How to Launch a Podcast Program in 6 Easy Steps

Podcasts have launched themselves to the forefront of digital media with easy-access to exciting series and learning outside of the classroom. With just a few simple steps that are outlined below, you can start your own podcast and get people listening in no time at all!


First Step: The Gear


While you may want to just grab any microphone that is lying around the house, making sure you have equipment that will record your voice and some that will help you edit it on your computer will save you time and money in the long run. A small initial investment in a desktop microphone and some pop filters will help you get off on the right footing. Audio editing equipment can be expensive, but there are free programs that work well to start with.


Second: Identify your audience and topic


Sure there might be someone somewhere recording the same type of show you are, but they don’t have you doing it, so make the show your own. Pick something that interests you and something unique to your perspective and brainstorm some ideas. You’ll come up with plenty of topics and with a conversation with your other hosts, you could make plenty of episodes.


Third: Set up audio editor      


This may feel repetitive since you downloaded it back in step one, but making sure that you know how to record, edit, and export audio in the format you need will go a long way. Play with some of the settings and check out the internet for the best help on how to get it running at its best.


Fourth: Record Your First Podcast


Go ahead and record with a friend or by yourself. It helps to have a note sheet of talking points in front of you the first time as well. Edit and export the audio and listen to the podcast. If it doesn’t sound exactly the way you want or the show went off topic, set right back up and record another. You can even try using an outline to help you stay on topic and keep the show under a certain time limit. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


Fifth: Brand Your Podcast and Get It Heard


Your podcast may not trend on any streaming station just yet, but making sure you talk about it, send it to friends, set up social media for it, and any other avenues of support you can give. It will take work, but people will listen. Ask for feedback, engage the audience, and cater to what they want to hear while keeping in line with your goals. You’ll gain a following in no time.


Finally: Record and Diversify


With your first podcast in the books, and a few more on the way, set up a routine so that you record, edit, and get the podcast out on a good schedule. Incorporate your listeners into the shows and make sure you don’t stick on the same topic for too long. Diversify the show within reason, but also make sure you spread your podcast out on as many platforms as possible. Next stop, stardom!


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