Find Better Amazon Deals By Checking Out What Other Shoppers Bought

Products in Amazon normally possess lower prices compared to others. There are times that bigger deals have been made without even featuring it in the Amazon search results. Ever wondering if there is an easy way on finding these hidden deals? Well, there is one easy way. In looking for hidden deals or items on Amazon, you need to know or learn how to see what other people purchase in the website.


When you are doing some research on Amazon on certain model or specific brand, you should always bear in mind not to trust Amazon’s search results because it will not help you save your money.


According to Kyle James on Rather Be Shopping, whenever you are making certain searches, one of the most hidden way to learn how to save when you shop on Amazon is that you should always dig through the minute details, especially when it comes to the purchases of other shoppers. You should always browse through the “Sponsored Products Related To This Item” and “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” carousels which are normally found on the page on individual products. There will be times when you will find cheaper models which is of the same or exact replica of the original item, it is either sold by the actual manufacturer of the product itself or by a third party.


Below are other ways which James considers to be effective when you want to save cash on Amazon.




In checking out the different purchases that other online shoppers make, you will have find out that Amazon gives you the opportunity to avail of its coupons. These coupons have offers on electronics. Automotive, books, baby, kitchen, home, pet supplies, lawn and garden supplies, toys, tools and home improvements, sporting goods, and other offers.


Double Browser Trick


Since Amazon had made certain efforts on the recoupment of the 2-day shipping costs of its products, it has been widely known to charge its non-members less compared to its Prime members. When you are a Prime member in the Amazon world, it is recommended that you should use a double Internet browser trick in order to determine whether you are paying more for the product you are purchasing or not.


“Add-On Items”


To all those Prime member, you have already noticed by now that Amazon has improved its features when it comes to using its “Add-On Items”. Thus, you should know, learn, and master the “Add-On Items” process. What you should do is to add up all of your add-on products into your so-called “Amazon Shopping List” and try to purchase products when your list have already reach the amount of $25.




Another way to save your cash when purchasing in Amazon is to trade-in your stuffs for a gift card, especially when it is unwanted or of no use to you. Yes! Amazon has a Trade-In program and this is a good way to offset your purchases in the long run. The best part here is that the trade-in program will automatically go through your past orders or purchases and give you an idea on the items which should be worth purchasing.


7-Day Price Protection


Amazon has allows a shopper a 7-day period protection on the price after he receives the product. This is only applicable when you start a simple chat session so that you can politely explain to the Amazon chat rep that the item has decreased in price when you purchased the product. Amazon will immediately refund the price difference you have incurred. Another requirement is that the product you have purchased should be from the Amazon itself and not from any 3rd party seller.






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