6 Tactics to Make Connections and Get More YouTube Views

Gone are the times when article content was the most sort after resource on the Internet. Over the last few years, people have realized that videos are good for more than just attracting attention. They are the most convenient way of convincing target audience into making that sale or visiting a certain web page. As a matter of fact, most marketing analysts believe videos are high among the most promising digital trends that currently rock and will continue to shape online trends for the next two or three years on the least. With that in mind, you have to ask yourself what is the best platform to showcase your videos for maximum results. The answer is definitely one, YouTube. YouTube is undoubtedly the king of video content. Millions of fresh videos are uploaded here on daily basis attracting many millions of eager audience from all over the world. However, not all videos that end up on the YouTube enjoy massive popularity as they deserve. To ensure your videos attract maximums hits, pay attention to details below:


Know your target audience

Everything starts here. You have to know your target audience before you can post that video on YouTube. Unless your video has a general public appeal, it might not make it past just a few clicks if it isn’t personalized for a specific target group. Actually, knowing your intended target group helps refine the content to top quality levels that the audience seek.


Tell them what they what to hear

Most people already know the kind of content they want to watch on YouTube. Their video search is done in line with specific keywords that define that which they want. Having understood what your video is all about, you should go ahead to give your audience “what they want” in terms of title and video description. Remember, at this point, the main selling point for your video is the details that target audience can read. If the details are convincing enough before they can scroll to the next video in line, they will surely open what you have. Video title and descriptions are increasing getting creative and catchy and so should yours. Let them be unique and telling a story that the target audience want to hear and see.


Offer Quality substance

So, you have your perfect title and description for that video but is it worth my time? It definitely should otherwise no one is interested in haphazardly done content. The viewers expect to learn something or have fun while watching your videos and if you can’t deliver that, you might as well consider hiring professionals to have the work done. Viewers will comment on the video as a sign of appreciation or otherwise. Since they don’t know you nor do they know what you intend to achieve, giving them quality and up to the standard videos should be a priority. In doing this, you shall not only attract positive remarks but also build a following.


Exploit other Social Media platforms

Since the main aim of the now perfectly addressed and rich video is to reach as many people as possible, the next step should be making it available for people on your blog or social network sites like Facebook. Fortunately, integrating YouTube videos on Facebook and many other social media platforms is quite easy. Using social media, you can now share the video with as many followers as possible and encourage them to re-share the link with their friends as well. If it is a good video and set for the right target group, you will not have challenges requesting people to share with their friends. They will do this automatically thereby making it go viral.


Money rules

To further increase chances of having the video reach a wider percentage of the set target group, you might as well consider making some financial commitment. Research has shown paid search advertising otherwise referred to as keyword advertising to be among the most effective forms of marketing. When it comes to YouTube, the videos you promote will be shown whenever people are searching videos related to the given keyword. As a result, your content end up reaching target viewers as the search results are guided by what the viewers really want.

Create a one stop shop

Just like a convenient store where you find everything under one roof, you should consider making a video consisting of a playlist that target viewers are interested in. Many people will opt to view a playlist as opposed to just one item at a time. Playlist minimize time spent on the Internet searching for other videos thereby attracting huge audience.


YouTube is certainly the most visited video website on the Internet. By having your videos posted here, you will be one step closer to having your message broadcast to the entire world. Even so, it is up to you to ensure the video is found by target group and that they can easily associate with it for those views to hit record high.



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