Get More Comfortable Being Yourself at Work With Daily Pilots


You already know how to tell jokes to impress your work companions but what happens when someone tell you that you possess the joke-telling talent of a pea? If you get angry, these same people may well look at you as the joke. They’ll say you’re showing over-sensitivity or a poor sense of humor. When mortified, most people get angry and even end up becoming red in the face and stammering, so how do you get more comfortable being yourself at work, staying logical and taking charge of any situation?


You can try a different approach maybe, and instead of cracking weak jokes you might want to start being friendly and learning everyone’s names. You may come across as being approachable, nice and friendly to a select few, but others around you may be repelled, seeing your niceness as being manipulative or as a means to gain favors from certain people. Daily pilots in this area may well be self-defeating and the response you get may be so hostile to you as to make it that you get less done and are less creative.

Put a Halt on Your Daily Tests

If the response was neutral or even negative, you may even want to put a halt on your tests, because if being nice evokes such a negative response, what is next? Maybe it’s time to stop measuring your worth against the responses of those around you. Yes, without any attempts to get off your chair and get yourself known, you might just be seen as a mediocre blob taking up space in the office. Nobody wants to be less than average even, but what is the price you have to pay to be noticed and accepted?


You’ll Create Your Own Stress

The truth is that you may so paralyzed by testing the people around you to see where you can fit in with them, that your productivity becomes less than that of the people around you. A compulsive desire to fit in with the people around you is unhealthy, and may produce anxiety and stress in you which can be self-defeating, and you certainly don’t want that to happen.

‘I’ll never get this right’, ‘I shouldn’t have done that’ are what you’ll be telling yourself throughout the day. If you’re spending your day with daily pilots on what kind of behavior you believe you should be portraying to gain favor with your colleagues, you’re wasting precious time. Be yourself, you’ll never be relaxed trying to be what you think others want you to be, and remember, doesn’t matter how hard you try, you can never please everyone around you, no matter what.

Constantly testing the moods of the people around you will rob you of enjoying your work day to the fullest. Allow yourself the right to be yourself – you’ll be a far happier and more productive person.


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