50 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself


Sometimes the world will get you down. Here are 50 ways to feel a little better about yourself, and to conquer those dark feelings whenever they surface.


Take A Second


Close your eyes, and take several long, deep breaths.


Pep Talk


Give yourself a brief, inspirational pep talk.




Look in a mirror and force yourself to smile. It really works!


Grateful List


Make a list of 5 things that you are grateful for and carry it with you.


Call For Help


Pick up the phone and call a friend and tell them your worries.




Watch silly YouTube videos or your favourite comedy movie.


Pamper Yourself


Take a morning or evening to truly pamper yourself.


Meet Up


Meet up with one of your friends for a drink or for coffee.


Accept And Move On


Take a second to acknowledge things aren’t going too well today, accept it, and get on with your day.


Be Positive


Positive thoughts breed positive actions.




List all the things you wish to accomplish, and keep it with you.


Shut Off Your Phone


Shut off your phone for a few hours.




Try and set up a regular routine to meditate or practice yoga.


You Are You


Comparing yourself to other people is counter productive. You are you.


Be Healthy


We only get one life, and with it one body. Eat healthier and exercise regularly.




Head to the shops with some friends and treat yourself to some new things.


Home Facial


Giving yourself a home facial will not only work wonders for your skin, but also your mood.




Sometimes there’s nothing better to do than have a good cry and let it all out.




List 5 things you’ve done in your life that you are proud of.


Take A Walk


Head out right now and take a short walk, with no company but yourself.


Night In


Instead of going out, save some cash and invite some friends over for pizza and movies.




Put on your favourite song or album loud and sing along as loudly as you want.


Meet A Stranger


Talk to the person behind you in the queue or next to you at the bar.


Clean And Tidy


Clean your desk, room, house. Whatever it is you’ve been putting off for weeks!




Go through your closet and if you haven’t worn something in over 18 months, donate it to a clothing bank.




Purchase a random gift for a friend or family member.




Sit down with your dog or cat if you have one and pet them calmly. It will help to relax you and lower blood pressure.




Look back at some of your favourite memories with a drink.


Hug Someone


Head out right now and find someone to hug!


Smile At Strangers


Smile at everyone you meet. Smiling makes us feel better, and you can never be too kind to strangers.


Be Confident


Even if you’re feeling down in the dumps, throw those shoulders back and stand tall.


Be Spontaneous


Do something different today out of your routine. Go somewhere new, try something different, anything.


Write It Down


For 20 minutes, simply write down everything you can think of that’s bothering you or worrying you.




Nature truly is a wonderful thing that puts things into perspective. Appreciate it.


Don’t Delay


If you’re hung up on someone, either ask them out or forget about them. Don’t dwell for months!


Force Out Negativity


Literally force out negativity thoughts and replace them with positive beliefs and mindsets.


Plan A Holiday


Think about your ultimate vacation, and begin to plan it down to the fine details.


Power Board


Get a billboard, and plaster it with pictures of your idols, loved ones, favourite quotes and lyrics, and places you’d like to visit.




Sometimes the best way to move forward is to finally forgive ourselves for those mistakes that happened years ago.


Should Have, Could Have


Although it is important to learn from the past, dwelling on the past has no benefits to anyone.




Make the time to indulge in one of your favourite things, it could be a hobby or even a food or drink.


Love Yourself


Love yourself and others, and always be kind.


Nobody’s Perfect


Stop striving to be perfect, and start striving to be the best that you personally can be.




Consider everything that you’ve accomplished in your life, and accept that you are pretty great.


To-Do List


Finally do that one item that’s been one your to-do list since last year.




Begin a new hobby, or rekindle interest in one that you haven’t had the time to pursue recently.


Positively Positive


Head over to the Positively Positive website to feel better about life and yourself.


Say No


If you have too much going on, or if you aren’t feeling your best, don’t be afraid to say no.


Challenge Yourself


Challenge yourself to something new that you haven’t tried before, and force yourself out of that rut.


Acknowledge Your Feelings


It’s normal to feel a little down sometimes. Admitting that we are currently not at our best can be incredibly liberating.



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