Top 18 Herbs That Promote Long Life

Various herbs are known to impact someone’s state of health to be better. Some reduce the risk of serious illnesses while others boost the digestive and immune system. They all are beneficial to prolong a person’s life span and increasing longevity.


Here are the full list of each herb and its health benefits:



Astragalus comes from the root of a perennial pea plant which grows in the northern and eastern parts of China. A popular even since the era of ancient China, Astragalus helps boost your immune system.



Commonly known to add spiciness and a bit of heat to food, this herb can also be used to slow down the rate of bleeding in human. Cayenne by nature can make a human’s blood vessels more elastic, and therefore can support the bleeding recovery process. In turn, it also serves as an effective remedy to reestablish normal blood pressure.



Famous for its delightful taste and refreshing smell, Cinnamon is a boost to a human body’s circulatory system in various ways. Its primary benefit includes supporting the lowering of high blood sugar levels, but it is also known for its ability to control cholesterol level.



Coriander is one of the herbs which provide numerous benefits as it triggers various chemical processes within a human body. Primarily, coriander is known for its ability for energizing and revitalizing human’s cardiovascular system meaning that it jolts your blood circulation as well as various nutrients and elements transport.



Dandelion has been known for its benefit of getting human’s blood pressure under control. Dandelion actually reduces the blood pressure by reducing the amount of blood in a human’s body and therefore prudent consumption of this herb is advised.



Echinacea is well known in almost all countries in the world for being contained in some of the best sellers herbal supplements in stores around the United States, Europe and Asia. It is known to fight infections by way of eliminating harmful bacteria, and additionally it boosts the immune system. Echinacea has been known as the remedy of flu and mild cold symptoms, preferred over the factory made medications since nowadays people are more attracted towards living as natural as possible.



Elderberry helps to prevent flu and its spreading within a large population. Its juice was known to treat a flu epidemic in Panama in 1995, and since then it has been used as a traditional remedy to fight against flu viruses.



Garlic has been popular for being the traditional medication to manage high blood pressure as well as preventing heart disease. Additionally, garlic has been long famous for preventing certain types of cancer as well as for its bacteria killing elements.



Despite its weird sounding name, Guggul is known to be a cholesterol targeting herb as it chemically reduces bad cholesterol even before it reaches the blood stream. Having said that, regular consumption of Guggul is often advised for people with high cholesterol level as an alternative to regular medicinal intake.



Hawthorn is great for lowering blood pressure, thus further reducing heart rate and opening the arteries. However, the effect cannot be felt instantly. Regular consumption for a long term is needed in order to significantly feel the benefits of hawthorn in aiding your heart or blood problems.


Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost, or sometimes also known as the Angelica roots gained its popularity in Scandinavia around the era of 12th century. Still a quite popular herb in Austria and other European countries, it strengthens the circulatory system and the heart in general.


Horse Chestnut

The herb obtained its name due to an error in believing that the tree belongs to a family of chestnut. Has been popular in Europe for a long while, horse chestnut is capable of reducing swelling by strengthening veins and capillary walls.



Being one of the most popularly consumed in Asia, Kelp is known to have many benefits. Due to its high iodine content, it has been used since the ancient times to cure various infections.


Mango Ginger

Being completely unrelated to neither mango nor ginger, Mango Ginger which is still a family of turmeric is famous for relieving painful menstrual cramps as well as preventing cysts and tumors inside the female’s reproductive system.



Motherwort contains a rare naturally occurring organic nitrogen-containing base called the leonurine. When taken in the right doses, Leonurine directly helps in the relaxation of heart muscles and therefore can be said to be one of the most magical herbs in maintaining your heart healthy.



Nettle is known for curing a lot of diseases. Its anti arthritic characteristic makes it a remedy for arthritis and hay fever; however Nettle is also known to cure anemia.



Very commonly found as one of the spices added into those delicious Asian dishes, Turmeric has various proven health benefits. Its main active ingredient – the curcumin, has a very strong anti oxidant and anti inflammatory effect to the human body.


Yucca Root

Yucca is a medicinal herb native to Mexico. It is known to have an anti inflammatory and anti arthritic effects on human body, and therefore is popular as a traditional remedy to cure arthritis.



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