From Victoria Secret To Kora Organics How Miranda Kerr Transformed Herself From A Model To An Entrepreneur

Miranda Kerr, the successful Victoria Secret supermodel, is famous not only for being astonishing beautiful, but also because in 2009 she launched how own skincare line, Kora Organics. She entered the modeling world at the age of 13 and her career advanced rapidly. She became a Victoria Secret’s Angel in 2007 and a few years later she was ranked as one of the highest-earning supermodels in the world.


She followed the path of entrepreneurship and now, at the age of 32, she is running Kora organics, a line of skin-care products made form plant based ingredients. During an interview she stated that her idea of business came from a genuine passion for leading a healthy life. What you apply on your skin is as important as a balanced diet or exercising.

The organic cosmetic products commercialized by KORA are a great alternative to the chemical-based ones that are known to cause harmful side effects. For Miranda Kerr, whose skin is very dry, finding the adequate skin products was a hassle, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and come up with the ideal recipe for skin products able to feed and protect the epidermis properly.

She has also authored two self-development books: “Treasure Yourself” and “Empower yourself” that any person who wants to get out of the slump should read. Here is a list of valuable lessons we can learn from Miranda Kerr, a supermodel, certified health practitioner and single mother.

The best business idea is right in front of you

Maybe you have a hard time finding the right idea for your business venture. You’re probably not looking in the right direction. Follow Miranda Kerr’s example and try to come up with a solution for one of your own needs. Since you have accurate information about what the actual problem is, you won’t have to spend precious time doing research.

Learn from your mistakes

Miranda Kerr backs the idea that progress can only be achieved through drawing conclusions from your failures. It’s humanly to make mistakes, so do not dwell on them too much. Instead, embrace your defeats. Don’t let the past anchor you down.

Nutrition matters

Achieving the perfect body she is known for took a lot of self-discipline. A good nutrition plan will provide the necessary energy to carry out your daily activities in a productive manner. According to her, drinking a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning will improve digestion throughout the day.

Embrace spirituality

Meditation and prayer are two very important activities in Mrs. Kerr’s schedule. She also believes that no matter what your views on religion are, you should be tolerant. Negative judging of others based on subjective matters such as religious beliefs is entirely wrong.

Get organized

You will benefit in all areas of your life from developing time management skills. You may ask yourself: how is Merinda Kerr able to perform so many activities within such a small time interval? The answer is simple: she prioritized her schedule. When you do this, you need to evaluate the utility of the activities you want to include in your schedule.

Treat others kindly

Mutual respect, honesty and kindness are key aspects of true friendship. In addition, one should never judge others based on rumors. You need to work in someone else’s shoes first in order to understand his motives.

Even though she achieved wealth and a high social status, she never stopped learning and taking on new challenges. She is currently involved in a lot of exciting projects and interested in new business ventures. Follow her example and one day, after you will overcome a long series of hardships, you will finally reach your life goals.




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