Everything I Learned About Relationships by Sucking at Dating


No person wants to think that they suck at dating. Most especially, no one wants to think that he is the bad one in an ended relationship. To your advantage, I have made a lot of mistakes which are too many just to ignore and not share it with the whole world. Here are a few lessons which you can use in order to avoid those failed relationships.


Jealousy Is A Big No-No


Feeling jealous says more about yourself rather than the person you are dating. Being jealous at someone or something will only lead to insecurity and insecurity will lead to a doom relationship. When you are jealous, what you need to do is to dig in and look for the possible ways on why you jealous. Once you discover it, you will learn that you fear something. You need to correct and find a solution to do away with that jealousy by using your fear.


Bring Something To the Table


Give more emphasis on yourself by taking interest on things you love. Enhance your talent and read through articles that will help you gain more knowledge so that you have something to share to your partner when you go out on a date. You also have to remember to dress better. Appearance plays a great role in dating since most people look first on your appearance before truly getting to know you. No one wants to date a person who dresses something unusual.


Your interesting hobby or the article you read will lead you to make new friends which will sooner or later lead to you to someone you want to ask on a date. The more you invest on yourself rather than investing on how people look at you will greatly help in not failing or ending your relationship. You need to show your partner that you are a confident and complete person and that hanging out with you will cause no problem nor will it give any disadvantage. An important trait in making your relationship work is the absence of insecurity. You should know by now that being insecure will do you no good since it will only create problems and more problems. You have to be contended with yourself. You need to know our limits and capabilities. Enrich your talent and other positive traits by just living all those negative ones behind.


There will always come a time that you will like a person and you will dislike the other. You just have to know where you need your focus to be. The gist of this lesson is that if you want to get a date, you should be someone who is dateable and not hated.


Recognize And Accept


In every relationship, it is important that both of you needs how to learn to recognize at the same time accept the rejection that come your way with all the grace you have. Don’t ever dread yourself on something or someone not meant for you. When you don’t know the reason why you were turned down, it is natural since most people don’t get a detailed feedback with all those comments and reports.


You have to know that the reason why you were turned down is not because of your weakness. Sometimes, there are just people who are not contended with what they have. Just let them be and look for someone better. You also need to remember that no one needs to explain in front of your face the reason why you are rejected. It is always up to their own discretion, you can never force them to do such act. What you need to do is to review your actions and attitudes and make sure you find that one thing that pushes someone away from you.






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