The Tech Gearhead’s Go Anywhere Bag

Different people need different types of bags to carry possibly different items in accordance to their needs. Girls tend to carry a smaller but more trendy and chic bags compared to guys who just like to carry plain old backpacks to suit their needs. Girls also tend to carry more trivial and light items in their bags, which may include a hand sanitizer, a pack of tissue and a small mirror. Nevertheless, sometimes people just need to carry a bunch of high-tech things and gadgets in their bag, and this is the case of Chris Vega who needs to bring everything that he needs for his Information Security job.


Started up with a brown Rough Rider Messenger Bag with a red accent on it, Vega managed to put a whole bunch of items in a neat and organized fashion all into his bag. Considerably fashionable for a guy since he opted to carry a messenger bag instead of a backpack, he carries a Nook Glowlight for convenient reading experience, as well as an iPhone 6 and Nintendo 3DS to accompany him during his free time. Not only the Nintendo 3DS, but he remarkably also managed to bring his Playstation Vita in the very same Rough Rider Messenger Bag complete with its slip cover.

Being a total tech-savvy individual, Vega also brings with him his Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet along with its sleeve case and stylus. Completing it with a Seagate 500GB USB 3.0 drive with cable as well as an Anker Battery, Vega still managed to carry small miscellaneous items in his gear pouch probably to keep it organized and well-managed. The gear pouch basically carries everything from all his tiny technology related goods such as cables, hubs and adapters to his daily needs such as cigars, Zippo lighter, eyedrops, chapstick, pill tins with medicines in it, bandaids and moist wipes. It is actually neat and practical instead of having everything scattered here and there in a bigger bag.

Moving on to the not so tech-savvy stuffs, he also carries a Kind & Strong Thai Sweet Chili Protein Bar for an unexpected hunger strike. He also carries a steel comb in leather sheath for after lunch touch ups as well as a Moleskine notebook with a few pens in hand in case he needs something to be handwritten. In addition, a Mpow Wolverine Bluetooth Earbuds as well as a pair of Amazon Basics Earbuds for listening to his favorite songs, a lightning cable, and a wooden business card holder as well as passport for unanticipated self-introductory moments.

Last but not least, having a great go bag with a remarkable organization inside can give you the chance to be featured online. So if you think you have a great chance of catching the crowd’s attention, do not forget to add it into the Flickr group with relevant information about your bag, the things that you put in it as well as other details which may be relevant with regards to making it totally awesome.



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