Why Timing Is Everything in Sales


Sales timing can be made easier if you just put your head in the game. According to Yogi Berra, “You don’t have to swing hard to hit a home run. If you got the timing, it’ll go.” In the business industry, you have to consider this question, “Are they ready to buy?” You need to determine whether or not your product is sold at the right time and at the right place. Thus, it is always important that if you want your sales to be stable, you must have items or products which are saleable all throughout the year. You don’t need to run after your customers, you just have to determine the perfect timing to sell your merchandise.


Nothing makes your marketing harder than when you are conversing with your customers or clients who are not ready or up to the idea of buying what you are selling. The question now is, “How will you know that they are not ready to buy your product?” Well, customers will not buy what you are selling if they are not aware of a need to purchase your product. Imagine that you are selling home alarm systems. Think about the individuals you would like or prefer to sell your product to because they are the ones who will be able to recognize the need to purchase a home alarm system. You can even prefer homeowners whose house had just been robbed or someone in the neighborhood who has close experience to robbery and other trespassing incidents. I will bet that a person, who can recognize the need towards the product you are selling, even though it is kind of too late, will buy or purchase the product you are selling.


What dictates your selling strategy is the ability to be aware of the concerns and needs of our customers. Your top priority is to help a customer become aware or recognize the need your product can offer. The strategy you would implement is simply to educate your customers with the lack of awareness when it comes to security needs. You can even ask about your customer’s needs for a peace of mind that they will feel secured with your home alarm system, even at times when they have their children alone at their house. You can even show prospects of police statistics when it comes to the security of their neighborhood just to make them aware of any possibility.


Can They Buy It?


Aside from timing, you should be able to determine whether your customer has the capacity to buy your product. There will always come a time that your prospects will not be able to purchase your product since they do not have the capacity to buy it. If they just purchased from a competitor, there is a great possibility that they will no longer be willing to make the same mistake they had when they purchase a product that is somehow similar to what you are selling; some may even have objections.


You can never deny the fact that missing a sale is pretty much worse than not having any sale at all. You need to strategize your approach when it comes to your customers. Assess their personalities and let them hear what they want to hear.




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