If You’re Looking For An Honest Review of Android 5.0 Lollipop, You Can’t Miss This

Android 5.0 also known as Lollipop has been around for quite some time and they have actually reached 5.1.1 on the newest devices. The 5.0 version was launched together with the Nexus 6 device manufactured by Motorola. So, what cool features did Lollipop bring to the Android OS? And more important, what are the cons of 5.0? Keep reading and you will find out.


Bad news for low end devices

As the guys from TechRadar say, this new version of Android seems to have made things worse in terms of performance. Those annoying issues were not fixed much. If your phone was generally slow and the apps kept crashing for no reason, the 5.0 didn’t help a lot. The previous version called KitKat was more suitable for low end users.

For example, if you had 1 GB of RAM together with a quad-core CPU, the system ran smoothly. It was generally believed that any performance issues were not due to the OS but to other things that the manufacturer or the user installed on the device. However, with the Lollipop low end phones and tablets experience some form of lag that didn’t previously exist.

As for those with high end devices, things move far from instantaneously. It’s true that the OS feels smooth overall but it is nowhere near the speed that most users expect when they pay so much on a smartphone or tablet.

Stylish makeover

The visual design is indeed a strong point of the Lollipop. Things are more personal and Android seems to slightly move away from their usual cold visuals. The most important change that Google made to the OS is the implementation of Material Design. Briefly, their goal is to make elements move and look as close to reality as possible. They want to make design elements move as if they were real.

Gradients were abandoned but shadows are used much more naturally than before. You could easily argue that the colors were quite childish in the previous versions. For Lollipop however, they use brighter colors that recreate reality.

The background color is modified too. We were all used to black background throughout the system, but you will now enjoy white backgrounds. Apart from this, the fonts seem to be larger but not at all bold. You could actually say that the letters are thinner than before. The homepages are more esthetic and you can see they abide to the principles of minimalism.


Lower end users were better off with the KitKat but there really is no choice when it comes to updating your OS. Apps are made according to the most recent Android versions and if you don’t keep up you will reach a point where the apps won’t work on your old version anymore.

The Lollipop 5.0 is more about visuals and design than improved performance. With each and every update the developers aim to reach that instantaneously movement everybody desires. I am sure that in the near future our speed standards will be met.


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