Riding the Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship: Q&A With Ben Jabbawy of Privy

Cofounder and CEO of Privy, Ben Jabbawy, shares some of his secrets and experiences in becoming one of the most successful young IT entrepreneurs in the world. Having brought Privy from 50 business clients at the start of 2015 to more than 10 thousand business users at the end of 2015, he may inspire you to achieve the same success.


Ben Jabbawy comes from a family with entrepreneurial background, and even though it may be in his blood but his father was the one who always encouraged him to take risks and lead. With regards to this, he always thinks of himself as both technical and people person, in which to take risks and become a leader he combined his technical, creative and personal skills altogether. Taking risk does not always end pretty, but it is his continuous optimism, creativity as well as true passion to help other person that keeps on motivating him to go further even when times are hard.

Not only that, entrepreneurial jobs can require someone to be highly individual and lonely because even though an entrepreneur is surrounded by an amazing team as well as supporters, there are still numerous decisions and important moments that can only be experienced and taken alone. A lot of times these decisions also need to be taken rather quickly with insufficient information, and as a result, entrepreneurs have sharp intuitions on things.

Further, Ben Jabbawy believes that leading requires steadiness and balance throughout the ups and downs of the business. The concept of balance applies to work and family, and Ben Jabbawy tries his best to maintain this by heading home to see his wife and sometimes cook dinner together. However, it also applies to the way he manages his team when he is at the top while still being able to manage them and obtaining their trust when he is at his lowest point. For him, this really matters to his company as well as to his personal development as an entrepreneur. He emphasizes that a lot of things can and will happen, so even though it may be fun to celebrate your wins but you need to also survive the most terrible and awful moment.

The way an entrepreneur manages his/her employees is also vital, because there should be certain values and characteristics that need to be maintained in order to achieve a great teamwork and an overall success for the business. For Ben Jabbawy, he prefers people who are hard workers but valuing autonomy as well as applying a “figure it out” mindset. He believes that this kind of people is more convenient to work with and they work more effectively. Working with these kinds of people, according to him, eliminates unnecessary meetings and excuses, and it allows him to focus on the things that he has to really pay attention to such as exposing the team to different challenges and opportunities to meet their career goals and personal growth targets. As an incredibly task oriented person, he usually schedules the meetings with his employees in the mornings while spending the afternoons working with customers or investors.


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