5 Online Tools Every Freelancer Should Know

Being self-employed is challenging because it involves a lot of hard work and logistics. But like any other business, freelancing requires making some investments in order to become more effective and successful. Here are 5 online tools which can help freelancers to increase productivity and to manage their time and money effectively.


Oh Don’t Forget

This is a very powerful reminder tool that can help you get around. Its purpose is to deliver messages on your phone at a certain time in the future. Unlike emails, receiving a text on your mobile phone draws the attention considerably more, so you will make sure you won’t miss an important appointment and you won’t forget about valuable tasks.

It is also efficient when dealing with multiple smaller tasks because the to-do list items will be sent gradually throughout the day.


It is a free financial management solution for both self-employed people working from home and any regular individuals who simply want to manage their budget efficiently. Mint‘s features allow you to manage all financial accounts in one place. Keep track of monthly spending, income and credit cards with ease. The mobile applications for Android and iOS send alerts of due bills, low balances and suspect bank account activity. It has a user-friendly interface and it can be used in offline mode when not having an internet connection.


When working as a freelancer it can be a catastrophe to lose files of great importance, not only for you, but also for your employers. In order to avoid such tragic scenarios, you need to back your files up on a regular basis. Mozy offers professional cloud backup solutions and easy access to your files. The basic home plan includes 50 GB storage space, which can hold up to 6 million text documents. You can schedule the backup to occur at night or at any time when you don’t need to use the computer. The data is kept safe by multiple security measures.


Ronin is an easy to use billing and time tracking software. As a freelancer, being paid on a weekly or monthly basis is very common. Ronin provides recurring billing services that save you a lot of hassle. Coding skills are needed to customize the invoices in order to make them look more professional. After a 30 days free trial period, it costs up to $30 per month to take advantage of their services. It might seem a lot of money, but it will pay off in the long run.


It is a very flexible, easy to use and set up project management app. It facilitates the communication between the members of large teams working on the same project. Basecamp has a lot of useful features such as Calendar and Document Administration.

The price ranges from $20 to $3000, depending on your needs. Standard services which cost $20 allow you to manage 10 projects and provide 3 GB storage space. Higher prices come with more storage space and the ability to manage more projects.


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