A Complete Guide To Help You Sleep Better

Did you have a busy day, but still find hard to have a better sleep? Well, this article will show you the complete guide on how to develop a habit that will lead to a better sleep.


Regular Sleep Schedule

Your body clock needs to know the right time to sleep and to wake up. You will feel energized and refreshed if you will keep a regular sleep schedule. You need to set a regular sleeping time. Choose the right time when you normally feel exhausted and your eyes are ready to let go. Along with setting a regular sleep time, you also need to have a regular wake up time. This will help you wake up even without the use of an alarm if your body clock gets a hang of it. Remember not to break this routine so that your body will be able to adapt to the routine.

If you ever experience a lost sleep, allot a time or a few minutes to make up for it. A daytime nap or power nap will do the trick. Do away with any distractions when you are about to take a nap so that your time won’t be cut short and you will be able to recharge your body.

Another factor that you will be facing is to fight the famous after-dinner drowsiness. You will normally feel drowsy after your dinner, but please, don’t give in. If you feel that you are slowly sleepy, find a way to stimulate yourself and avoid falling asleep. You can either watch a horror or funny movie, wash dishes, get your garments ready for tomorrow, or call a friend and chat for a while.

There are also ways on how to help improve your sleep and wake cycle. You can keep your brain on a balanced and healthy schedule and boost melatonin production.

Relaxation Routine

You can make your bedroom friendlier to sleep. Keep your room cool and free from clutters and other mess so that you will have the opportunity to relax. You also need to do away with the distractions and other noise that will distract you from having a good night’s sleep. If you have a hard time sleeping or relaxing, you can read a book or magazine, listen to soft music, take a warm bath, do some stretches, or make simple preparations for tomorrow. Instead of rolling back and forth on your bed, you might as well do something useful that will help you relax.

There are a lot of relaxation techniques that will help you improve your sleeping habits. You can do deep breathing, visualizing a peaceful scene or place, or have a progressive muscle relaxation.

Healthy Diet And Exercise

No one can ever deny the fact that a healthy diet coupled with an exercise routine can help you in so many ways. When you are having your dinner, always remember to stay away from heavy or big meals. You should also stay away from alcohol because it will only wake you up late at night or before your wake up time. If you get hungry before your sleep time, you can eat a sandwich, banana, granola with yogurt, or a cereal.


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