Reduce Stress With These Simple Breathing Exercises Most People Don’t Know

Stress will always be a part of every individual’s life. No matter how hard you will attempt to loosen up yourself, stress will always come in front of your door step. From the moment you wake up and hit that alarm, you will immediately experience stress because of your days’ work. Since stress is inevitable, it is only best to consider simple breathing exercises that will help reduce the stress.


Relaxing Breath

Relaxing breath is usually called by Dr. Andrew Weil as 4-7-8 exercise. This breathing exercise can be done in any position, but it is preferred to do it while you are sitting with your back straight. By performing this exercise, you can begin by placing the tip of your tongue behind the upper front portion of your teeth and keep it in place while you are doing the entire exercise routine. Exhale completely by simply making a whoosh sound. Then, close your mouth and inhale with a count of four. Hold your breath for about 7 seconds and exhale through your mouth.

Bellows Breath

This exercise is commonly known as stimulating breath. You inhale and exhale by means of your nose while your mouth is closed and relaxed. In performing this breathing exercise, you should remember to keep your breaths equal in duration while you are inhaling and exhaling. Although this can be a very noisy exercise, nonetheless, it will help you relieve your stress.

Equal Breathing

The technical term for this kind of breathing exercise is Sama Vritti. It is done by simply inhaling for a count of four and exhaling for another count of four. Aside from helping you relieve your stress, this breathing exercise will also help you add a natural resistance to your breathe.

Sama Vritti can very well serve its purpose if it is done before bed. According to Rebecca Pacheco, equal breathing can even be likened to “counting sheep”.

Breath Counting

This breathing exercise is commonly performed by the Zen’s. To begin with, find a comfortable sitting position with your head inclined and your spine straight. Count one as you exhale from your mouth and count again and again until you are fully relaxed.

Progressive Relaxation

This breathing exercise is done with your eyes closed and your muscle group focused on relaxation. With your toes and feet, you can tart and move up to your knees and up to your eyes. You can do progressive relaxation in any place you want.

Abdominal Breathing Technique

Lie flat on your back in order to get that proper sense of breathing. Put your hands down on your stomach and take a slow deep breath. Make sure that you feel your abdomen expanding. This exercise will work its magic when you have a very stressful day. When you feel like this exercise is not enough, you can perform a yoga routine because it will surely help in relaxation. It can even help you lose weight.

According to the famous Yoga Journal, there are about 3 basic and easy breathing exercises you can do at home. These are the basic breath awareness, the cooling breath, and the long exhale.

Basic breathing awareness will help your nervous system calm down, reduce anxiety and stress, and can even improve your self-awareness. The cooling breath exercise, also known as Sitali Pranayama, can also reduce any feeling of agitation, anxiety, anger, and can very well improve your focus. Cooling breath exercise can even be very supportive everytime you feel drowsy in the morning or in the afternoon because it will increase your focus. Also, if you want to reduce sleep disturbances, anxiety, and insomnia, the long exhale breathing exercise will do the trick.

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