Why People With Disorganized Mind Are More Intelligent

If you are a type of person who is always disorganized and having trouble to concentrate – in other words, a scatterbrain – your life may have been very unpleasant and traumatizing. You may repeatedly experience frustration and discouraging words from your parents when you grow up. When you become an adult, the suffering does not stop. People criticize you for your messy place and for your clumsiness because everything seems to be lost and out of place. Despite this fact, you should never lose hope because as a matter of fact scatterbrains are highly intelligent deep inside, and here is why:


They Ace IQ Tests


People who have undergone an IQ test will know that there are two different parts of an IQ test, namely the verbal test and the performance test. The performance test will examine someone’s ability to understand the given facts and whether he/she can utilize it in a proper manner. On the other hand, the verbal test chases on the concepts of global thinking, probability and curiosity. Scatterbrains are most likely to be excellent in the verbal IQ tests simply because they are not limited to the typical way of thinking or the traditional concept of how things are done. Since they are more likely to focus on the bigger picture, gifted people who achieve really high IQ test score are commonly regarded as inattentive, feisty and most importantly, disorganized.


They Are Highly Creative


Studies have shown that scatterbrains score really high in visualizations, storytelling, humor as well as in concepts that are very unusual and beyond normal boundaries in the Torrance series test for creativity. In relation to this, Torrance series authors have confirmed that people who can achieve a high score on the test are frequently the people who are inventors with a lot of brilliant ideas for creating new products and services.


It is also known that disorganized people absorb information through their right brain, which is essentially the creative part instead of the linear and factual left brain. Different with the left brain, the right brain takes all information at once and this actually causes the ideas to explode in an individual’s mind. This results in all the messiness and disorganization, because scatterbrains process different ideas all at once through a chain of thoughts explosions. In addition to this, disorganized people with high IQ are often learning at a very fast pace, in which they complete things very quickly and hence they can easily jump from an idea to another in just a few minutes.


They Truly Are ‘Bricoleurs’


Last but not least, people with disorganized mind are essentially bricoleurs. Bricoleurs can be defined as people who work with their hands, often using devious means. However, it is not what we meant here. The term bricoleur roots from another word, which is bricolage. Bricolage is a distinct type of art practice, in which a bricoleur often does not have a specific agenda in mind but he/she always creates something with what they have at hand. This makes a bricoleur a self-learner as well as a dilettante. For that reason, people with disorganized mind can be keen about different things and different individuals which are totally unrelated in any way. They have an extensive range of network and interests; they see almost everything as learnable and doable. As a result, they feel the need to get involved in different types of activities at the same time. They may be full time office workers on weekdays and rock-band members on weekdays. They may be doctors but at the same time avid painters. As a conclusion, they chase the satisfaction of doing different things and being exposed to dissimilar challenges and experiences.


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