7 Modern Sources of Cheap Advertising for Small Businesses

Every small business, company, or industry needs incoming and tight revenue so as to justify all those efforts and keep its transactions running. However, resources and the company’s cash flow are a bit limited. It cannot engage in things which involve high-profile marketing options and advertising campaigns. Because of this, a lot of small businesses which venture in different fields do not mind the essence of advertising as one. Most view these things as unnecessary expenditure and would normally insist that it can wait for a while. Most small business prefers to focus on advertising campaigns after it had already garnered or achieved a strong revenue stream.





Fortunately, small business should no longer worry because there are a lot of possible solutions. Here are some of the solutions to have a cheap advertising in order to help your business.


Community Involvement


Serving on the board and holding an important committee and volunteering in a local organization can be a good way to get cheap advertisements. Although this kind of business will not bring great traffic into your business, it will nevertheless, give your business the right clients and health for your business’ growth. Community involvement will give you a positive ROI.


Facebook Ads


Due to the fact that Facebook is free for use by anybody, most of the small businesses take this advantage in order to promote their business. Facebook has a very good potential power when it comes to advertising campaigns because most individuals online are using this social media. However, the Facebook platform is pretty much easy to use, every user must remember to narrow down their prospects until he can identify precisely his valuable and loyal candidates. What is great about using Facebook Ads is that you can set a $5 budget and your set for the day. It’s pretty much flexible and inexpensive.


Other Social Media Opportunities


Facebook is not the only social media that offers free and flexible advertising campaigns. LinkedIn and Twitter are also good competitors that complement a universal reach. You can also try Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social platforms.


Yahoo And Bing Search Ads


Nowadays, Google PPC ads get a lot of audience, but, due to the huge attention and because of the competition, the cost of its advertising for campaigns has boosted. If you are tight on your budget, you can try Yahoo and Bing search ads because it has lower rates compare to that of Google PPC. Users pay for their ads per click.


Niche Advertising


Companies like BuySellAds focus on specializing in bringing businesses together with numerous advertisement opportunities. In niche advertising, you will be able to see lower rates of potential internet traffic. However, you can still have advertise in a cheaper amount. If you are fortunate and can find a niche audience, you will end up having high rated conversation. You can even get great opportunities for as low as $20 if you’re lucky.




If your business is looking for a stable and strong niche, then StumbleUpon is perfect. The rates go as low as $0.05 per click. In order to best use StumbleUpon, it is necessary that you make sure that the users stay on your page for a few seconds.


Guest Blogging


If you are passionate and determined about your business and you have an extra time, you can get free advertising by just writing any topic and get your work featured on a forum or blog.


What you need to remember is to bring anything to your business that is worth more than what you have spent. Find out what strategies best apply to your business and take it to the new level.


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