Instagram Starts Rolling Out Two-Factor Authentication

Instagram continues to grow in popularity and is becoming more used than some of the other social media. It has become a playground for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars while making some stars all on its own. Instagram is starting to be used as a social media for both connecting with people and advertising business. Instagram makes it easy to share fun pictures from your everyday life and people can like, repost and comment on them. It’s a basic layout and isn’t as involved as Facebook, but not as uninvolved as Twitter. That’s why a lot of people like using it the best. It is another social media that is prone to being hacked and that’s where the new two-factor authentication is going to come into play.


Two – Step Security

The two-step authentication is going to allow users to verify that an account is theirs with a phone number and then they can use that number each time they log on to prove it’s them. When you open the app you will be able to sign in with your account information but you will also get a text message that will give you the code you need to log all the way in. This is going to change the security of Instagram accounts and make a lot of people feel safer about getting hacked.

Every time you sign into your Instagram you will have to go through this extra step meaning if someone else does they won’t be able to get into your account. Hackers can do everything from post unflattering pictures of you to pictures that are vulgar and threatening to other people. If someone has hacked into your Instagram, then you might not know until a few strange things have started going up on your account. There are also spammers who have simply hacked your account to try and sell things through affiliate links and programs.

Tips to Keeping your Instagram Secure

Don’t give your password away to someone who has access to your phone or you don’t trust. A harmless sign in on someone else’s phone or getting a friend to post something for you could turn out bad. You want to log out when you use another computer than just your own. If a computer is shared, then you should log out before leaving. Keep a good password with letters and symbols. Make sure your email is secure and sign out of it too. When people can read your email they will have access to your Instagram account. Stay safe by not sharing personal information or pictures of where you live on Instagram, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to those types of things.

While the new authentication system will keep some of those things from being an issue, it’s still important to practice some precaution when it comes to your Instagram account. There hasn’t been word from Instagram on when the update will go live, but it’s coming very soon.

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