These 5 Things Happen To Your Brain And Body After A Digital Detox

Do you constantly scroll through your loaded Newsfeed every minute you can get? Do you have hard time looking through the different posts of your friends because of the petty and silly posts of others? Do you ever wonder if what you are doing can create an impact to your stress levels? Spending so much time online or surfing the internet via personal computer or smartphone can be good sometimes, but when there is too much exposure, it will definitely fuel stress and anxiety in your brain and body. To prove my statement, here are 5 reasons on why you should consider undergoing a digital detox.


You Get To Be Healthy And Happy

Absence of digital devices will help develop other activities that will allow your body to do exercises and you will be able to have more time selecting healthy fruits and vegetable for your meals. You will also be stressed and clutter free for the rest of your day because you have the luxury of time.

You Get Your Memory Enhanced

Ask yourself this question without looking at your smartphone, “How many phone numbers do I know?” If you can memorize at least 5 phone numbers, then, you really have a good memory. But if you have less, you better undergo a digital detox. A lot of people nowadays are dependent on their devices because it can store almost all of the pieces of information they have. They don’t even realize that these devices have inflicted negative effects on our minds. When you ask the oldies, they can even memorize the number of their oldest friends back in the 90’. Now, only a few individuals can even memorize the phone number of their mother or father.

You Get To Connect With…

When you are normally plugged into your smartphones, computers, and other digital devices, it is so much easier to live a day without any worries or recognizing the people around you. Although staying away from these gadgets or digital devices will somehow create petty and negative effects, it has some great effects. You will be more in tune with the environment you are in and with the people who surrounds you. Let the beauty of the everyday life set you free and make you relax even for just a few hours each day. You will even connect with individuals whom you will love because you share the same interests other than using your digital devices.

You Get To Converse

You should know by now that viral videos and hashtags are not forms of real conversation. What is meant by this topic is that you get to share the different perspective you have in mind with someone else and in exchange of your thought, you will even receive their perspective and learn different lessons from it. Having a face to face interaction or conversation with someone can be very challenging and at the same time fun. Deep conversations will only occur when and if you are not plugged in to any of the digital devices. You will also develop a certain degree of focus when it comes to the kind of people you talk to.

You Get A New Mindset

Your mindset will not be contained only to those you see in your digital devices. You will even see and experience it yourself if you decide to have a digital detox. Only few people know or notice that there are so many amazing changes occurring in people who unplug themselves for a while. Some even find themselves getting back at their old gym routine and feel a stress-free day. Since you are not that distracted, you will have that tendency to focus more and take care of the numerous things you have not taken care of because you were too busy scrolling down your newsfeed. You can even use this time to start and new relationship or refresh the existing one, make changes in your career, and try new activities.


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