Voice Over Tips

If you’re a voice over actor, then you can’t make do with sub-par equipment. No, what you need is equipment that’s top-notch, so that you can showcase your best work to the world. When you have all the equipment you need at your side, you’ll get to deliver your best work.

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Aging Photographers … Lighten Up


Everchanging Perspective


There are several techniques that aging photographers can adopt so that they can keep on photographing after they no longer wish to carry or hold their heavy DSLR camera.   They can switch to lighter, smaller prime lenses and change what they photograph; i.e. stop photographing wildlife with big heavy long zoom lenses.  Or, they can switch to smaller lighter cameras with smaller sensors.  Even Saul Leiter moved “down” to micro 4/3 cameras and he hadn’t been shooting with a heavy DSLR camera or long heavy zoom lenses.  I have mentioned these techniques before as I adopted them.  This article is about a third scheme … using a lighter, smaller entry-level DSLR with a prime lens in order to cut weight.

One characteristic that I have noticed with my arthritic hands is that a lighter camera-lens combination is a big help but having a lighter camera-lens combination with a good hand-grip…

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