How Video Can Increase Your Site’s Visibility on Search Engines

It takes a lot of experience and dedication to create desired web traffic especially for recently established websites. Traffic is responsible for increased site visibility and hence the more traffic a website receives the higher the visibility. Organic traffic is considered as the best form of web traffic because it involves actual and quantifiable figures.


Among the methods that can be used to drive traffic to a website are videos. They are nonetheless subject to various conditions which must be met to ensure absolute success. Below is a list of details that should be considered while making and uploading videos intended for site promotion. They will help increase your site visibility on search engines.


Create captivating videos


The three basic qualities that every video production should address are; purpose, target group and intended content.


The purpose for which a video is intended determines how content is brought to life. Entertainment, teaching, marketing and caution are among the approach your video can take but be specific to the vision you envisage. With purpose clearly defined, consider needs specific to the target group. Different target groups constitute unique characteristics which when incorporated in a video lead to increased acceptance.


Is the video targeting the general public or a specific age group? What do you think they like and what is your take on their approach to that which you aim to achieve? Upon answering those questions, use derived results as guiding principles for creating desired content. The results will also help you come up with keywords and tag names which search engines will make use of when indexing your video pages.


If target people are able to freely and openly associate with your video, they will not only revisit the link but also tag their friends. You can use the tactic to indirectly “force” other people into re-sharing the link with friends and followers on social media. Your videos can go viral just by giving target groups that which they desire to see and associate with.


Make YouTube your friend

YouTube is arguably the biggest video hosting website ever. It attracts at least 35 hours of new video uploads every other minute. The vast video uploads attract millions of viewers on daily basis making YouTube the most visited video sharing site on the Internet.


By making YouTube your friend, you will be exposing your video to millions of potential viewers. Those who click to watch its contents can then be redirected to the target website. To increase visitation chances, you can pay for ad promotion services. Paid search services allow promoted videos to feature on all related pages increasing visibility chances.



Right Keywords

Unlike other web content, videos are known to make use of limited Google algorithms. They don’t rank as well as other types of content do. However, by using search engine optimized titles and tags, you can place your video on top of competing choices based on similar keywords. Content and videos that appear on first and second page enjoy more traffic than those on other search pages. The more traffic the video gets, the higher the number of visitors directed to your website.


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