Foolproof Ways for Making Your Blog More Profitable

Blogging has blossomed over the last few years in a way that no one could ever have predicted. It seems anyone who’s anyone and their grandmother has a blog these days, about any topic you could possibly think of. However, for some it is less of a hobby and is a hope of building an appropriate source of income. If you want your blog to bring in more cash month after month, then why not try some of these simple tips and see the benefits they will bring?


Copy Current Trends

First of all, if you’re struggling to provide regular blog posts and ideas, why not take a look at your competition? Do a little research, and see what topics are currently trending in your niche. Do some searches, check out popular blogs in your area of expertise. This will give you a good idea of what your readers are hungry for at this current time. Another great idea along the same lines is to set up a poll or two on your blog. This will give you direct feedback from your readers on what they like, and also what they would like to see.

Use Your Comments

A very important point: Use your comments! Read every single comment that is posted on your blog, and try to respond to every single one unless it’s blatant spam. Even criticism is useful at times, and replying and discussing with your readers will give you a better idea about your strengths, and also where you’re going wrong. Make a note on the posts that get particular praise and traffic, and try to follow up with similar topics.

Use Other Bloggers

There are probably thousands of other bloggers out there who are writing about the same topics that you are, so why not use them to your advantage? Invite guest bloggers to post on your site once in a while, and then hopefully they’ll return the favour, gaining you access to a whole pool of potential readers who will be interested in your blog posts. You could also use bloggers from a completely different area of expertise, to give your site a fresh approach and a break from the usual style and content.

Make Your Posts Readable

An obvious tip, but I’m amazed at the amount of blogs I see that are either written poorly or have a terrible layout. Use your whitespace, use subheadings, make it easily readable and also easy to skim over. Make your writing exciting, write conversationally as opposed to formally and edit your posts meticulously before you post. These are simple points that are easy and natural to implement but a sure fire way to lose potential readers and subscribers for good if done incorrectly.

Reward Readers and Spread the Word

Finally, the main thing you want is exposure and traffic. So why not host a monthly competition or quiz? There could be a prize for the winner, but in order to be eligible they have to share the post or the site on their social network profiles. You will instantly gain more exposure, and hopefully the possibility of a giveaway will attract new traffic to your blog. If nothing else, this approach will build a sense of community within your blog and make you seem more human and interactive.


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