10 Mistakes Smart People Never Make Twice

We are all humans, and humans make mistakes. This includes very smart and successful people who seem to be flawless in every step of their way. Making mistakes are actually a crucial part of your learning process. Some mistakes are so common that it is unavoidable to repeat, but some people can be so stubborn and careless in making the same mistakes over and over again. However, these are the mistakes that smart people learn from, but cautious to never repeat in the future:


Being Genuine and Honest

A lot of people have made the mistake of trying to impress everyone, at least during high school or college. Trying to impress everyone normally will never produce a good result, since in the process someone can be seen as fake, phony and not genuine. Smart people can see through people who are being fake to them, and they do not follow their mistakes. They focus on making others like them by showing their genuine and honest self.


Falling For the “Too Good To Be True”

It is usually easy to feel whether something or someone is too good to be true, although some people may often choose to ignore their intuition. A lot of times, this kind of people are undeniably charming especially at times when they talk about their success and how they can help you to be successful too. You must keep in mind that if it sounds too easy and straightforward, it is too unrealistically good to be true and therefore the aforesaid people may have tricks up their sleeves. Smart, successful people realize that there is no free lunch in the world, and therefore they are usually careful about trusting and getting involved with a person.


Dismissing Advice That You Sought For

It is normal for people to seek advice from other people in times of difficulties or doubt. Seeking for opinion and advice from someone who really knows you inside out and is wise enough to see the matter from an objective point of view can be very helpful. These kinds of advices will be very personalized and knowledgeable, however a lot of people ended up ignoring the advice because they are so stubborn to believe that they know best. Smart people comprehend the possibility that another perspective can add a fresh insight to an issue, especially when they themselves sought for it.


Doing Nothing but Achieving a Good Result

Most people have taken short cuts to achieve something that they want in life. Many people take their exam without spending a single second revising; however, they can still manage to get a good result. Contrary to popular belief, successful people do not actually prefer this method because good results achieved by doing nothing is just pure luck. Relying on pure luck may backfire eventually, and it will hold them back from maximizing their efforts.


Lead, Without The Approval From Others

A lot of people think that they can lead their company, family or friends. What they do not realize is that sometimes other people do not want them to lead, and such coercive decision to do so ended up causing them to lose respect. Smart people get that people can be really offended when they try to lead without approval because it implies that they know better. Instead of being bossy and trying to lead, create a discussion forum where everyone can express their concerns and inputs for the benefit of the group.


Not Claiming Responsibility

It is easy to just blame other people or other factors except for yourself when something goes wrong. It can be hard to actually accept and claim responsibility for something that does not work out. However, smart people may learn from experience that accepting the responsibility creates possibility to change for a better life in the future.


Putting Other People First

Being a people pleaser usually is motivated by the desire of being accepted and liked in a new environment, where this includes always putting other people’s happiness and business first instead of one’s own. Smart people avoid doing this, because this will take so much time that they have nothing for themselves. Instead, they take care of everyone else once they have done what they needed to do first.


Repeating the Same Thing for a Different Result

Some people like to do the same thing over and over again however expecting the result to be better or different for every single time they do it. On the other hand, smart people quickly realize that if a method does not work, they will have to find a new way to accomplish whatever task that they currently are trying to finish. Regardless of the result, doing the exact same thing over and over again will very possibly cause you to be highly irritated and frustrated.


Trying To Change Other People

You have the ultimate control of your life; however, this does not apply to other people’s lives. Many people have tried to change other people, mostly for the betterment of those people themselves. However, as successful and smart people have realized, you cannot make someone to change unless they want to do so themselves.


Wanting Reward Fast

Smart and successful people do not achieve what they have achieved in a blink of an eye. They have endured through a long process of working hard before achieving the reward that they deserve. This applies to everyone, so do not be frustrated when you do not get what you have been working hard for immediately. Find motivation to keep going and you will eventually get the reward that you have been waiting for.


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