Scientists Find That Age Is Just A Number, And Here Are 7 Ways You Can Slower Aging Process

“Age is just a number” is such a popular cliché, but what if it is true? Well, scientists discovered that our biological age differs from our chronological age. Next time you hear the phrase, she’s 60 but she feels like 30, you will wonder if it’s possible that she actually is younger at a biological level. The biological age measures how fast our organs are declining.


“Quantification of biological aging in young adults” Study

The bad news is that younger people can have a bigger biological age because they don’t take care of their heath. This study proves that the biological and chronological age differ for the same individual. For most people, the biological age is correlated to the chronological one but there were subjects who were only 38 years old yet displaying a biological age of 60. There also were subjects aged 38 chronologically but 30 biologically.

The question that pops into our minds is: what can we do to stay younger from a biological point of view? Let’s review 7 simple steps that anyone can take to slower the decline of your organ systems. An important thing to remember is that cognitive abilities also decline as you age. So, keeping your body young will slower this process too,

Keep your body active

Regardless of how old you are, it is important to keep moving. This applies to old people too. There was an experiment where several old people were put together to live in a house and they had to take care of themselves. Nobody even took their suitcase to their rooms. The result showed that the old people felt better in general and that the symptoms of their diseases were lessened or at least easier to bear.

Strength exercises that help you tone and even increase your muscle mass are important because every year 1-3% of your muscle is degraded. This is why you become fatter and weaker as you grow old.

A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away

This is not a joke, red wine is high in a very powerful anti-oxidant called resveratrol. This substance is available as a supplement too.

Build endurance

Aerobic activity improves mitochondrial functions (the tiny little things in your cells that process certain substances to obtain energy). The failure of the mitochondria to perform its function is linked to aging. So, train for a marathon or for an obstacle course because it will keep your mitochondria going.

Be sexually active

Sexual activity releases endorphins that apart from making you feel happier, it also gets you heart pumping. It’s a great idea for those who hate working out.

Have plenty of sleep

A sleep deprived lifestyle is linked to early cognitive decay. Your neurons keep dying or at least can’t work properly if you don’t get enough rest. Memory is impaired and the learning process can’t occur optimally in the absence of sleep.

The Mediterranean Diet

This diet is rich in fish and vegetables that contain a lot of omega 3 and omega 6 acids that protect the brain. Eat plenty of nuts, fish, fruits and season your food with olive oil.

No more sugar

Excess sugar turns to fat. Apart from making you fatter, it also makes you prone to heart disease and diabetes. It all starts with some chest pain and the next thing you know is that you feel a gripping claw around your heart that goes in your left arm and neck. Surprise: you are having a heart attack. If you want to avoid this unfortunate event, stop drinking sweetened beverages and cut back on candy.


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