How to Make Money From EBay and Amazon Without a Product to Sell

EBay and Amazon have been a very good venue for selling products whether you are a professional or just starting out as a newbie. Since EBay and Amazon had its opening, several professional sellers has come and go to test their abilities in these sites. Most have been making progress through selling numerous products which would reach a 6-7 figures worth of product each and every month. These professional sellers would normally purchase good coming from China, after which, they label these products with their own brands and sell it on EBay and Amazon.

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Tons of individuals want to sell products just like what these professional sellers are doing, but the only hindrance of attaining these goals is the lack of funds to support the work while on processes. For all the beginners who aspire to be just like those professionals who have long been garnering numerous amounts of dollars from these sites, but falls short on their budget, you no longer have to worry. Here are some of the easiest ways on how to truly make money by using EBay and Amazon as your medium without having to spend for a product to sell.

Sell Without A Product

Only few people only know about the idea that you can actually sell on EBay and Amazon without any product on hand. This scheme can even be more productive compared to some sellers who possess a certain product. There is an even greater possibility that you will be earning around US$ 3,000 per month, as long as you are determined and persistent. You can sell used textbooks without even having to keep these books personally kept in your place. With this simple process, you won’t even have to procure these used textbooks or wait for a customer to buy from you.

What you need to do is to look for a book which is being sold by let’s say website ABC, after which, find a website that will be purchasing that book with a much higher price compared to that which ABC offers. Then, place an order of the product at ABC, get the book, and sell the product to the website which can buy it at a higher price. To make things easier, you can even check out Flippiness.

Get-Rich-Quick Scheme? Definitely Not.

Flippiness will allow a user to look for special combinations that will help you lessen your workload. This technology has a free plan that gives you the possibility to do flips which will actually get you 5 bucks or less for every flip. For people who are serious about getting much money out of this process, a Gold Plan Flippiness is highly recommended, which will cost you around 100 bucks for each month.

Just like any other selling business, being careful whenever taking risks should be your top priority. There are numerous bogus companies that will require you to hand in cash or money without giving anything in return. You have to understand that certain websites will only purchase and pay you a good price only if you send them what they are looking for. Make sure that you don’t commit any flaws, especially when it comes to different editions, different covers, different ISBN, and poor book condition.

When you are still starting off with this process, remember that you will make mistakes whether it is with your knowledge or not. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, thus, you need to work your way out and train yourself not to make the same mistakes over and over again. If you need help during the process, Flippiness has a helpful community which will guide you in your choices. You can learn from your very own experience or learn it from the community. Also, if you are an avid Facebook user, you can join some of the communities that offer this kind of learning and acquire different suggestions from different people.

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