How To Edit Photos On Photoshop Like A Pro

When we say photo editing, many will say it is a simple task, but the real truth is that editing a photo like a professional is more complex and it requires a lot of time. Trial and error are key terms needed to master this work. Today, photograph editing is not the same as it used to be five or so years back, thanks to technology that has made this job much simpler. Now you can find numerous programs that are designed to help editors perform this task with ease. Adobe Photoshop is one of that software that aims to help individuals to edit a photo look like professional regardless of their experience and knowledge about photo editing.


According to studies conducted, Adobe Photoshop is the most powerful and widely used program in this field but then there also other software that can be used to edit a photo look like a pro. Editing of the photograph using these programs is very simple if you only know which part to deal with or play with for that matter.  By knowing this trick, you will be able to do this task as if you are a professional editor which is not the case.  When it comes to photo editing, you don’t necessary need to use the specific program; you need to play with colors, saturation, levels, retouching blemishes and hue in any software. By so doing, you can turn that photo from good to excellent looking. That being said, now let us focus on things that you need to have and do to edit a photo like a pro.

You Need Good Photo Editing Program

The first task you are required to do is obtaining a good photo editing program by downloading or using the online based software. When we say photo editing software, it means you will have to go through hundreds of software to find a program that suits you. The best thing to do here is to know what you are looking or what you want from that program. Always choose a program that is well reputed with good ratings to ensure that software offers what you are looking for.  As I mentioned in above, there are good software like Adobe Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom that provide excellent services. Usually, this software provides a variety of toolsets that you can use to edit photos. In the world, we are not all people are the same hence not all of us can afford them. That being the case, one can find alternative software online that are cheaper compared to this big boys.

The software can be significant regarding reputation, but then it is critical to know exactly what you are looking for. To find out this you need to download a free version of your software that you have selected and trial it to see whether it offers what you want and if you like it, then you can proceed to the paid version.  Making a photo look as if it was edited by a professional, it doesn’t mean you use fancy programs but it requires one to master the basic elements of photo editing. Fixing color, white balancing, playing with different levels and noise reduction are the most important aspects, and if they are done correctly, a picture will look professional. One thing you should note is that most of these features are found in almost all software.

If you are a newbie in photo editing industry, ensure you start by teaching yourself basics of photo editing. This can be better done by using free photo editing software. Picasa is a new and quick program that one can use to learn how to edit photos correctly. The software is designed the way that even new editors can navigate editing tools available more quickly. Fotor is another program that can be used to try editing a photo before one buys advanced software.  The program offers a broad range of tools and effects that can help one turn its good picture into a professional one. One good about this software allows one to import raw files or add files the same way as the so-called big software such as Photoshop. For Apple lovers, one can use Apple photos to edit and synchronize your pictures with the aid of iCloud. The program has an array of options that can be used to modify a picture to look great. The list of software is huge so is upon you to select software based on your requirements.

Once done with free software and you think you are ready to go, it is time to find paid software so that you can start editing your photo. The reason you need the paid version is that they are superior to free versions. Hence, you will find a lot of tools and editing options that you cannot get if you opt to use the free version. Also, the support you get when using paid version is excellent.

Make Basic Adjustments

At this point, the real photo editing work starts. Creation of new layers is an important aspect of photo editing so for every new edit you execute it is wise to create a new coat. Production of various layers is crucial because it allows you to make changes without necessarily disrupting original layer. That way one can go back when an error occurs instead of starting over again. I agree with the fact that not all software come with this option, but then they have an option of doing this without having to start over. When selecting software, pay attention to what you want.

White balancing is very necessary for photo editing and to get this right can be a great achievement to your photo editing goals. It is recommended to start balancing white by adjusting the temperature and then move to small fixing little tint. So if you see your photo is too cold, you need to increase the temperature to counter balance blues with more red tones. But if your photo is too warm, the best adjustment you can do is to reduce the temperature by moving it down.

Editing Of Photo Color

In a photo, you will find specific colors pairing much better than others. Photo editing programs come with a lot of colors type, and by knowing how these colors work and match, it will be a bonus to you. The primary colors in photo editing are red blue and yellow. These are only colors mixed to bring other colors into existence.  It’s nice to start with a curve layer because these curves will help you in making your photo cooler or warmer. You can play with colors as you want since there are no set limitations.

If the program you are using has a gray eyedropper tool, use it to adjust an area where you see colors are not mixed well. Also, you can adjust light and color by using color overlay channel. Use any of the three colors to modify and create new layers. Once done with this you can copy the adjustments to the original photo.  The next stage is to change the opacity of the layer so that you can obtain a nice looking contrast.

Noise Reduction Of A Photo

In most cases you find that a photo has numerous dots that are grainy colored. This is what known as noise in photo editing world. The task of adjusting these colors is among the easiest task in photo editing. The best way of doing this is by sharpening your photo, and everything will be in place. You can find some programs that support both photo sharpening and noise reduction options.

Adjust Levels To Enhance Your Photo

Sometimes you might find your photo looks like it was taken by using a shot and old camera with a lot of flashes that you don’t like, you can adjust these levels and make it look professional and can help you counteract the exposure from the camera. This allows one to edit a photo so that it can look as if the darkest pixels are converted to black while light pixels are converted to white pixels.


Making More Advanced Adjustments

After you are true with necessary adjustments, now it is time to focus on more advanced adjustments. This can take several forms. One can start by editing hue and saturation of a photo. This change is very necessary for photos that have a dominant color. Sometimes you will find your photograph takes place outside here you will need to increase photo hue, and if the picture looks bluish, you need to turn your photo saturation up so you can make green to pop more than blue.

Usage of radial blur will help you in keep focal point into focus while you are blurring all things outside the radius. By so doing, your photo will look beautiful and more of professionals. In photo editing, it is necessary to create smooth skin and also removing blemishes which will lead to the creation of a smooth and beautiful skin. Other options exist that can help fix smaller adjustments such as the use of patch and fade tools.


Photo editing is a real task and professional if it is done in the right manner. Always ensure when doing photo editing, you stick with basic editing guidelines to avoid moving out of boundaries. That way, you can turn your photo into a professional looking.






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