10 Signs You’re Under Too Much Stress

Stress is an everyday occurrence – this is the plague of th 21st century – and many people are disabled by stress and succumb to depression and illness. Living in a modern society, we are subjected to chronic stress, with inadequate rest, inadequate nutrition and inadequate exercise, subjecting our bodies to excessive cortisol levels.


How we cope with our stressors has a direct effect on the immune system, making you susceptible to infection and disease

You HAVE to deal with the Stressors in your Life
Certainly stress-related illness has reached epidemic proportions, where high blood pressure and heart disease are common. But what are the signs that you’re under too much stress? We look at 10 signs which show you’re stressed and which indicate you need to make changes in your lifestyle –

1. You’re exhausted – even though you’ve had a night of rest, you find you have trouble getting out of bed. When you manage to get out, you long to just flop down back onto your bed. Stress is a major energy drainer, sending all your body systems into overdrive.

  1. Your heart rate is up – anxiety causes the heart to beat stronger in order to pump blood to parts of the body required for emergency readiness. When stress responses occur too often, the body has a difficult time recovering, putting it in a hyper-stimulated state.
  2. Visiting the toilet too frequently – stress-induced diarrhea and a nagging urge to urinate.
  1. Physical signs you’re under too much stress include headaches, neck strain, clenched jaw, nausea, sweaty palms, abdominal pain and indigestion.
  1. Behavioural effects of stress include decreased or increased eating, nail biting, hair fiddling, inability to sit for long, facial tensions lines and drooped head.

    6. Mental signs of stress include poor concentration, low self-esteem, mental fatigue, muddled perceptions and indecisiveness.

    7. Physiologically the body has developed mechanisms to protect it from the damaging effects of stress. Some of the emotional signs of too much stress include feelings of irritability, tearfulness, hopelessness, anger, loneliness, feeling uptight and focusing on the negative things that may happen.

    8. In response to stress, your hormones play-up and the level of various hormones changes. Because of stress there is an enhanced secretion of hormones including glucocorticoids, prolactin and catecholamines for instance, and the effect of this is intestinal upsets and sodium retention among others.

    9. Enough to cause even more stress, acne outbreaks are common during stress and this is because stress increases the inflammation that leads to breakouts .If your skin doesn’t respond to your own home treatments, you may need to see a doctor.

    10. Allergies and itchy skin are the results of stress, as feeling anxious aggravates conditions such as dermatitis and eczema. Stress hormones can also stimulate the production of IgE, a blood protein that causes allergic reactions.

    Believe it or Not, Things can be Under Control

Fortunately there are many coping mechanisms for stress, and those people who work to find solutions to their problems, begin to feel better and don’t waste their energy on things that they simply cannot change.


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