10 Gifts Everybody Gets, But Nobody Wants


We’ve all been there. You rip of the wrapping excitedly only to be left with a huge rock in our stomach and an awkward silence fills the room. You’ve received an awful gift. You fake a smile and say thank you but everybody knows you just can’t wait to get rid of it.So we decided to gather a list of 10 gifts that everybody is sure to get, but that nobody really wants.


Holiday Clothing


Nothing will make you feel more ungrateful than a piece of clothing that you will only wear once or twice a year, unless you’re a little nuts. Maybe that singing christmas tie was funny on the shelf, but honestly, we aren’t going to wear it to the office.


Scented Candles


Millions of candles are sold every year, so there must be some people out there who really like them. But to be honest most of those sales are probably Christmas gifts, and nobody wants their house to smell like Warm Marshmallow Cinnamon.




They are all useful, and its true that we will use them all throughout the year. Sometimes they may even be presented in a nice gift basket or boxset. But the truth is that all of us by now have decided roughly what we like and what we want to smell like, which means this is a tough one to get right.


Hot Chocolate Sets


Everybody likes a nice, hot chocolate when it’s cold and snowing outside during winter. So you’d think that a set of different hot chocolates with some candy canes with a nice mug would be a great gift. But you’d be wrong. The chocolate and candy won’t last, and everybody will have enough of both anyhow. Meh.




Now don’t get us wrong, we love reading and think that most people don’t read enough in this day and age. However, unless people have been browsing through your Amazon Wishlist or you’ve specifically told them, it won’t be a book that you are into or will really enjoy, or even read.


Gift Cards


Boring, reliable gift cards. Sometimes gift cards can be a great alternative if you are fresh out of ideas, and if they are for a large online retailer then the options are pretty endless. However getting a card for one particular store that you never go into is never really the way to go.


Slippers, Pyjamas, Robes


We get at least one of these every year, and they are never really to our taste. They might be the wrong size, wrong material, awful design and something that you’d never wear. They’re also incredibly difficult to regift.


Cheap Chocolates


Sometimes a lovely box of nice chocolate can be a great gift, since who doesn’t like chocolate? Unfortunately most of the chocolate gift sets that are on sale during the holidays are cheap and very bland tasting. This just sets you up for a huge disappointment.


Picture Frames


You will probably receive two different types of picture frames. Those that already have a photo in them of a loved friend or family member that means something to you…and those that don’t. If it’s only a plain frame, then chances are it will be thrown in the attic.


Gag Gifts


You’ll always get at least one gag gift, usually from a younger relative or work colleague. A stress ball shaped as a giant appendage, oh how hilarious. When are you going to use it? Gag gifts will nearly never actually be funny and will definitely not be used.

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