10 Influential Announcements from Google I/O 2015

In Google’s developer conference, Google I/O earlier this year, there were some key announcements that every Android and Google user was quite excited to hear about. Some of the features announced will certainly have a big impact on both users of Google services and the technology sector at large.

Below are 10 key announcements that were made at Google I/O 2015.


Android M

If you are an Android user, then you will be pleased to know that a new Android OS dubbed Android 6 or Android M will be released later this year. The OS promises a lot of tweaks from the previous OS, ‘Android Lollipop’ and claims huge improvements in battery life, overall speed, polish and a host of other features.

Some of the tweaks to the new OS include features that you wished were included in previous iterations but just never made it. These include, among several other features, easier access and management of volume and other sounds from your android device, a deep sleep feature called Doze that increases battery standby time significantly as well as integrated fingerprint recognition for authentication and payment services.

Android Pay

Google wallet gets replaced by Android Pay. The service will allow you to make payments in-app as well as in physical stores that support the service. Currently there are about 700,000 merchants that allow you access through Android Pay.

Google Photos

Google Photos is not exactly a new announcement because it did exist, in a way, as a feature in Google Plus. What is new however is that Google Photos is now independent and it has been revamped so that you now have access to several features through an app available for Android, iOS and a Web app.

The service gives you access to unlimited cloud storage to your photos and images. This means that your images are no longer capped by Google Drive restrictions of 15GB (although there are image size and video requirements to qualify for unlimited space). Additionally, you have access to Google’s world–class search capabilities, for all your images as well as many other features.


Jump is a service by Google in partnership with GoPro that allows content creators to create their own virtual reality content.


Google also continues to make improvements in Gmail features through Inbox a feature that now allows you to undo sent emails, and set reminders based on email contents. Additional features like Trip Bundles were also announced.

Polymer 1.0

Polymer 1.0 is a web toolkit that allows developers to create app-like experiences on the web and supports both mobile and desktop browsers.

The Family Store

The Play Store on Google accounts now also includes a Play Store section specifically designed for children of ages 6-8 and 9-12 called the Family Store. Many new apps for these age groups will also be designed.

Google Maps Offline

If you have had internet connectivity issues while using Google Maps, you will be pleased to know that maps can now work offline, which means your Maps won’t disappear on your device as soon as you try to load new maps without an internet connection.

Android Wear

As for Android Wear devices, a new ‘Always On’ feature allows you to keep an app always on for quick glances and updates on information from the Android Wear device. A hands free navigation feature that allows gestures like flicking the wrist have also been included.

Project Brillo

In the IOT or Internet of Things Field, Google announced a new OS called Project Brillo and a language called Weave that will be used by connected devices to communicate with each other,

Source: http://www.lifehack.org/283014/10-influential-announcements-from-google-2015

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