someone somewhere recording the same type of show you are, but they don’t have you doing it, so make the show your own. Pick something that interests you and something unique to your perspective and brainstorm some ideas. You’ll come up with plenty of topics and with a conversation with your other hosts, you could make plenty of episodes.


Third: Set up audio editor      


This may feel repetitive since you downloaded it back in step one, but making sure that you know how to record, edit, and export audio in the format you need will go a long way. Play with some of the settings and check out the internet for the best help on how to get it running at its best.


Fourth: Record Your First Podcast


Go ahead and record with a friend or by yourself. It helps to have a note sheet of talking points in front of you the first time as well. Edit and export the audio and listen to the podcast. If it doesn’t sound exactly the way you want or the show went off topic, set right back up and record another. You can even try using an outline to help you stay on topic and keep the show under a certain time limit. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


Fifth: Brand Your Podcast and Get It Heard


Your podcast may not trend on any streaming station just yet, but making sure you talk about it, send it to friends, set up social media for it, and any other avenues of support you can give. It will take work, but people will listen. Ask for feedback, engage the audience, and cater to what they want to hear while keeping in line with your goals. You’ll gain a following in no time.


Finally: Record and Diversify


With your first podcast in the books, and a few more on the way, set up a routine so that you record, edit, and get the podcast out on a good schedule. Incorporate your listeners into the shows and make sure you don’t stick on the same topic for too long. Diversify the show within reason, but also make sure you spread your podcast out on as many platforms as possible. Next stop, stardom!