5 Essential Tips for Extending Your Used Car’s Lifespan


Let’s face it, owning and maintaining cars is expensive business. There are so many different factors to consider, and it seems that you need to pay for something or other every other week! This is why it is important to try and extend your car’s lifespan for as long as you can, since buying a new car is so expensive and even an old car can last very long if maintained properly. So here are five tips that are essential when considering getting the most out of your vehicles, to save you forking out for a new car every other year.




Each car should come with a maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual. Although it may seem easier and cheaper initially to let a few issues slide, they add up so quickly that it really is cheaper to sort out any problems as soon as you can. It does feel like a struggle checking things such as brake pads, steering, oil levels and so on on a regular basis, but it is also essential if you are planning to extend the car’s lifespan and want to keep it in great condition for longer.




You should try and keep an eye on all your fluids at least once a month, even longer if the car is starting to get a little older. Check the engine oil, coolant fluids, transmission fluids, and brake and power steering fluids. Although you could refill oil and coolant fluids yourself, if any of the others are low, you should take it to a garage as soon as possible.


Be A Good Driver


This one may seem a little obvious, but the safer and more conscientious you drive the less damage your car will sustain. Driving like a maniac or poorly can lead to frequent service and repair charges, which not only cost a lot of money but will also reduce your car’s lifespan in the long run. So check up on how to minimise wear and tear while driving, and also listen out for any unusual or strange noises that occur while you are driving.


Take Care Of Tires


Tires can also be a very expensive business, so you should try to make them last as long as possible while still ensuring they are safe and legal. Check their pressures regularly, and also consider rotating your tires every 10,000 miles or so. This will help prevent any early tire wear, ensuring all tires are roughly even in correspondence to each other.


Wash Your Car


We all know how much of a pain washing the car can be, especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But washing regularly is pivotal in ensuring a long lifespan through preventing a build-up of dirt, rust and paint damage. You may be surprised, but most experts will suggest that you wash your car every week or two to keep it as healthy as possible. Also if you don’t do so already, consider waxing the car every few months, since this will help keep the shine and color to make it look new and clean, and will also help prevent small scratches.


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