Watching Fish Can Boost Your Health, According To Researchers

Do you like fish? I’m not talking about eating them; I’m talking about watching them. According to a study conducted in Plymouth, United Kingdom, watching fish can have a therapeutic effect. So, next time you see your child in front of the fish tank staring at those little creatures, you should join him.

Other similar studies have been conducted in the past, but this is the only one that provides solid, incontestable evidence that watching fish has a positive impact on one’s health.


What did the study involve?

Basically the team of experts took advantage of the fact that the National Marine Aquarium reconditioned a fish tank able to hold up to 550,000 liters.

The subjects involved in the study were split in three groups. The first one had to watch the empty aquarium (the tank was filled with water and artificial ornaments but no fish), the second group had to look at the fish tank after only half of the species were introduced, while the third group had to watch at the aquarium in its final state (fully stocked with fish).

The conclusions were the following: watching fish swimming around will improve one’s mood, enhance his ability to focus and will reduce heart rate. Next time you hear about old ladies having a bunch of goldfish all over the house, don’t laugh. They would probably live longer than many of your friends.

Now what?

Now that we are fully aware of how we can benefit mentally and physically from fish watching, it’s time to take action. Other studies indicate that the dimensions of the aquarium are not important. A few fish moving around in a small tank would do the job as well.

So what should you do? The first step is to place a small aquarium in your room. When you feel down or exhausted after working long hours at the office, staring at fish will relax your body and will also get you in good spirits. Because of the tiring modern style of living, the risk of developing cardiovascular problems is very high. Due to this fact, each one of us should seek to regulate the blood pressure and the heart rate by working out regularly, maintaining a balanced diet and performing stress relieving activities such as fish gazing.

Nowadays kids are obsessed with technology and prolonged exposure to electronic devices can be harmful for the eyes and brain. In case you have children, another advantage of opting for an aquarium is that you teach them how to be more responsible and you also keep them away from the computer.

Improving the workspace

We all know how stressful office environments are. Maybe you should try to convince your boss that it is time to make a few adjustments to the office design. Placing fish tanks is a great idea. Of course, most bosses would be reluctant to this suggestion, but the company can benefit a lot by implementing this measure.

First, productivity will rise exponentially. Employees tend to lose focus after a specific period of time so the efficiency decreases gradually throughout the day. Gazing at fish during breaks will make them regain alertness.

A tense atmosphere in the office is a great enemy and the main reason why most businesses fail to expand. Managers need to come up with solutions to defuse the tensions between the workers. In order not to end up having to mediate the existing conflicts between employees, a manager should instead do research on how to solve workplace-related issues. Investing in a fish tank resembling a natural underwater environment is definitely an option worth considering.

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