5 Less Traditional Ways to Get a Killer Workout

Everybody, whether they like to admit it or not, wants to have a healthy, fit, firm body and even for the couch potato, enormous benefits can be achieved from making even small but sustainable changes towards health and fitness. Certainly people who are inactive are more likely to die of heart disease than those who are fit and active. Start slowly and progress gradually. Perhaps get advice from an exercise specialist as you train for improved performance and muscular strength. Regular exercise is a powerful defense against developing a host of ailments and there are many traditional ways to get a killer workout with even going to a gym.

Killer Workouts Achieved in Enjoyable Ways

1. Ok, not everyone has access to a horse or can afford to pay for lessons and outrides. But horse-riding has to be mentioned as a superb workout regime if it is possible. Straddling such a powerful animal will reward you in many ways, more so if you’re female and battle with thunder thighs. A rider has to squeeze their thigh muscles to stay put in the saddle, while the quads and hamstrings are all involved. Take a look at horse riders – you don’t often find an overweight, flabby person on a horse. Riding strengthens and tones your physique. Try it and see how this exciting sport can give you a killer workout as a bonus.

  1. Everybody has to deal with a set of stairs, whether in the home, in the shopping mall, in the sports arena or at the office. The football field at school, college or in your neighborhood has stadium stairs, and by running up and down these is guaranteed to give you a full body workout. Even the television series ‘The Biggest Loser’ made use of stairways as part of their training workouts, giving the contestants a full body workout.

    3. Mountain Biking fits the bill perfectly for a killer workout. This intensity exercise includes burst of exertion with leg pumping exertion followed by recovery intervals with downhills. Mountain biking is fun and scenic, and if you want to tone your legs, it will guarantee a leg burning workout that will benefit the entire body.

    4. Nobody has to pay for a killer workout in a gym. With jumping exercises, you can lunge, squat and jump, with or without a skipping rope, and work on your leg muscles.

  1. There are many ways to make use of your large muscle groups. Walking, running, rowing, swimming and cycling and varying these provide comprehensive training effects and prevent boredom when going for a killer workout. All these aerobic exercises combine upper and lower body movements and will take you to higher levels of aerobic capacity is done consistently.

    Physical Activity towards Health and Fitness

    With these 5 less traditional ways to get a killer workout, you’ll not only get a leaner, firmer body but you’ll increase the health and function of the circulatory system, the heart and lungs.

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