How To Successfully Record Foley Sound Effects

Before learning the ways of how to successfully record Foley sound effects, it is important to know what Foley really means. Foley is a type of reproduction of the day to day sound effects which are being added to either a video, film, or other media in order to enhance and give a marvelous effect on the audio quality. These Foley sound effects can come from footsteps, floors squeaking, glass breaking, and clothes swinging.  Having the best Foley sound effect can sometimes be integrated in any mode of media without the audience noticing it. It gives the video or film the sense of reality. It is because of these effects that the movies or other films become naturally comfortable to listen with.  Aside from this positive effects, Foley sound effects can also cover unwanted sounds which are captured when filming the movie or film.


above image taken from soundcrafter

Several Foley artists create this realistic ambient and relaxing sounds that the film portrays for it to be more realistic. The sets of the film and other effects do not usually give the perfect reaction the same way as they are in the real life. This type of sound effect is used in order to give a pleasant auditory experience to the viewers.

The real fun in using Foley is the Specifics. It can access or allow you to portray the real picture with the sound itself and recreating the real movements in the film in a much enhanced method. Most of the magic that is being created with the sound effects come from a Specific. It can enhance the sound even if the target is to create a sound of face punches or a body falling off the building.


above image taken from pyramind studios

An accurate and convincing visual can be given life by Foley work. Although using stock effects may create great results and save a lot of time which can be crucial to the production, the results of the Foley sound effects can do the work and even create a better effect than the usual. Many of the famous and professional videographers or filmmakers know that a certain film or movie can be lifeless if it is not accompanied by sound. No matter how magnificent the footage is taken or how brilliant and expensive the camera being used to shoot the footage, without sound, the footage will have no life and can never attract viewers. Most people are captured not by the brilliant footage of the film, but mostly because of the sound effects.


Image taken from dare to be digital

In order to have a maximum impact on the emotion of every viewer, the Foley sound effect should match with the actions or movements in the film or video. You may take from this article all the inspiration needed to start your own productions. We have also found this useful guide for sound mastering which is an inseparable part from creating good sound effects. Below are just some of the basic tricks or tips that can enhance your film by using Foley sound effects.

Acoustics And Others

To have a good capture of the recording, it is important that the quality of the sound has a sonic width, depth, and height. These important spatial features make the difference among the lo-fi and hi-fi recordings. Recording in a typical room with an average-sized home can give you an inferior acoustic effect compared to a room which is large enough to handle the acoustics that you have in mind. You need to create your unique Foley soundstage in order for it to serve as an aid in squeezing the sounds out of the average and typical room. More so, it is important to minimize the distortion of the sonic height, depth, and width. This can be done by just simply incorporating the sound absorption and sound diffusion for it to cancel or lower down the room boundaries. Also, it is required to eliminate or disregard the reflections while you maintain a high quality 3-dimensional balance.

Selection Of Microphones

Try using Audix SCX1/HC, Neumann KM185, OktavaMk-012, or other microphones which are hyper-cardio. It is important to capture the good quality of the audio in order to make it more realistic. Closer microphone placements are needed when you want a close-up shot.

Foley Materials

A lot of Foley artists make use of several objects or materials in order to achieve the accurate and precise depiction of the movements or actions. The Foley materials used in making the film depend on the genre of film or movie you are making. Determine the appropriate materials and start the fair game of perfection. The first step before recording your sound is made sure that you have reviewed the film and compiled and listed the numerous sound effects applied to the film or video. Next, you have to determine whether what kind of materials or objects is appropriate for every sound effect. By doing this, it will save you more time rather than struggling on what to use every time you proceed to the next sound effect. Below are some of the techniques or objects which are used by Hollywood artists engaged in the art of Foley.

  • For gun shots or noises – staple guns (heavy-duty)
  • For exceptional whooshing effects – dowel rods or thin sticks
  • For body punches that will sound more realistic – large phonebook which is rolled up
  • For bones breaking – sticks of celery (just snap and twist it)
  • For controlled and stable creaking – old stools or chairs
  • For a good snow crunching sound – put a corn starch inside the leather pouch
  • For bird wings – cleaning gloves

For the execution or recording, make sure to concentrate and do not stray away from your plans or ideas. Make it precise and accurate. Focus on what you want to achieve and just feel free to open yourself to some of the best suggestions you may encounter.


Survival Of The Most Adaptable To Change

People say that the only constant on earth is change. Nothing in this world remains forever. The cause may be deterioration, loss, or destruction. Everything we have in our possession as of today will sooner or later lose its existence. The only constant is change. Change will cease to exist if the earth ceases to exist as well. Thus, it is important that in order to survive, we must learn how to adapt to change, a good example shows that even in the business world same principals come into play.


Having a daily routine to jog after you wake up, have a breakfast, or immediately proceed to work, whatever it may be and no matter how hard you stick to your schedule, something will just come right in and change your daily plans. You need to learn how to survive by just adapting. As what the famous Charles Darwin said, “It is not the most intellectual or the strongest species that survives, but the species that survives is the one that is able to adapt to or adjust better to the changing environment in which it finds itself.”


No matter how strong you are, no matter how healthy or organized you have been through your whole life, everything will soon change. The best way to cope with this and to survive is to make yourself adaptable to change.

Some Ways To Face Changes

If you are an employee at a workplace which is constantly changing take these tips in order to survive and to learn about how to adapt to the changes which are occurring.

  1. Voice out your reasons with regard to your hard choices. Also, list down the changes you have to do or make in your workplace. A lot of people know that communication is very important, but a few only know that when it comes to changes in the workplace, communication plays a vital role in surviving that certain change.
  2. Start a culture in the workplace where everybody is free to express their thoughts and ideas. Sharing your thoughts and ideas can help you lessen the stress you are experiencing because of the changes.
  3. Have a strategic planning activity. Plan for the possible changes that might occur, in this way, you will not be caught unprepared and you can handle the change without exerting too much of your energy.
  4. You can also establish a change team. The said team will be responsible to note the different changes that are occurring so that in the next year, you will be expecting the same and you will already have a plan on how to surpass this change.
  5. Face the changes in your environment gradually. Never be in a hurry to get things done. Make sure that you have addressed the problem perfectly and that there are no loopholes that may soon contribute to the problems you have.
  6. You need to know and recognize the different change effects you are experiencing. Every individual has a different approach. Keep your door open for possible opportunities and ideas that may be applicable in solving the problem due to change.
  7. Learn to manage how to resist. Humans are fond of doing the same things over and over again. Learn how to do something different which is outside of your comfort zone. In this way, you will be able to hold yourself in whenever there is a change in the environment. Make yourself prone to changes. Never close your doors to changes.
  8. Take a minute or two to train yourself. Make sure that you have the necessary skills to adapt and succeed. Learn to alleviate the job pressure you are encountering.

According to Denis Diderot, “There are things I can’t force. I must adjust. There are times when the greatest change needed is a change of my viewpoint.” This is true in every aspect of life. It is important to know that when something can’t be forced to change or cannot be controlled, the best way to deal with it is to adjust your approach. There is no use in changing or controlling something that is outside of your control. Changing the viewpoint in life can contribute to a whole lot of success. Open your minds to the changes occurring in this world, learn how to react, and you will be able to learn how to survive without exerting so much effort. You will learn other things that can lead to your success.


No person wants to be extinct, but people tend to complain loudly when something goes wrong, wait for things to turn its course, and refuse to take any challenge that can help or lead to success. It is about time to get out of that comfort zone and embrace the changes in life. Numerous organisms that were proven to be more sustainable are those who are most adaptable to change. In life today, it is crucial that one must accept the changes and learn how to react to it.

Vincent Van Gogh Became A Genius, He Wasn’t Born One!

Hard work and determination can almost make anything possible. Many famous people in the history who have excelled in their respective fields have taught us this fact. Of them, most people have come into the limelight when they were still alive. They were lucky.


While others, unfortunately, became famous only after they have left this world. There are many untold stories of such heroes, who have excelled in one field or the other, and yet couldn’t enjoy the fruit of their success.

Vincent Willem van Gogh, famously known as Vincent van Gogh or Vincent, is one of those geniuses, who excelled in the field of art (paintings), only to become famous after his demise in the year 1890.

  • Early years

Vincent van Gogh was born to Theodorus van Gogh and Anna Cornelia Carbentus on 30th of March, 1853. Vincent’s was a religious family and his father was a minister in the church. When he was 15, he was forced into work as his family was struggling to meet the ends. He joined his uncle as an art dealer and was initially successful.


Tired of the job, Vincent returned home and started studying theology. Though he was intelligent and could speak multiple languages, he failed in the tests to become a minister, just because he refused to take Latin as the medium to teach the poor. Soon he was working as a missionary in a poor community which lived on mining coal. This is where he started as a painter, painting the portraits of the coal miners and their families. Here, he was called, “Christ of the Coal Mines.”

  • Life as an artist

In the year 1884, Vincent began to take painting seriously. He and planned to paint a multi-figure portrait that would earn him respect in the society of elite painters. He was able to finish the painting in the year 1885. Vincent named it “The Potato Eaters.” He considered this painting as his personal failure when he was alive, though it went on to become one of the best portraits the world has ever known, after his death.


  • Disastrous love life

Vincent thought that nothing was going right in his life. His love life was a failure. He first fell in love with Eugenie Loyer, daughter of the landlady at the Groupil Gallery. When she refused his marriage proposal, he was shattered. Then he fell in love with his widowed cousin, Kate, who fled to Amsterdam repulsed when she knew Vincent was in love with her. He later fell in love with a prostitute, Calsina Maria Hoornik, when she too left him, Vincent was devastated.

  • Vincent ate paints to survive

After Hoornik left him, he boarded train to the South of France and moved into a little house, now known as, “a little yellow house.” This is where he painted majority of his works. He spent all the money that his brother used to send him on buying paints and turpentine. He stopped taking food as there was no money left. He lived on coffee and bread. This deteriorated his health. Soon, along with his deteriorating physical condition, mental illness started creeping in. During this period, it is said that he ate paint and drank turpentine to fight hunger.


  • Mental illness

In 1886, Vincent moved on to Paris and started living with his brother, Theo. He was financially struggling. His brother offered him the financial support and promised to sell his paintings. Despite of many efforts, Theo could sell only one of Vincent’s paintings. Vincent’s first signs of mental illness began to show in the late 1888. He suffered epilepsy, various types of Psychotic attacks, as well as delusions. It was around this time he mutilated his ear and offered it to a prostitute asking her to keep it safely. Following such violent incidents, he was arrested by the police and moved to Hotel-Dieu Hospital.


  • Death

He was released from the hospital in the year 1887 but was soon hospitalized again in the year 1889. Undeterred from the string of dreadful events happening in his life, Vincent used to silently paint in the gardens of the hospital. In spite of his master strokes and highly expressive portraits, the world of painters never recognized him. But his determination was never down as he continued to talk with his brush. In the year 1890, Vincent was taken back to home by his brother Theo, where he shot himself to death. He died on 29th of July, 1890. Six months later, weakened by Vincent’s death, his brother Theo too died of syphilis and was buried next to him.

  • Legacy

Johanna, collected as many paintings of Vincent as she could and displayed them in an art exhibition in Paris on 17th of March, 1901. The rest is a history. Vincent’s fame grew leaps and bounds in the coming years. “Irises,” one of the Vincent’s works was sold for as much as $53.9 million dollars, and the other one named “Portrait of Dr. Gachet,” was sold for a staggering $82.5 million. Today, Vincent van Gogh is known as one the finest painters the Dutch has ever produced.


Though Vincent was not able to enjoy his fame and money, his life teaches us an important lesson. No matter what the situation is; determination, hard work, discipline, punctuality and a strong will to achieve one’s goal will always pay, it’s just a matter of time.

How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Instagram has been a trend for so long now. But how many followers do you have? Are you ever wondering that your friends have more followers than you have and sometimes it’s even double the number of followers you have? If you are disappointed about the number of followers you have, don’t be. There are so many possible ways you can do to improve or increase that number. Lesser followers do not make a person less than others. But if you want more followers, check out these 3 ways that can help you get more followers.

Show who you are.


Never think of hiding yourself under an invisible cloak to get more followers. It will become harder and harder if you will share photos that are never related to your interests. You don’t have to worry about people you know who are not following you. Just be yourself, be creative in what you do, and followers will just come right in front of your door step.


Figure out what you love the most out of everything and try to shoot it with all your passion and dedication. Also, think of the different editing processes that can make your photo visible to the Instagram world.

Never rush things.


It may seem that you are making no effort at all, but it will give you more time to think and realize a great idea that can surely get more instagram followers. Patience is still a virtue that anyone can apply to have what they want. Sometimes it will take 30 – 40 pictures before you can decide, but it will help you capture that perfect photo.


Also, find the perfect filter to your photo. A filter always matter and makes your photo as attractive and noticeable it can be. Aside from making your photos more personalized, it gives your photo the beauty it deserves.

The time of posting or sharing your photo is also very important. You must post a photo at the right time. See to it that at the time you posted your photo, most of your followers or other people you know are not asleep, in this way, they can see and follow it.


Explore choices.


You have to do something that is different from the rest. Following what is trending will never get you more followers. Try to find something unique. You can even try something different that will sooner become a trend in instagram.


Quit sharing photos of your feet in the beach or photos having a jump shot in front of any sites you consider important or instagramable. The two ways of shooting a photo are so old school. Shoot something new to the eye.

The most important thing to do is not to worry about your ‘likes’. Do not drool over someone’s instagram because their photos have so many likes than what you have. Even though you shoot photos decribing your true self in every photo you share, alwaysremember that your comfort zone is not the best zone you can have. There are different opportunities outside that zone, but never pretend to be someone else. Just think, be creative, and do what you do best.

Why You Should Tip Street Musicians

Life is nothing without music. Ask those who hate or dislike listening to it and they will silently or vociferously tell you how music has the powerful ability to induce ‘feelings’ in the human heart. While those who dislike music also deny themselves the chance to ‘feel’, other who love tunes will certainly appreciate the importance of those who create it.


  • Musicians do not just enrich our culture they add meaning to it. A nation’s music defines the very nation itself, its history, where the people came from, what they eat, how they view life, how they enjoy day to day. Music is therefore the quintessence of human meaning.
  • In the days to come, if we do happen to see a great change in the world or, with all good fortune, are witness to the evolution of humankind Music will capture the transition best if it did not already have a hand to play in the making.
  • Street musicians can be bad in attitude, the music they create, or both. You do not need to tip such people just because they hold an instrument and play a tune.
  • However, for those musicians who are bold as well as humble enough to go out there and play their passion in the hopes of making it big so their music can reach others across the world, one small tip can mean a giant leap forward for the country, its culture, and the very future of who we are as a species.


While all this may sound a tad over the top, bear in mind the science behind the process. It is all about action and reaction. Just as the notes a street musician plays goes out and touches everyone who hears it, whether they are paying attention to or not, your tip to the musician as a listener who appreciates their talent and wishes them success can further inspire the instrument wielder to do better next time.

This simple action-reaction principle can lead to the musician evolving his music and therefore himself, fighting to correct their mistakes and enhancing the quality of their notes.


One of the best things that can happen due to something as simple as a person tipping a street musician is that the player will go home and for no rhyme or reason be inspired by something they saw or learned while out there that day. They might come up with something entirely new, a new musical score that could bring incredible change to society and inspire people to new heights.

  • Your tip could have ‘tipped’ the musician’s reserves to help them buy better equipment or pay for a class they know will render them an outstanding music-maker.
  • You tipping the musician made them feel grateful enough to keep playing and possibly stay there long enough to find a spark of inspiration.
  • By so staying for a while longer, the musician may be inspired to play one of their ‘secret’ compositions just to see how people receive it. Perhaps your tip made them feel generous enough to regale listeners with a covert work of art that maybe some record producer might hear or come to hear from a friend who was on site.

In this way, you the tipper could make music history happen. You do not need the fame. Even the musician is not as important as their music. Do your part and let the Universe do the rest. In this world so filled with loss and heartache, music (sad or otherwise) brings a strange but welcome comfort.

Best 3 Cannon Camera Models

Certainly professional photography is highly competitive and an exhibition of photographic works will depict how photographers devote all their skills to bring about the most captivating representations and interpretation of the world around them. Taking eye-catching pictures can be helped along with the right equipment and lenses are always an important part of your camera because they control the image that is ultimately projected onto your imaging sensor.


So what camera should you get to take these eye-catching pictures? Canon makes a whole range of cameras for the casual and professional photographer and these can be tiny, pocket-sized point-and-shoot compact cameras to their professional DSLRs. Here are 3 of the best Canon camera models –


  • The A3300 is a beginner-photographer’s delight. For starters, the camera has a casual holiday-look about it. This is because it comes in a trendy red colour but you can take it in matte black or grey too. It is lighter than other Canon DSLRs, and as a 16 megapixel digital camera, it has higher resolution and comes with a smaller sensor than entry-level DSLRs of today. The A3300 comes with dust and moisture seals and is a robust camera to be taken anywhere. The camera is straightforward with clearly marked controls and comes with a basic selection of shooting modes such as easy auto, smart auto, fish-eye effect; and it records HD video at a resolution of 1280x720p at 30 fps for up to 4GB or 1 hour. The Canon PowerShot A3300 is all about excellent image quality, reliable performance and durability, and you can be sure the A3300 will produce the best pictures possible.


  • The Canon EOS 60D – this is a fast, feature-packed camera offering excellent photo and video quality. Some of this camera’s top features include delivery of clean JPEGs up through ISO 800. You no longer get the magnesium alloy construction from previous models – you get a lighter weight plastic shell and the camera comes with some great new features such as top panel LCD, rear control dial, the ability to convert raw files to JPEG in-camera and the bonus of applying new creative filters to files you’ve shot. This camera fits between the EOS 550D and the EOS 7D but with some new tricks of its own.

PowerShot S120_BLK_web imagery_FSL_01_tcm83-1076604

  • Canon PowerShot S120 – this is just a favorite because of its sheer compactness. Another benefit with this little model is that its not complex like some other similar cameras, but the 1/1.7” sensor provides superb looking images. It comes with a maximum f/1.8 aperture at the widest angle setting plus there are a number of awesome features too such as touchscreen control and Wi-Fi – a real little winner.

Cameras on the Short List

Good looking photographs make the difference between having the right camera. With such a host of superb cameras from Canon, photograph taking for beginners or professionals is so easy and these cameras are just some you’ll find on the short list.

Nepal Is Still Recovering From It’s Earthquake

After a tremendous 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25, Nepal is still trying to recover itself from the detrimental effects. Unfortunately, the 7.8 magnitude earthquake was followed by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake on May 12 which makes it even harder for the Nepal citizens to cope with their daily lives. Millions of people were devastated by this earthquake and the Nepal children comprised most of those people. Although the country receives a lot of supplies and other forms of help from all over the world, Nepal is still recovering and climbing its way up through the ladders of help.

After numerous buildings and houses have collapsed, there were around 4 people who were killed in Chautara, Sindhupalchok and more than 12 people were injured because of the landslides. It was in this area, Sindhupalchok, that death tolls have tremendously increased.

In Bhimeswhar, the district of Dolakha, reports says that there were 2 deaths. It was also reported that TsoRolpa, a large glacial lake, in Dolakha was held back by the natural dam which is very fragile. In Kathmandu, there was at least 3 four-story building which has collapsed due to the earthquake. In the Indian states which are bordering Nepal, 5 people were killed. It was reported that 1 lived in Uttar Pradesh and the 4 lived in Bihar.


The above mentioned statistics are just some of the recorded death tolls on the day which the earthquake has occurred. Now, the authorities estimate that there are more than 8, 500 people who were left dead. It left around 500,000 people in Nepal living in camps because they were left without homes. Some even live in the ruins of their homes. Although the earthquake has a high magnitude, the height of the Mt. Everest, the tallest peak in the world, was not affected.

It was also reported that the United Nations have received only $22M out of the $415M. The Western officials even accused the government of Nepal because of centralizing the distribution of the donations and hindering some people to receive the help that they deserve. Despite this tragedy, people who are reaching their hand to help should be careful.

Things You Can Do To Help

Any person can help the victims who are devastated in Nepal in so many ways. You can donate to the Red Cross. Try to look for the Red Cross website in your country. Make sure that the site is legit so that your donations will not go to someone else’s pocket or benefit.


Also, you can also send your donations directly to the Nepal victims. Form an organization if you can. An organization will help generate funds for your cause.

And the most important help you can give if you have no monetary capability to help is to pray and give the victims encouragement to surpass this life’s trial. Although a pray may seem to be effortless, but miracles do work. The next thing you know about it, Nepal victims can already stand in their own feet and support their families throughout the day without any help at all.