7 Reasons You Should Date Someone from a Different Culture

Dating is a difficult game to play. Sometimes it can be so tough that you begin to wonder if you will ever find that one person you’re destined to spend the rest of your life with. But have you ever considered dating someone from a different culture? It can be exciting and refreshing, and could lead to a long term relationship! Here are seven reasons to consider.


The Language


Learning a new language has so many benefits it’s incredible it is not more openly recommended and supported. If you were dating someone who spoke a different language, you would learn more than just how to say “hello, please, beer” in a different language. You’ll begin to learn immense vocabulary and complex grammar structures without even trying! Immersion is the best method of learning, after all.


The Food


We all enjoy our food, and sometimes food from other cultures can be especially delicious. Sure, we all enjoy a Chinese or Indian treat from the local take away, but this doesn’t give us an idea of the day to day meals of other cultures. Dating someone from a different country can open up a whole new list of unique, delicious food for us to try. You might even learn to prepare some!


Appreciate Your Own Culture


You’d be surprised how many unique and fascinating aspects of your own country and culture you tend to ignore or forget. Talking to similar people every day who take the same things for granted doesn’t help. But if you were to open up to your new partner about your cultural traditions, not only will you be able to share your experiences together but you might discover a rekindling love for your own heritage!


Culturally Aware


Have you heard the expression that travel broadens the mind? This is true. Learning about different cultures, people, traditions and experiences expands your mind and can even shape your personality. You will be more accepting and welcoming of people from different backgrounds, and become more culturally sensitive.


Grow Stronger


Unfortunately, with dating someone from a different culture comes a lot of doubt and possibly even abuse from close minded and uninformed people. The only benefit of this is that all the naysayers will only cause you to grow closer together, and forge an even stronger relationship. This new thicker skin will benefit you in all aspects of your life.


We All Want Adventure


We all want a little adventure and excitement in our lives. Dating someone from a different country means that you will inevitably visit their homeland, and learn and experience many things along the way. Every holiday and travel journey is an adventure, and now you have a new reason to go!


Holidays, Holidays, Holidays!


Finally, once you have been together for a significant amount of time, chances are discussions will lead into your two different sets of beliefs and traditions, and how you will incorporate these together. You will not only understand each others lives more clearly, chances are there will also be two different sets of holidays for you to take advantage of! So what are you waiting for?


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