The Tech Gearhead’s Go Anywhere Bag

Different people need different types of bags to carry possibly different items in accordance to their needs. Girls tend to carry a smaller but more trendy and chic bags compared to guys who just like to carry plain old backpacks to suit their needs. Girls also tend to carry more trivial and light items in their bags, which may include a hand sanitizer, a pack of tissue and a small mirror. Nevertheless, sometimes people just need to carry a bunch of high-tech things and gadgets in their bag, and this is the case of Chris Vega who needs to bring everything that he needs for his Information Security job.


Started up with a brown Rough Rider Messenger Bag with a red accent on it, Vega managed to put a whole bunch of items in a neat and organized fashion all into his bag. Considerably fashionable for a guy since he opted to carry a messenger bag instead of a backpack, he carries a Nook Glowlight for convenient reading experience, as well as an iPhone 6 and Nintendo 3DS to accompany him during his free time. Not only the Nintendo 3DS, but he remarkably also managed to bring his Playstation Vita in the very same Rough Rider Messenger Bag complete with its slip cover.

Being a total tech-savvy individual, Vega also brings with him his Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet along with its sleeve case and stylus. Completing it with a Seagate 500GB USB 3.0 drive with cable as well as an Anker Battery, Vega still managed to carry small miscellaneous items in his gear pouch probably to keep it organized and well-managed. The gear pouch basically carries everything from all his tiny technology related goods such as cables, hubs and adapters to his daily needs such as cigars, Zippo lighter, eyedrops, chapstick, pill tins with medicines in it, bandaids and moist wipes. It is actually neat and practical instead of having everything scattered here and there in a bigger bag.

Moving on to the not so tech-savvy stuffs, he also carries a Kind & Strong Thai Sweet Chili Protein Bar for an unexpected hunger strike. He also carries a steel comb in leather sheath for after lunch touch ups as well as a Moleskine notebook with a few pens in hand in case he needs something to be handwritten. In addition, a Mpow Wolverine Bluetooth Earbuds as well as a pair of Amazon Basics Earbuds for listening to his favorite songs, a lightning cable, and a wooden business card holder as well as passport for unanticipated self-introductory moments.

Last but not least, having a great go bag with a remarkable organization inside can give you the chance to be featured online. So if you think you have a great chance of catching the crowd’s attention, do not forget to add it into the Flickr group with relevant information about your bag, the things that you put in it as well as other details which may be relevant with regards to making it totally awesome.



Strength Training Really Does Help Your Running

Got to Go Fast! Got to Go Faster! Faster! So you want to be a runner? Do you want to Feel the rush of running wild on the tracks and feel the wind gushing down your face? Well then your old buddy Zeal Howen here is going to teach you how, While it is true that this is the feeling every athlete on the field yearns to experience there are different factors to be considered in your training, and if you’re trying your best to be a high-speed runner, weightlifting workouts might looks as if a bit of wasted time. Luckily, a recent study shows that focusing on strength related training gives you that extra mile in running.


Research shows that runners who have added strength training to their running, after training for five weeks or more, those who have undergone strength training were able to sprint the same speed while using only 3-4% of less oxygen in their system. Or, to put it simply, the runners could run a minute faster on tract for the same amount of effort. Their bodies “running economy” had significantly increased throughout the process.

Well here’s another bit of excellent news from the analysis of the research: it showed that the strength exercises didn’t have to be too cruel. The amounts of weights used need not to be that heavy, you could use weights from low to moderate, it did not need some tiresome lifting “to failure,” a process which when you lift weights until your body bugs down.

Strength Training for Running Athletes

Research shows that resistance training has “great, beneficial effect” on effective runners.

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research published a data that came from researchers across Spain and Greece in their several previous experiments. They went through hundreds and hundreds of studies to find those satisfying criteria where in:

  • The volunteers had to be cutthroat middle- to long-distance sprint runners;
  • Runners had to poses a VO2 max ( runners speed ) of at least 60 mL/kg/min, in which shows a soaring level of hard training and incredible ability;
  • The data were reviewed by experts and it integrated a control group which did no strength training or resistance training for comparison;
  • The program would at the least last four weeks long of intensive training; and
  • The Running economy must be measured prior and after the training period.

The experiment ended up with five studies achieving those standards, and with a lot of 93 viable runners. And the majority of the results were outstanding: “A large, beneficial effect” of power training on the running economy, equivalent to an average development of 2.32 mL/kg/min in a participants running economy.

So what was the uniqueness of each strength training experiments in these five studies shown? Well they were quite diverse, but all held on between 8 and 12 weeks, which included 2 to 3 sessions per week. In each strength training conducted None of the studies drawn in lifting to failure; and in fact, 4 of them used the “low to moderate” weight training.

Well then does this offer the final answer about whether or not runners should engage in weight training? The answer is… It’s still not rather that simple.

At the end of the scale, if you’re by now running as extremely as your body can handle, it does look like a no-brainer move, as the authors note, in a survey of 2008 the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials participants found that almost half of the participants did no strength training, the result of which is that most of the others didn’t do well.

As an alternative of focusing only on running economy, the profit of strength training for ordinary runners may have extra factors like avoiding injury, where the data is once again insufficient and mixed at best. In general, health, especially with relation to age-related factors like muscle loss is also worth taking into consideration.

So finally can strength training make you go faster, faster, better, stronger? Well as promised the study reveals that the answer is a definitely “Yes.”


How Giving Up Sugar For Lent Affects Your Brain

If you are a Catholic, you will most likely know what Lent is all about. Known as ‘quaresima’ in Italian, ‘cuaresma’ in Spanish as well as ‘careme’ in French, Lent itself is derived from the Anglo-Saxon early English language which means to ‘lengthen’. For non-Catholics who are not aware of what ‘Lent’ may mean, it is a solemn religious practice where a Catholic should abstain from something of their choosing (usually their favorite foods) and it is done around six weeks prior to Easter.


Since the majority of people in the world are addicted to sugar, abstaining from it for the period of around 40 days for Lent will be an extremely arduous and difficult journey. Excessive consumption of sugar leads to weight gain, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure as well as cholesterol level, and if it were to be reversed, below are the effects of abstaining from sugar for a long period of time:

Mood Swings

Similar to other things that are contained in your food, sugar affects the chemicals in your brain which help you to function properly. One of the chemicals that will be released after you consume sugary foods is called dopamine. Dopamine helps to control the brain’s reward and pleasure system, as well as regulating emotional responses. For his reason, it is really foreseeable that once you take all your sugary food away, less and less dopamine will be produced in your brain, leaving you “rewardless” and unhappy. Withdrawing from sugar will cause similar effect to withdrawing from drugs, which may include physical symptoms if it is of severe condition. But as time goes by, the mood swings will stabilize and it will be replaced by mood and mental clarity.

Fatigue and Tiredness

As you give up instant supply of your blood sugar, your insulin count may be a little bit low and as a result, you will experience fatigue and tiredness. Sugar actually provides people with a short-term energy boost, or otherwise known as the “sugar rush”. The body is programmed to obtain energy from sugar, and it needs to adjust once the sugar supply has been stopped. Hence for this reason, it is really possible for people to experience symptoms like fatigue and lethargy during the first weeks of their sugar free journey. In some severe cases, withdrawing from sugar can also cause symptoms which are similar to getting a cold.


Giving up sugar will cause the body to flush out toxins, and this detoxification process can cause headaches for some people because the body is trying to issue a warning to consume sugar as soon as possible. People have also reported the symptom of dizziness after they stop consuming sugar, but this typically affects people who are more sensitive to bodily changes. Such change in the body can also cause tension because the body system does not function normally, but this symptom will alleviate gradually.

Sleeping Pattern Changes

Withdrawing from sugar can cause someone to be moody, tired, lethargic and dizzy. These symptoms can also affect someone’s sleeping pattern, because the energy level drops in the beginning where the brain is forced to function differently. In spite of that, once the body has been accustomed to the absence of sugar, it is reported that someone will actually experience an improved sleep experience since toxins from the brain are flushed out, where additionally the insulin level is finally balanced with the amount of existing blood sugar. A positive result of such sleeping pattern changes would be a more natural and refreshing waking up experience.



How Social Media Marketing Can Make or Break Your Business

A lot of businesses are still hesitant in getting too involved with social media, because they are afraid that if social media marketing is not done correctly it will actually break the business instead of making it grow. Some people, especially from the older generations, see Facebook and Twitter updates as things that are rather trivial and annoying. In social media people can also post their bad experiences that they have had in using your products or services, and for reasons like these many businesses fail to recognize that social media’s extreme influence in basically communicating with their customers. However, here are a few points which you may want to ponder upon in deciding whether or not you should use social media marketing for your business:


Social Media Is Essentially Aimed To Support Your Business

If you think about it social media is really aimed to support your business with a lot of different features that social media platforms are currently offering. Ranging from Twitter for Business to Facebook Fanpage for businesses, social media can help turn new businesses into a big one with thousands or even millions of dollars of income annually if the owners comprehend its full potential to increase sales. Twitter for Business offers extra media features such as video and interactive business cards in which you can reach out to a larger number of potential customers rather than just sending your flyers through the courier service.

Social Media Is Relatively Low-Cost

Marketing through social media is relatively low-cost because all you need will be your gadget and a stable internet connection. It is considered as an economical yet prolific way to expand your business as long as you really pay attention to the necessary elements of marketing, which include listening, marketing, funding, service and profits. These basic marketing elements can be conjoined with social media marketing to create an optimal result, because it basically is just direct marketing with an easier and more instant platform for you to communicate with your customers.

Social Media Provides Instant Offers and Response

Social media marketing revolves around things that are done at a very fast pace. Advertisements can change within a blink of an eye in social media, whereas it is much more instantaneous compared to having your advertisement to be placed in magazine spreads. This can be tricky because in other words, you really need to figure out the perfect timing to place your products or services or else it will not reach as many people as it optimally should.

Social Media Can Reach a Wide Range of Audiences

Social media can also help a business to grow through reaching a wider audience because it is not limited by geographical barriers. It provides a media for much better and much faster communication, in which you can target not only young people but also older generations in a certain specific location range if you want. However in doing this, be mindful that you should also communicate with a certain group in accordance with the cultures, ethics and set of norms or else it will just be a huge marketing failure.

Without Social Media, You Will Not Survive

Abstaining from social media usage is not really an option if you want to survive the current digital world where every information spreads very quickly through the Internet. Social media generally helps your business to be better instead of damaging it, so avoiding the usage of social media for your business actually gives you more harm than good. You will be able to save up on marketing budgets as well as hiring less marketing staffs if you can utilize social media as an integral part of your marketing strategy in the right manner.


Instagram Starts Rolling Out Two-Factor Authentication

Instagram continues to grow in popularity and is becoming more used than some of the other social media. It has become a playground for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars while making some stars all on its own. Instagram is starting to be used as a social media for both connecting with people and advertising business. Instagram makes it easy to share fun pictures from your everyday life and people can like, repost and comment on them. It’s a basic layout and isn’t as involved as Facebook, but not as uninvolved as Twitter. That’s why a lot of people like using it the best. It is another social media that is prone to being hacked and that’s where the new two-factor authentication is going to come into play.


Two – Step Security

The two-step authentication is going to allow users to verify that an account is theirs with a phone number and then they can use that number each time they log on to prove it’s them. When you open the app you will be able to sign in with your account information but you will also get a text message that will give you the code you need to log all the way in. This is going to change the security of Instagram accounts and make a lot of people feel safer about getting hacked.

Every time you sign into your Instagram you will have to go through this extra step meaning if someone else does they won’t be able to get into your account. Hackers can do everything from post unflattering pictures of you to pictures that are vulgar and threatening to other people. If someone has hacked into your Instagram, then you might not know until a few strange things have started going up on your account. There are also spammers who have simply hacked your account to try and sell things through affiliate links and programs.

Tips to Keeping your Instagram Secure

Don’t give your password away to someone who has access to your phone or you don’t trust. A harmless sign in on someone else’s phone or getting a friend to post something for you could turn out bad. You want to log out when you use another computer than just your own. If a computer is shared, then you should log out before leaving. Keep a good password with letters and symbols. Make sure your email is secure and sign out of it too. When people can read your email they will have access to your Instagram account. Stay safe by not sharing personal information or pictures of where you live on Instagram, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to those types of things.

While the new authentication system will keep some of those things from being an issue, it’s still important to practice some precaution when it comes to your Instagram account. There hasn’t been word from Instagram on when the update will go live, but it’s coming very soon.

Five Steps that Make It Easier to Skim Through Non-Fiction Books


It is pretty common to most people that when they are reading a non-fiction book, whether it is for fun or for school, skimming or going through those texts quickly is normally made. The reason for this is that most non-fiction books are not usually structured like that of fiction books. According to Harvard Business Review, it pointed out that it is much easier to skim a non-fiction book if you want to. Below are some of the suggestions determined by the Harvard Business Review (HBR), specifically according to Professor Jimenez, in order to make things easier every time you skim through this type of books? The basic step here is just to skim or run through the non-fiction book with the intention on what you want to read. Although you won’t be getting as much information as you can, at least, you will have some glimpse at the pieces of information you skim through. Skimming through it is also a good way to experience that cruise through the book.


Here are the 5 steps you can use so as to easily skim through the book.


Begin With The Author


Whatever you want to do when reading your book, the first thing you should do is to begin with the author. You must know the person behind the book. Who wrote the book? What is his or her biography? How did he come up with this book? If you have the opportunity to get some information on the brief interview or some article online with regards to the bio of the author, you can read it quickly. Aside from knowing the author, you will be able to know the author’s perspective and whether or not he is bias. Also, some books provide a little biography of the author, just run through this page and proceed to your intention.


Title, Subtitle, Table Of Contents, Front Flap


In reading a book, you should never forget to read the title, subtitle, table of contents, and front flap of the book. It is through this means wherein you will figure out whether the book is really what you are looking for. It will give you a big picture with regards to the argument and contents of the book. All of the contents that you will be reading will be laid out, summarily, by the table of contents.


Introduction And Conclusion


Aside from the title, subtitle, and table of contents, the introduction and conclusion is also an important part of the book. This is where the author makes his opening, as well as, closing argument, bias, perspective of the book. You will be getting a little information about what the book is. You can read the introduction and conclusion word for word, just make sure not to spend most of your time analyzing it.


Skim Through The Chapters


After reading quickly the introduction and conclusion of the book, you can now proceed to skimming through the chapters of the book. Simply read the title of every chapter so that you will have a glimpse at what it is about. Then, read a few of the first pages so as to figure out how the author of the non-fiction book wants to use the chapter. By doing this, you will be able to know where this chapter fits in the argument of the book.


End With The ToC


Just as you finish skimming through the chapters of the book, you should always bear in mind to go back to the table of contents. It will help you summarize and recall everything you have skimmed.


Remember these 5 steps, especially when you are in a hurry or have little time to run through the contents of the books.




How to Know If You’re Being Ambitious With Your Career or Just Impatient

Each one of us wants to be a successful person, both in personal and financial fronts. However, we all are made different. A lot of people who are seriously ambitious and who have high achievement on their minds are always seeking personal challenges and responsibilities. They work diligently at these challenges, realizing the need to be efficient to accomplish their tasks. Their colleagues refer to them as ‘sheer hard tenacious workers, and with the ability to pace themselves’. The impatient person looks upon the hard worker as foolish because the road to success through hard work is too long and tedious for them. They also want to receive continual feedback of their successes, becoming frustrated and disillusioned if they don’t.


Many younger people today want to earn as much money as their seniors in the workplace and don’t want to hear anything about starting at the bottom. They have unrealistic ideas about how to go about climbing the industry ladder, saying that if the job doesn’t deliver soon, they’re out of there.

Ambition and Goal Setting are Good Things

There is nothing wrong with being ambitious – it’s a good thing to have goals, but some people aren’t prepared to work hard to achieve anything – they want to get to the top quickly and with little effort. They look for promotion after being with the company for just one month. Impatient people often don’t possess social graces either, and without any holding back, they constantly bombard their supervisors or managers about when it’s their turn for advancement. If somebody else gets the advancement they want, they respond by swearing at their colleagues and refusing to work.

Impatience Doesn’t Believe in Effort
Anybody who is ambitious is willing to put in a real effort – to work late hours, to learn something new in the office so that they have the experience and qualifications for the promotion they so badly want. They know that specialized knowledge in ones field is important to get ahead. The ambitious person relies on their own resources and abilities, and they have the gumption to take action to get things moving in their life. Impatient people often start learning something new and try to speed up the process because it’s too hard going and then they inevitably abandon their goal.

Make the Most of Yourself by Changing

There are a number of factors which influence success in the workplace, and leadership, relationships with others, creativity and hard work are just some. Impatience, demand, rudeness and the inability to settle down to hard work are things that stand out with the impatient person. Chances are they will never succeed.

You can say that there are success personalities in the workplace – people who have a winning combination of traits that lead to achievement, and if you’re impatient, but want to change, ambition and common sense can be cultivated.