10 Easy Ways You May Not Know Which Make You Run Faster

Have you ever aspired to run faster? Do you even know that you can build up your natural speed? There are several ways on how to improve your distance and time. Here are some of the simple or easy ways to increase your performance.


Drink Your Water

Whether you work out for fun or you are getting in shape for a competition, water is always your best buddy. In whatever you do, it is always important not to forget to drink water because once you are dehydrated; your body will tend to lose energy.

Body Fueling

Just like any motor vehicle, what you need to do in order to speed up your performance is to fuel your body with sufficient food that can give you the right amount of energy. It is very important that you should harness certain amount of energy before you go for a long run. Focus more on eating protein and carbs. Protein will help in the buildup of your muscles, while carbs will be the responsible to fuel those muscles.


Cool Down Is Important

Cool down after you perform a strenuous workout is as important as your warm-up. Your workout routine should not stop until you have performed several cool down stretches. Cool down will help relieve your muscles from being tightened so that your body will be more prepared and ready for the next big thing. You can perform several stretches that can help improve you run faster. It is just a matter of right execution.

Coffee Instead

Before you take a run or have your work out, you can drink coffee to boost your energy. Try drinking a cup of coffee one hour before you get started. Aside from the fact that it will boost your energy, it will help you improve your endurance and can also build up your stamina and speed. There are researchers made that can prove that 2/3 of the total Olympic athletes drink coffee or use caffeine before they get into action to increase their performance.


While most people have this belief that yoga can affect or improve your body in so many ways, it is also believed by some that it can be very beneficial for runners. Performing a regular yoga will help relax the muscles of your body, especially in the areas of your shoulders. It will also relieve you from any back pain and hip tightness.

Using Of Foam Roll

If you are taking a run regularly, you will surely notice that the muscles of your legs are often sore or tight. In order to loosen those leg muscles and to remove that tight feeling, you can use the foam roll to massage your leg muscles.


When you want to run faster, constant stretching before you go for a run will do the trick. Stretching can help every runner improve his speed because it can improve his overall strength and flexibility.


Avoid Injuries

You must always bear in mind that when you are running regularly, your senses should be alive and active so as to avoid any possible injuries. Stretching and other warm-up exercises can protect you from unpredictable injury and will definitely lead you away to an injury prone area.

Cross Training

In order to improve your quads, core, and upper body, you need to perform cross training because it will improve your overall strength. You can do cycling. Riding a stationary bicycle will improve the strength and endurance of runners, thus, helps in the increase of speed.


A good night’s sleep is one of the most important ways to improve your running capacity. Sleep can boost your energy. You have to aim for a 7 – 9 hours of sleep. Experts would even argue that lucid dreaming can very much help you to run faster than your usual pace.


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