4 Unbreakable “Mindy’s Ways” That Every Girl Should Learn


Who does not know Mindy Kaling – or her character Kelly Kapoor – whom we all hugely adore from the popular show, The Office? Being quirky and humorous like Mindy is something that we actually can learn from. Unbeknownst to a lot of people, the real life Kelly Kapoor herself is already an accomplished director, producer and writer aside from being a fantastic actress at the age of 36. Mindy’s attitude is the reason for her success, and below are several tips to adopt a similar attitude in order to achieve our own success:


Never Mind What The People Say


Living in this ruthless society full of people racing their bodies out to achieve size 0 or 2 is hard. It is especially hard for people who are size 4 onwards, because they often feel self conscious and later on this affects their self esteem and performance. Living like Mindy, you should ignore this body image to get in the way of your life. Catching the essence of being thin obsession and body image, Mindy emphasized that you do not have to look or weigh a certain way to have a great and fun life, or love life in this matter. Live a healthy live instead of obsessing over what other people (or the scale) may say.


One Word: Confidence


If there is one thing that definitely stands out when you see Mindy Kaling, it is her confidence. Just like the most of us, she went through questioning herself and her abilities. However, confidence is a mindset that she – and all of you – should adopt. Once she adopted this mindset that she deserved something, confidence will automatically be produced regardless of situation, time or place. As a conclusion, repeat Mindy’s magic words to enhance your sense of entitlement: “Why not me?


Work Hard and Work Hard(er)


If you want something, do not sit idly and wait for the perfect opportunity. Work hard and do whatever needed to get things done the way you want it. This also includes never giving up on finding a way to get whatever you want to get. It may be hard and difficult, but it is also important to remember that your destiny is in your own hands.


Your Very Own Warrior Alter-Ego


You may raise one of your eyebrows and think that it is weird to have your own warrior alter-ego. However, in difficult times Mindy will find her inner warrior alter-ego whom she named ‘Beyonce Pad Thai’. In the worst of times, Beyonce Pad Thai actually helped Mindy to handle some emotional backlashes and stressful repercussions and this is something that all of us can make use of. Create a warrior alter-ego from your strengths, and at the end of the day you need to really trust and believe that you are stronger more than what it looks like on the surface. Give it a nickname and do not hesitate to call when you need support to get through those difficult times.


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