Potential Issues with Windows 10 You Need to Know About

You did it! You finally upgraded to Windows 10 despite being apprehensive about it. There’s always some kinks to be worked out when it comes to putting a new operating system on your computer. There are some potential issues you could experience with Windows 10 that you should be aware of.


What’s Great About It?

Just for a minute, let’s talk about what’s good about Windows 10. The start menu you love from the older version is back. A lot of people hated the Windows 8 start menu because it was hard to use. The Windows 10 start menu brings back ease of use with the pop up column that doesn’t take you completely out of your desktop screen. There are other good things like the apps can be put where you can use them from the main screen and you no longer have to go out to find them. It makes life a lot easier. Now onto the potential issues you might have so you can see the pros and cons of Windows 10.

Changes that Affect You

Windows 10 is going to share your business. The program collects a lot of data and will do things like sharing your Wi-Fi info with your Skype friends if they are near your house. That’s kind of a violation of your Wi-Fi. Also you should know that automatic updates cannot be paused. The updates will happen and it had made it where there was a bad display driver that made some computers running Windows 10 unable to be used.

Issues that Affect you and Other People

Privacy is something that is important to most people and Windows 10 isn’t really all about supporting your privacy. Cortana which is kind of a personal assistant that lives in 10 will pay close attention to what you’re doing when you’re on the computer. It’s something that is supposed to make using your computer more fun, but it ends up just being kind of creepy. This is an issue you might consider good or bad, Windows 10 is set up to be perfect for gaming so you might find yourself on the computer playing with your buddies more than you were before. If lack of productivity isn’t an issue for you then that is a problem that can be seen either way.

Issues that Don’t Help Anything

If you use a metered connection then you might find your download speed is way slower than it was before you made the upgrade. This has been one of the biggest complaints among new users. There are a lot of these issues that can be fixed by going in and turning off certain default settings within your operating system. This article helps you figure out what you should be looking for. Overall Windows 10 is getting good reviews but knowing the potential issues you could have will help you avoid any surprises as you move forward with your new operating system.


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