8 Things You Must Immediately Do After Losing Your Smartphone

Ever experienced that you have lost your smartphone and you don’t know what to do? If yes, the continue reading the article because this will definitely show you how to handle things when you lose your smartphone.


Lock Your Phone


Always make sure that the sensitive or important pieces of information on your phone are locked. Download an application that requires a password before anyone can access it. You can lock or prevent someone from accessing your private info by locking your phone down remotely. Another way to do this is by logging into your Find My iPhone account or Android Device Manager on another device and you will be able to manually lock your phone.




The first thing you should bear in mind when you lose your smartphone is to call or text it. You might never know that there is a Good Samaritan holding your phone. If you called or texted it and there is no answer, then you should better result to other ideas, especially when you called the phone and you are not able to contact it.


However, if your phone is locked and there is no one who can access to your contacts, it is just best to call your phone. Just make sure that you have done it before the battery is dead. In this way, you have a harder time contacting it.


Lock-Screen Message


Setting up a lock-screen message will also help when you lose your phone. Once your smartphone has been locked down, the only possible way to get it back is by using your password. A lock-screen message will give whoever possesses your phone the idea that you are looking for it. You can add a phone number or any contact information to your lock-screen message.




You can also look for your phone using GPS. If you have called your smartphone and you were not able to get other person on the other line, you should try locating your phone via GPS locating service. It is also important to remember that this process would need to be activated on your phone in order for you to access them from another device. Find My iPhone and Android Device Manager will help ease your troubles.


Wipe It Out


You should always remember to wipe out all the data that are present on your phone for security purposes. You might never know that the person possessing your phone has an ill motive. With all your accounts and passwords being accessed by a stranger, you should bear in mind to wipe all those pieces of information.


Protect Your Account


Since your phone is locked by now, it is still not a very bad idea to make efforts in protecting the accounts on your phone. As per Gizmodo, one must log out from their social media, email account, and other online websites, so as to protect your password and account. It is never too late to try it.




You also need to remember to suspend your service. Once you have a suspicion that your phone was stolen, it is always best to be in a cautious mind and result to the suspension of your service. You don’t want to deal with high charges and other data usage bills which were compounded or used by the person who possessed your phone.




Once you have lost your phone, especially when it has been stolen, you can report it to the authorities so that you will have someone to help you in looking for it. Although this way may be sometimes considered as a lost cost, some of those individuals reporting the incident miraculously found theirs.






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