19 Super Healthy Benefits of Celery


Weight Loss

Snacking on celery will eliminate your cravings, and it will actually make you consume less calories as one large stalk contains only about 10 kcal.


Celery consists of 95 percent water and electrolytes. So when there is a need to rehydrate, blend freshly pressed celery with coconut water and you are good to go.

Anti-Inflammation Property

Even though acute inflammation is very vital for our healing system, chronic inflammation may actually cause diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, fibromyalgia and even cancer because it accelerates the process of aging. Celery consumption will prevent this from happening due to its anti inflammation property, making your aging process to be slower as well.

Diuretic Properties

Celery is highly detoxifying due to its diuretic and cleansing nature. This will be very helpful in eliminating toxins from your bodily system, while reducing water weight in the process (contributing to a higher success rate of weight loss program).

Uric Acid Removal

Due to its diuretic characteristic, celery has also been known to be able to remove uric acid crystals, which stays around the joints which can cause pain and discomfort when the joints are heavily used. Even better, it can increase the level of tissue re-growth in inflamed joints.

Antioxidant Nutrients

Aside from the very well known antioxidant agents such as flavonoids and Vitamin C, scientists also have discovered that celery consists of at least a dozen other types of antioxidant nutrients. This support provided by celery is basically caused by its phenolic nutrients, which has been proven to fight against undesired oxygen cell damages in blood vessels and organ systems.

Immune System Boost

Because of its high antioxidants content, such as vitamin C, flavonoids and phenolic nutrients, consuming celery on a daily basis may decrease the risk of common cold and a other diseases which you may obtain when your immune system is low.

Helps Your Nervous System and Brain

As the so called flavonoid substance contained in a celery may prevent cellular oxygen based damage, by proxy it also helps to keep the cells in your nervous system and brain healthy.

Vitamin A for Your Eyes

A cup of chopped celery already fulfills a tenth of your daily Vitamin A need. Vitamin A is a vital nutrient needed to support good eye health, so there is no reason for you to be skipping celery any longer.

Vitamin K

Amongst all the important functions of Vitamin K, which celery happens to contain, it prevents blood clotting, helps to form strong bones as well as supporting a good and healthy heart.

Alkaline Minerals

Celery contains magnesium, sodium, potassium and iron, which are all alkaline minerals and these minerals will aid in acid neutralization from acidifying foods like dairy products and processed foods.

Ready To Absorb Sodium

Sodium contained in celery is much more absorbable than the ones contained in regular salt, as it is more soluble and organic. By absorbing sodium, your salty food cravings will be gone in no time and this is useful for your eating healthy effort.

High Magnesium Content

Avoid being amongst the people who are magnesium deprived by adding celery into your diet, as it contains a very high magnesium level which can replenish your body.

Low Acid

Celery’s low acidity characteristic is very famous for its heartburn and acid reflux benefits.


As difficult it may to resonate butylphthalide in your mind, it is actually the substance responsible for giving celery its distinct flavor and scent. This vital component is also proven to be a bad cholesterol fighting agent, which undeniably will be good for your health.


A fellow of the butylphthalide, celery also consists of a compound called phthalides. Phthalides is actively responsible to boost circulatory health, and therefore it is proven to lower your blood pressure.


Another name which is strange to your ear, luteloin is a powerful plant pigment flavonoid which interferes with the growth of cancer cells, especially the ones located in your pancreas. That being said, celery has a powerful effect of fighting against cancer in your body.

Chlorophyll Content

Just like any other greens, celery contains chlorophyll which is beneficial to regenerate blood aside from its antioxidant, anti-mutagenic anti-cancer and anti-inflammation characteristics.

Soluble and Insoluble Fiber At The Same Time

These two are needed in the body’s elimination function, blood sugar maintenance and absorption of nutrients.


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