Designate a ‘Hurry up and Eat’ shelf in your Kitchen to Avoid Food Waste

‘Hurry up and Eat’ shelf is a simple place where you place all your about to expire food so that you can consume before they hit the expiry date. Food wastage has slowly become a global concern. About 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted annualy. This represents about a third of food produced, which equates to over 750 billion. The worst part of this wastage is that approximately 800 million people sleep hungry each night. The Environmental impact of food wastage is staggering since about a quarter of the land under agriculture will grow food that nobody will eat.


Most of the food wastage in developing countries result from cold chain in production stage and distribution partners. In upper and middle-income countries, half of the wastage crops up from consumers. In most instance the ‘Use by’, ‘display until’ and ‘best before’ are the primary cause of this wastage. Nobody is willing to consume anything, which has already expired, even though it has been argued that it is still edible and will have no health implication. The best way of avoiding all these is by use of a hurry up and Eat shelf.

Your Hurry up and eat rack will hold all foods and cooking ingratiates which are about to expire. The rack should be located close to the fridge or pantry for close monitoring. Apart from its convenient location, you should have a daily visual reminder of stuff that is about to expire. The main idea behind Hurry up and eat shelf is that most foods expire because they are scattered across the fridge and pantry, making it impossible to identify them on time.

With, your hurry up and eat shelf ready, you should sign up for SuperCook services. It is a free service, which gives you the ability to enter content in your hurry up and eat shelf, and generates a recipe for what you can cook using ingredients on your shelf. It assumes you have the basic, which include pepper, salt, and provides you with a list of potential recipes. At times, not all your ingredients on the shelf might be enough prompting you to add few additional items. This service will give you recipes for starters, entrées, and desserts. SuperCook can also focus on particular items on your shelf. For instance chicken.

With a hurry up and eat shelf and SuperCook no excuses can suffice for food expiring on your shelf. Currently different organizations and governments are waging war against food wastages. Manufacturers have particularly been hit hard with the claim that they should clearly explain what expiry labeling means. Governments in most cases have no law regarding date labels on food products except on infant formula. Due to lack of insight, federal oversight regulates the use of labels in a variety of ways only causing more confusion. This inconsistency has resulted in consumer discarding food, which is perfectly safe to sell or eat

Regardless of whether food, which has expired, is safe or not, you can just avoid all this using your hurry up and eat shelf. Successful reduction of food wastage will only stream from individual efforts on a global scale.






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