Reduce Stress With These Simple Breathing Exercises Most People Don’t Know

Stress will always be a part of every individual’s life. No matter how hard you will attempt to loosen up yourself, stress will always come in front of your door step. From the moment you wake up and hit that alarm, you will immediately experience stress because of your days’ work. Since stress is inevitable, it is only best to consider simple breathing exercises that will help reduce the stress.


Relaxing Breath

Relaxing breath is usually called by Dr. Andrew Weil as 4-7-8 exercise. This breathing exercise can be done in any position, but it is preferred to do it while you are sitting with your back straight. By performing this exercise, you can begin by placing the tip of your tongue behind the upper front portion of your teeth and keep it in place while you are doing the entire exercise routine. Exhale completely by simply making a whoosh sound. Then, close your mouth and inhale with a count of four. Hold your breath for about 7 seconds and exhale through your mouth.

Bellows Breath

This exercise is commonly known as stimulating breath. You inhale and exhale by means of your nose while your mouth is closed and relaxed. In performing this breathing exercise, you should remember to keep your breaths equal in duration while you are inhaling and exhaling. Although this can be a very noisy exercise, nonetheless, it will help you relieve your stress.

Equal Breathing

The technical term for this kind of breathing exercise is Sama Vritti. It is done by simply inhaling for a count of four and exhaling for another count of four. Aside from helping you relieve your stress, this breathing exercise will also help you add a natural resistance to your breathe.

Sama Vritti can very well serve its purpose if it is done before bed. According to Rebecca Pacheco, equal breathing can even be likened to “counting sheep”.

Breath Counting

This breathing exercise is commonly performed by the Zen’s. To begin with, find a comfortable sitting position with your head inclined and your spine straight. Count one as you exhale from your mouth and count again and again until you are fully relaxed.

Progressive Relaxation

This breathing exercise is done with your eyes closed and your muscle group focused on relaxation. With your toes and feet, you can tart and move up to your knees and up to your eyes. You can do progressive relaxation in any place you want.

Abdominal Breathing Technique

Lie flat on your back in order to get that proper sense of breathing. Put your hands down on your stomach and take a slow deep breath. Make sure that you feel your abdomen expanding. This exercise will work its magic when you have a very stressful day. When you feel like this exercise is not enough, you can perform a yoga routine because it will surely help in relaxation. It can even help you lose weight.

According to the famous Yoga Journal, there are about 3 basic and easy breathing exercises you can do at home. These are the basic breath awareness, the cooling breath, and the long exhale.

Basic breathing awareness will help your nervous system calm down, reduce anxiety and stress, and can even improve your self-awareness. The cooling breath exercise, also known as Sitali Pranayama, can also reduce any feeling of agitation, anxiety, anger, and can very well improve your focus. Cooling breath exercise can even be very supportive everytime you feel drowsy in the morning or in the afternoon because it will increase your focus. Also, if you want to reduce sleep disturbances, anxiety, and insomnia, the long exhale breathing exercise will do the trick.


If You’re Looking For An Honest Review of Android 5.0 Lollipop, You Can’t Miss This

Android 5.0 also known as Lollipop has been around for quite some time and they have actually reached 5.1.1 on the newest devices. The 5.0 version was launched together with the Nexus 6 device manufactured by Motorola. So, what cool features did Lollipop bring to the Android OS? And more important, what are the cons of 5.0? Keep reading and you will find out.


Bad news for low end devices

As the guys from TechRadar say, this new version of Android seems to have made things worse in terms of performance. Those annoying issues were not fixed much. If your phone was generally slow and the apps kept crashing for no reason, the 5.0 didn’t help a lot. The previous version called KitKat was more suitable for low end users.

For example, if you had 1 GB of RAM together with a quad-core CPU, the system ran smoothly. It was generally believed that any performance issues were not due to the OS but to other things that the manufacturer or the user installed on the device. However, with the Lollipop low end phones and tablets experience some form of lag that didn’t previously exist.

As for those with high end devices, things move far from instantaneously. It’s true that the OS feels smooth overall but it is nowhere near the speed that most users expect when they pay so much on a smartphone or tablet.

Stylish makeover

The visual design is indeed a strong point of the Lollipop. Things are more personal and Android seems to slightly move away from their usual cold visuals. The most important change that Google made to the OS is the implementation of Material Design. Briefly, their goal is to make elements move and look as close to reality as possible. They want to make design elements move as if they were real.

Gradients were abandoned but shadows are used much more naturally than before. You could easily argue that the colors were quite childish in the previous versions. For Lollipop however, they use brighter colors that recreate reality.

The background color is modified too. We were all used to black background throughout the system, but you will now enjoy white backgrounds. Apart from this, the fonts seem to be larger but not at all bold. You could actually say that the letters are thinner than before. The homepages are more esthetic and you can see they abide to the principles of minimalism.


Lower end users were better off with the KitKat but there really is no choice when it comes to updating your OS. Apps are made according to the most recent Android versions and if you don’t keep up you will reach a point where the apps won’t work on your old version anymore.

The Lollipop 5.0 is more about visuals and design than improved performance. With each and every update the developers aim to reach that instantaneously movement everybody desires. I am sure that in the near future our speed standards will be met.

How to Get Your Own Portion of the Growing Internet Revenue

The fact that you can make big bucks on the internet is not a secret. According to Statista, in the US, ecommerce websites generate 5 times more income than they used to in 2002. Nowadays, buying and selling things on the internet, whether they are physical goods or services, has become a trend due to its countless advantages. Since there are so many opportunities to make money off it, why don’t you give it a try? Let’s see the options available.


Market your own products

There are numerous ways to make a profit out of selling your own products on the internet. Selling on eBay or setting up an online shop are the most popular alternatives. The former is very convenient for individuals who first make contact with transactions on the internet because you do not have to worry about finding customers on your own. EBay is a famous ecommerce platform which has its own traffic.

On the other hand, an online shop involves higher expenses and it’s time consuming. If you do not have any experience with web programming, you need to pay a specialized web developer to take care of everything. Also, you need to invest money in search engine optimization, professional looking product photos and marketing tactics. However, compared to physical stores, the costs are infinitely smaller.

Let’s suppose you have enough money and you are determined to start an online business. Before taking action, do some research on potential competitors as well as whether your product is able to fulfill the customer’s needs.


A recent study indicates that 53 million Americans freelance. It is really impressive that in such a short period of time freelancing became so popular. However, note that walking this path is only for hard working individuals who are willing to take risks. Most certainly at first you won’t be able to make a living out of freelancing. That’s why beginners shouldn’t ditch their day job.

When you have no experience, you are forced to work long hours for a small amount of money. After you get a few 5 stars feedbacks and your profile becomes more attractive to employers, you can take a shot at highly paid jobs. Freelancing leaves a lot of doors opened. If you are an avid traveller, working on the internet may bring you enough revenue to sustain a nomadic style of living. Basically, a digital nomad travels around the world and works in the same time.

Affiliate marketing

You don’t even have to sell your own products. There are plenty of companies interested in finding reliable affiliate marketers to promote their products. If you can reach a large audience with your content, affiliate marketing can become a significant source of income.

Provide your own services

Let’s say you are an English professor, but you are tired of this monotonous lifestyle. Based on a research conducted by Statista in 2015, English is the most spoken language in the world. There are lots of people out there interested in improving their skills. As a consequence, teaching English online may turn out to be very profitable.

Basically, if you are better than the average individual at something, you can sell your services online.


Blogging is an option worth considering by those who are creative. Posting engaging, innovative and relevant content regularly will help you build a loyal audience. Paid guest posting, banners and advertisements will bring constant revenue.


Twenty years ago, before the internet has made its way into our lives, making money so easily was not possible. As you can see, there are various ways to make money on the internet. Why not give it a shot? You got nothing to lose.

A Complete Guide To Help You Sleep Better

Did you have a busy day, but still find hard to have a better sleep? Well, this article will show you the complete guide on how to develop a habit that will lead to a better sleep.


Regular Sleep Schedule

Your body clock needs to know the right time to sleep and to wake up. You will feel energized and refreshed if you will keep a regular sleep schedule. You need to set a regular sleeping time. Choose the right time when you normally feel exhausted and your eyes are ready to let go. Along with setting a regular sleep time, you also need to have a regular wake up time. This will help you wake up even without the use of an alarm if your body clock gets a hang of it. Remember not to break this routine so that your body will be able to adapt to the routine.

If you ever experience a lost sleep, allot a time or a few minutes to make up for it. A daytime nap or power nap will do the trick. Do away with any distractions when you are about to take a nap so that your time won’t be cut short and you will be able to recharge your body.

Another factor that you will be facing is to fight the famous after-dinner drowsiness. You will normally feel drowsy after your dinner, but please, don’t give in. If you feel that you are slowly sleepy, find a way to stimulate yourself and avoid falling asleep. You can either watch a horror or funny movie, wash dishes, get your garments ready for tomorrow, or call a friend and chat for a while.

There are also ways on how to help improve your sleep and wake cycle. You can keep your brain on a balanced and healthy schedule and boost melatonin production.

Relaxation Routine

You can make your bedroom friendlier to sleep. Keep your room cool and free from clutters and other mess so that you will have the opportunity to relax. You also need to do away with the distractions and other noise that will distract you from having a good night’s sleep. If you have a hard time sleeping or relaxing, you can read a book or magazine, listen to soft music, take a warm bath, do some stretches, or make simple preparations for tomorrow. Instead of rolling back and forth on your bed, you might as well do something useful that will help you relax.

There are a lot of relaxation techniques that will help you improve your sleeping habits. You can do deep breathing, visualizing a peaceful scene or place, or have a progressive muscle relaxation.

Healthy Diet And Exercise

No one can ever deny the fact that a healthy diet coupled with an exercise routine can help you in so many ways. When you are having your dinner, always remember to stay away from heavy or big meals. You should also stay away from alcohol because it will only wake you up late at night or before your wake up time. If you get hungry before your sleep time, you can eat a sandwich, banana, granola with yogurt, or a cereal.

10 Easy Ways You May Not Know Which Make You Run Faster

Have you ever aspired to run faster? Do you even know that you can build up your natural speed? There are several ways on how to improve your distance and time. Here are some of the simple or easy ways to increase your performance.


Drink Your Water

Whether you work out for fun or you are getting in shape for a competition, water is always your best buddy. In whatever you do, it is always important not to forget to drink water because once you are dehydrated; your body will tend to lose energy.

Body Fueling

Just like any motor vehicle, what you need to do in order to speed up your performance is to fuel your body with sufficient food that can give you the right amount of energy. It is very important that you should harness certain amount of energy before you go for a long run. Focus more on eating protein and carbs. Protein will help in the buildup of your muscles, while carbs will be the responsible to fuel those muscles.


Cool Down Is Important

Cool down after you perform a strenuous workout is as important as your warm-up. Your workout routine should not stop until you have performed several cool down stretches. Cool down will help relieve your muscles from being tightened so that your body will be more prepared and ready for the next big thing. You can perform several stretches that can help improve you run faster. It is just a matter of right execution.

Coffee Instead

Before you take a run or have your work out, you can drink coffee to boost your energy. Try drinking a cup of coffee one hour before you get started. Aside from the fact that it will boost your energy, it will help you improve your endurance and can also build up your stamina and speed. There are researchers made that can prove that 2/3 of the total Olympic athletes drink coffee or use caffeine before they get into action to increase their performance.


While most people have this belief that yoga can affect or improve your body in so many ways, it is also believed by some that it can be very beneficial for runners. Performing a regular yoga will help relax the muscles of your body, especially in the areas of your shoulders. It will also relieve you from any back pain and hip tightness.

Using Of Foam Roll

If you are taking a run regularly, you will surely notice that the muscles of your legs are often sore or tight. In order to loosen those leg muscles and to remove that tight feeling, you can use the foam roll to massage your leg muscles.


When you want to run faster, constant stretching before you go for a run will do the trick. Stretching can help every runner improve his speed because it can improve his overall strength and flexibility.


Avoid Injuries

You must always bear in mind that when you are running regularly, your senses should be alive and active so as to avoid any possible injuries. Stretching and other warm-up exercises can protect you from unpredictable injury and will definitely lead you away to an injury prone area.

Cross Training

In order to improve your quads, core, and upper body, you need to perform cross training because it will improve your overall strength. You can do cycling. Riding a stationary bicycle will improve the strength and endurance of runners, thus, helps in the increase of speed.


A good night’s sleep is one of the most important ways to improve your running capacity. Sleep can boost your energy. You have to aim for a 7 – 9 hours of sleep. Experts would even argue that lucid dreaming can very much help you to run faster than your usual pace.

6 Things Terrible Bosses Do That Make Their Talented Employees Quit

You were hired at your dream company. You are so enthusiastic about the first day doing what you have always wanted to. However, things don’t turn out to be as expected. Your new boss is tyrant.

Studies have proven that a wide range of talented employees, from construction engineers to accountants, quit their jobs because of bad bosses. A tense, unfriendly atmosphere is connected to high stress levels, low productivity and frequent mistakes. Nobody wants to destroy his physical and mental health due to working in a hostile environment. But what does exactly a terrible boss do that determines talented employees to quit?



A horrible boss will always have a negative attitude and will focus on one’s mistakes. This is a very common approach among individuals who manage small teams. Every single human being makes mistakes, so the bosses shouldn’t be too hard on those who make them.

Destructive criticism leads to a drop in motivation and causes frustration among employees. This generates an acute desire to start looking for a new job.


Most bosses confound employees with robots. Workers need to take a short break every two hours in order to be productive. Even the most talented people will eventually burn out and will lose creativity and ingenuity. In some cases, it doesn’t matter that an increased workload brings a higher salary because too much work will eventually break one down.

Some bosses are so obsessed with exhausting employees that they tell them “next time you get sick notify me three days in advance”. What other option does the worker have besides walking out the door and never returning?

They diminish workers’ creativity

What makes a talented person a talented person? His ability to come up with ingenious and efficient solutions to different problems. When someone who is eager to make drastic changes in order to improve even the smallest imperfection is forced to accept the existing state of affairs, he develops an aversion to his job.

They hire the wrong people

We all know how frustrating nepotism in the work place is. Hiring relatives, friends or individuals who are not qualified for a specific job will only put a lot of pressure on those good employees who know their job very well.

A competent boss will only hire talented employees. When you put many capable individuals in the same room, revolutionary ideas might emerge.

They do not appreciate good work

Terrible bosses lack empathy. It’s naturally for someone who has put a lot of effort into a project to want to be rewarded and have his hard work recognized. A state of happiness is installed in the office after everyone is appreciated for doing his job well.

They can’t keep their word

Good bosses are famous for their honesty. A talented employee is trustworthy, so he expects integrity from his boss. When his superior doesn’t honor his commitments, he has more than enough reasons to quit the job. Therefore, the relationship between the boss and his subordinates should be characterized by righteousness and trust.

5 Things You Need To Know About Windows 10

Microsoft 10 is the next big thing. It is the latest version of Microsoft’s iconic operating system. Every individual can install it on all sorts of digital devices. Since it is a unified version made by Windows, it can be tailored on all devices like tablets, PCs, and smartphones. After the sneak peek of this version, here are the 5 things you need to know about Windows 10.


Futuristic View Of Windows 10

Windows 10 attempts to give Windows the future it deserves. Because of the Windows 8 flawed launching in 2012, a perennial situation of damage control has tainted its good reputation. Now, Windows 10 will serve its consumers with the best features that will suit every need and concern. The CIO was repelled by Windows 8 along with its touch screen optimized UI. Even its alternative and traditional interface which was made part of the running legacy Windows application was repelled. In 2014, the IDC’s preliminary tools showed a result that around 732 copies million copies were installed worldwide in the business community. For Windows XP, it is around 157 million. About 28 million for Windows Vista and 35 million for Windows 8 copies installed.

With the existence of Windows 10, Microsoft has tackled different UI issues which have tainted its good reputation. While the traditional UI acts and looks like Windows 7, its touch optimized UI is pretty much intuitive. Windows 10 has pursued the vision to make it more adaptive so that it may be applicable to laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Exceptional Security Features


Windows 10 made it possible for enterprises to secure their work because of the security features present. It has improvements on access control, threat resistance, information protection, as well as, identity protection. In matters on access control, the exquisite Windows 10 has a two-factor authentication. With this 2-factor authentication, several malicious hackers must have the capacity to control 2 pieces of information so that it can break into the system. Certain pieces of information are codes or passwords which are sent to the device of the user such as a smartphone.

When it comes to information protection, this latest version has a data loss prevention (DLP) technology made available so that it can distinguish between a corporate or personal data. Email, data, corporate applications, and other sensitive information can be automatically be encrypted by Windows 10 to both your mobile device and desktop.

Application Platform

Windows 10 has a universal app platform so that it can run on several devices supported by the operating system such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktop PCs, internet thing wires, and Xbox console. The user will have a lot of easy time on creating applications, tools, and other integration without the presence of re-writing it from scratch in order to apply to different devices.

It Will Always Surprise You


Windows 10 can bring you a lot of surprises. Since the priority or the main goal of Microsoft in the making of Windows 10 is to reverse the missteps in the launching of Windows 8, the former gives every user the opportunity to experience Hologram technology, Cortana, and two browsers.

It Just Looks Good

Windows 10 was made to perform with brilliant specific custom and commercial applications and hardware devices. A group of people within the Information Technology Department at L.A. Fitness has been testing Windows 10 and, fortunately, did not find or was not able to identify any problematic concerns or issues.

With regards to hologram technology, it was made possible to create 3D apps with the use of HaloLens. When it comes to Cortana, which is the Microsoft’s answer to the famous Apple’s Siri, users can interact with their computers or applications via voice commands.