12 Ways To Become A More Confident Person

We are all fully aware of the benefits that self-confidence brings, but still too afraid to make changes. There are four main reasons why most individuals fail to pursue their dreams: fear of failure, doubt, overthinking and being overly concerned with what others think of them.

Maybe, at some point, you’ve made a few bad decisions and you just couldn’t bounce back from failure. Those past events have taken their toll on your mental balance: you feel lost, depleted of self-esteem and you believe that it isn’t worth living anymore.


Let’s see what people who are not that self-confident should do in order to overcome feeling of worthlessness.

12. Choose positivity

You need to be completely in control of your destructive thoughts. Replace them with positive ones. It sounds hard, but, in fact, it isn’t. Since we are always affected by the people around us in one way or another, it’s crucial to surround yourself with inspiring, positive thinking individuals if you want to become one of them. Even joining an online community can have the same beneficial effects.

11. Improve your skills

The more effort you put into learning new skills and enhancing your existent ones, the more confident you become. Continuous learning will expand your horizons and boost creativity. Just imagine how much appreciation you will receive from your boss and from your work colleagues if during a brainstorming session you come up with a remarkable idea.

10. Overcome your insecurities

People with low self-esteem are usually shy and experience anxiety when put in social situations. The only way to overcome these feelings is to make the effort to engage in conversations with people you don’t know every time you see the opportunity. Anxiety levels will decrease gradually and your life will improve dramatically.

9. Embrace new challenges

Progress occurs only if you push yourself to the limit. You cannot grow on a professional nor personal level if you don’t take on challenges.

8. Improve your body posture

This is closely linked to how others perceive you. If your body posture denotes insecurity, you will probably be treated badly by some individuals, whose behavior will only fuel your depressive thoughts. Instead, keeping your back and shoulders straight and looking people in the eye are two very important aspects you should take into account in order to to gain respect and inner confidence.

7. Get help from others

It’s entirely wrong to believe that getting support from others is something embarrassing. Opening up in front of a reliable friend can literally do wonders.

6. Ignore unfounded criticism

Some are governed by envy and by an intense desire to make others feel bad. Don’t take their baseless criticism to heart because those affirmations are untrue, thus completely irrelevant.

On the other hand, when you receive negative feedback from someone you consider judicious, don’t get emotional and take a few minutes to reflect upon the flaws that he has just pointed you out.

5.Work out

Exercise is known to have a positive effect on one’s mental wellbeing. Those who suffer from depression are recommended to perform physical activity on a regular basis. When one exercises, his body releases endorphins, chemicals responsible for reducing stress and anxiety.

4. Break bad habits

Obviously, don’t expect it to be easy. It takes time and self-discipline to succeed.

3. Set goals and strive to reach them

Don’t shoot for the moon, because chances are you won’t be able to commit to it.

2. Accept failure

How do you think that successful people achieved the status they are known for? They embraced failure and learned from their mistakes.

1.Keep track of your progress

Do not to completely ignore your past achievements. Thinking of how far you’ve got will boost your motivation.












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