7 Things All Boys Should Understand About Being A Man

As much as we would like there to be a ceremony and a definable moment, it is hard to determine when exactly a boy becomes a man. It is certainly different for every boy and his circumstances will vary just as widely, but here are 7 things that we think every boy should understand before he finally makes that important transition.


Ask For Help

This might be one of the hardest things for boys to understand and routinely do, but when it happens, it can change your life. Boys can be stubborn and think they know everything, but a man will realize when the thoughts and ideas of someone else will truly add value to the situation when their own just isn’t enough.


Masculine Things Don’t Make A Man

The things that traditionally have been thought of as man’s things do not in any way make you more of a man. You’re unlikely to be remembered for how much you can lift or how much meat you can cook and eat, but rather how you treated others and how you carried yourself. Boys look to be impressive, men look to make an impression.


Women Are Not Objects and Should Be Treated Equally

It is unfortunate that many college boys continue to learn from the ideas of a dating culture that portrays women as objects of desire rather than the people they truly are. As a man you will realize that women are just as strong, thoughtful, intelligent, important, and yes, beautiful, and they ought to be treated that way.


Be Humble

The real world is a harsh place and it has no time for boys that think everything deserves recognition of the highest form. You should be humble enough to know that you doing exactly what you’re supposed to is important and that you need to celebrate your successes.


Life Isn’t Fair

Sorry, this one is the truth and for plenty of boys, they will ignore it until the last possible moment. Life isn’t fair and you aren’t always going to come out on top, but it is how you learn from the unfairness that separates the men from the boys.


Happiness Comes From Within

Not from the things you possess, but from who you surround yourself with and the experiences that you have. That is what makes true happiness. Money and possessions will not make you happy, and it takes a man to realize that those around him and what’s inside are the keys.



Take Care Of Others

This is an important distinction between being a selfish boy and being a mature man that knows where his priorities lie. Others absolutely include your family and your friends around you, but it needs to extend to children, the elderly, and anyone else (including animals) that need a helping hand. Most of these small sacrifices cost you very little and can truly impact those you choose to help. Society needs more men like this, not boys who are only concerned with themselves.


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